My bit thus far on a Zombie ish game(WIP)

So this is terribly rough but has a prologue basically complete(when everything goes down don’t choose to go home, that’s a dead end, also the first fight can become a dead end) and an example of a gameplay function I’m trying at, kinda Oregon trail style tho it has a lot of place holders and it is buggy as an unattended garden. Anyway, thought I’d share. It will take a while before it is all sorted. Also to play it the way it is suppose to go, you have to say no to the stats question and edit point question. The skip to travel is the oregeon trail bit. The other questions are there for me, so you can use them to play with stats and see what all is there. There are three characters that can live or die, or get “infected”, base on your choice and stats.


Will you be able to choose what job you had before it all goes to hell.

Yeah, I got several choices in there at the moment, effects a few stats and sometimes a line or two of dialogue or story.

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I hope one is a soldier and maybe a riot cop.

Got soldier and cop in there, don’t know if you messed with it but if you choose No on the “Skip to travel?” it takes you through the beginning. Also if ya do so,don’t choose to go hope when stuff falls apart, it’s currently a dead end, choose to look for help.

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How about being a criminal as one as well.

Not currently there but it’d be easy enough to add at some point.

So will you be able to lone wolf it in the story or are you stuck in a group.

You will be able to try to keep a group, bounce from group to group, or mostly stick to yourself but you will run into groups.

As long as i have the option to go solo am good never trust people in a zombie apocalypse there more dangerous than the zombies in my opinion.

Yeah trust can be a dangerous thing. I intend to make advantages and disadvantages, as well as compelling reasoning for either style.

Will clothing effect how people see you like if you are wearing army gear people will assume you are a good guy and you could use that to you’re advantage to rob them or leave each other in peace or even avoid a fight all together.

For now it is mostly a flavor thing. It’ll be kicked into some dialogue and description bits but I do intend to do a bit more with it. It is low on a long list of junk I need to get done however.

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This is starting to sound really awesome my good man.

Thanks and I hope so. That’s what I’m trying at anyhow, making a post apocalypse game with as much random luck, character driven events, and meaning full choices as I can handle creating. We shall see how it comes along.

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Well my good man i shall wish you luck and give you a cookie.

Hahahaha, much obliged.

Sounds good I’m going to test it now

Really good I’ve enjoyed it can’t wait for more

Cool beans, glad to hear it and thank you.