This is a page where you can show your fav. Bands.


Not a band, just a song.


I like all his songs
Oh and here is a rule:If it seems not something most people would like to hear plz do not put it on here






Ok I said do not post on here but you can say the name of it.Ex lover’s lover Warnig it is creepy if you listesn all the way


Not sure if any of are into forighn songs but one of my favorite bands is flow


Pretty sure this thread already exists… CUZ I MADE IT -_- :stuck_out_tongue:




Botdf they are so awsome


Shinedown, Guns and Roses, Twisted Sister. What can I say, Im a rebel.


not that i really care i was jst messin around

P.S. My thread is cooler… has a smily face :stuck_out_tongue:


I did not know it was there sorry.Is it ok?


Mastadon and iron maiden


Anykind except justin bieber and many other singer


(Justin Beider ‘beat some one up’-The jokes on the thing where I read it I almost died)


Arcade fire, neutral milk hotel, bright eyes, guided by voices


Justin beiber is the only celeb that has a fan base made up of only kids and girls all men hate him


(Yea but a reaporter told the police that he got beat up by him.I dont think the police listesn to the whole story becouse he was laughing himself to death.)