Musician anyone?


I was wondering how many, and who here are musicians. I personally play some brass instruments including the trumpet, french horn and trombone. I was curious if anyone else played any instruments.

Also, I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to add the possibility to be a musician in games, yet I’m not sure about a good way to go about that, any ideas??


I think it would be cool if someone would create the music for my game lol.


@lordirishdas Lol, I could do that, but it would be with midi sounds, kind of like the game I’m working on currently.


It’s a start hehe.


I play the Clarinet, Piano and a Viola. That’s about all I can play decently. :stuck_out_tongue: And also, I think that may be possible (Without the sheets, though. I guess you have to pick notes, duration and length)… Looking into terminal’s coding you can insert music via the *choice command. Though, that means the guy (Or gal) who would make the game would probably know all the tunes and it probably would be very limited… If they don’t have the time. :wink:


I have plans for sound and music, but have to probably learn a music program as I have no skills with any instruments. I tried learning the Piano and then the Guitar, but I have no skills in this area. Had to give up after two years of trying. :slight_smile:


I know how to play the guitar a bit, and I had learned to play the flute when I was a kid.

A program called Guitar Pro is an easy way to make music, and even export it to midi format, in case anyone’s interested. Music creation just takes too much time for me, personally, to tinker with in any meaningful way.


I’ve been playing the piano for…5 years or so. And I took some guitar lessons, quit, picked it up again a few years later, and got bored with it. XD


I have always wanted to learn how to play…bagpipes


I have a Bass Guitar, I don’t currently play it seriously though. Just occasional jams.


Love the bagpipes


I play the french horn and some guitar


i play trumpet and piano


and i play soccer :stuck_out_tongue:
well i like the sound the soccer ball makes when u kick it its kinda like music


I play guitar and bass guitar. I also had a rocknroll band when I was younger :smiley:


I play the double bass, the bass guitar, and the tuba(ish)


Flute averagely and piano; but not well.


A can play a little bit piano but i like music very much!!! \m/ Wanna hear my music list that is on my iPod ?


I play the baritone, the over-sized trumpet.