Music (:


No one seems to have this thread already and im always interested in good music, so what yall listening to?

Lately im into ALOT of Radical Face =)


Faye Wong, Coeur de Pirate, Heather Nova, Origa, Eurythmics,Within Temptation


My musical tastes skew…odd. It’s less a defined genre, and more whatever just happens to be pleasing to the ear at times. That said what I’m currently LISTENING to just happens to be rearrangements of Disney music as if they were written by legendary composers.

Don’t judge me. :stuck_out_tongue:


First, the ‘oddities’ that I’m listening too, All related to Rawn (
Like A Boss Parody (Explicit)
Sonic Gangster Rap (Explicit)
Pokemon Gangster Rap
It was originally Dodger’s ( appearance in the last two that made me watch them, particularly the last one where she actually raps. If you liked them I’d also recommend watching the extras (Actually hit up the youtube page and use the annotations) as they’re hilarious.

Of course there are more standard things, like Die So Fluid (I <3 Grog’s voice.)
My two favorite songs of their’s being:
Existential Baby


Some of my other favorites which don’t seem quite as big:
Anglespit, Pzychobitch, Oxide & Neutrino, Alchemist Project and Creature Feature.

That’s of course in addition to the standard Korn, Papa Roach, Powerman 5000, Disturbed, The Lonely Island, Alice in Chains, Slayer and other big bands with a few one offs mixed in (about three remixes of ‘Lilium’, ‘The Device Has Been Modified’ and ‘Lithium Flower’)

(Had to limit myself to 5 videos, otherwise I would have ended up posting a hundred.)


Not to sound like an ass but is that really a problem, i mean the reason i was atracted to their music was cause of their screaming and how they blended it with their rap…while thats not to say some songs do get slightly whiney. Anyway whats your fav song by them



Anyone here about the band Hollywood Undead…well that’s what I listen to lol


yesh they are so good


Trading Yesterday’s quiet and stuff… eh…
I prefer movie soundtracks to actual bands/artists, though.


My favourite song right now is “Tunak Tunak Tun”.


i like srillex


@DeathsColdEmbrace I like some of their stuff, but too much of it (just like to much Eminem) ends up sounding emo and whiny.




wow lol that was my first song by them too.


awesome lol but i like most of their songs


i prefer more of their older songs from swan songs and back, amercan tragedy was good but i prefer their party songs <----for anyone who wans to know what we’re talking about…


awesome i like BOTDF to


A7X is good too…ya know…when i feel like listening to em


yeah hear me now is good to


god i cant wait for H.U’s new album this summer