My Best Friend (Updated 25/01/19)



In My Best Friend, you play from the perspective of a child living in a fictional Celtic village with their parents. One rainy day, they meet a boy named Charlie, who changes their life forever.

As a game, it’s basically an emotion sim, where you’re trying to keep their Fear, Anger, Jealousy and Sadness under control, while also keeping the other characters happy.

As a story, it’s a character-driven meditation on loss, loneliness, friendship, and ultimately, finding your way “home.” I’d say it has elements of magical realism.

The game is finished, but I’m hoping to test the final chapters privately. If you’d like to help with that, please let me know. Or there’s a poll here. Thanks!


CoG that's low-key?

I’d be interested in playing, but I’m curious why a private demo for just one chapter of the story? Why not make it public for everyone on the forum? It could help peek people’s interest.


I would like to play


Would be into checking this out.
Should make it public though since it’s only one chapter and you’ll get more feedback.


I’d like to, but why don’t make it public? It would be more easier to obtain feedback.


I might eventually, but right now I feel…kind of protective of it? Like it’s a baby that’s just been born.


I am interested (20 characters)


I will love to try it out. The story sounds interesting.


I would be interested in playing this.


I’m also interested.
Can’t wait demo !


I’m not sure about the first person perspective(as in I often don’t tend to like these games), but I really like the premise :slight_smile: so would like to try it please.


Seems like a interesting idea i would like to play


I would like to try the demo


I would like to try it


I would be interested in trying it


Seems interesting, guess i’m in


I would like to try it out too^^

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What do you think of the demo?

  • I like it.
  • As a game, it needs work.
  • The writing is hard to follow.
  • Not my cup of tea.

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If you don’t like it, then why not?

  • No romance.
  • Preset protagonist.
  • First person perspective.
  • Not enough choices.
  • Not enough stats.
  • Just not my cup of tea.

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More questions

Do you like Annie, or find her annoying?

Does she seem like a real child to you?

Does the writing seem over the top?

Is there a character you like, or find annoying?

What did you think of Charlie?

Is the story easy to follow, or should I work on pacing?

Were there any choices that felt awkward, unnecessary or uninteresting? Did you ever feel misled or not told enough?

The game is meant to be race-free. Have I got this right?

I’ve tried to keep the language simple and childlike. Annie is a bookworm, and she sometimes defines bigger words, but do you think a child could read this? Or would?