Music to write to


Thought I’d post some youtube vids of music I listen to when writing or doing anything really… Tastes do vary of course. Most of mine is video game music as I usually find music without lyrics to be more… interesting.

I’ll open with;

Laura’s Theme (Silent Hill 2) - (How can you not like it? O_o)
Feel no Fear (Chaos Legion) -
Battle for everyone’s souls (Persona 3) -
Cordova Town (Castlevania) -

An obvious one here just for nostalgia - (It’s the FF7 main theme)

I have a lot of Final Fantasy tracks on my playlist for when I’m writing… Nobuo Uematsu is just an amazing talent;

I have “Rose of May” (Beatrix FF9 theme), Those whom I must protect (Beatrix/Steiner themes merged), Never look back (ff8 running away music), Force your way (FF8 boss battle music), Succession of witches (FF8 Edea’s theme I think), Gagazet “People of the north pole” theme, Sin battle theme, boss battle theme, Seymour final battle theme, The splendid Performance, Ending Theme, To Zanarkand, Someday the dream will end and finally; Thunder Plains (ALL from FFX’s themes)

And finally two honourable mentions to Suikoden 2 in (HQ theme) and “A prayer to my mother” both of which, go on loops with some FFX tracks when I want to get in the mood to write some sad morbid depressing stuff.

Anyone else got some favourite tunes to share for listening to as you write?


REM and for my game The Sountrack of Blade runner by Vangelis amazing and skyrim soundtrack


Alright I’ll start off with a bit of Rammstein

And others, then I’ll move to KoRn

And too many others to list. yeah, I like metal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Da gansta rap! :-))

Just kidding, I listen to old 50 and 60 hits.


Norwegian pirate, by 2 steps from hell

It gets the blood pumping and the mind in the mood for an epic action scene.
And of course, the obligatory. For one does not simply talk about epic music and forget about Jack Sparrow!

“Tank” the opening to cowboy bebop, is pretty good inspiration for a fast paced scene

“Guns and Roses” the opening to Baccano! (Which means ruckus in Italian btw) is pretty good

And then there’s the stuff from Breaking Benjamin
And many other songs I could list…


2 steps from hell is the best

my fav is strength of a thousand men by 2 steps from hell



Went through my WMP today…

Anythin’ by Renard or his aliases ‘elp me for fast-paced or energetic stuff. Mayhem’s “The Tower” is a soft spot’a mine.
Blackmill is good too, I use their music for contemplation-stuff.
Entire NieR soundtrack. For everythin’. Everywhere.
Maybe I’m just biased, but Fire Emblem’s “Id ~Serenity~” (calm, duh), “Don’t Speak Her Name!” (epic), and “Everything Hereafter” (epic) are good by themselves too.

I keep comin’ back to “The Song of Solomon” (Kate Bush) when I’m relaxed.
Ooh! An’ Baccano!‘s “Ringo no E no Ue no Rakugaki” is pretty an’ calmin’ too.
Phamie Gow’s “War Song”, or Ludovico Einaudi’s “I Giorni” are pretty tender piano pieces, eeee.
Anythin’ off Summoner and Summoner 2 are great, “Wolong Cave” is tense and always nostalgic for me.

Aganai No Yuki from the Sword of the Stranger OST is beautiful in an epic sort of way, but also quite sad. I rarely listen to it nowdays, because it makes me cry.
Shotgun Senorita by Blue Stahli is very fast paced. Ooh. Fight scene.
New Beginnings (no guitar) is trailer music. Final battle-style epic.
For FF7, for a classy action scene that makes one feel cool, the late Ruben Kee’s remix of “Those who Fight Further”, “Still More Sexy Fighting” is amazin’.

I use B-Complex’s “Beautiful Lies” a lot, but I don’t know why.
I have loads more, but these are the ones that do the most for me.

Edit: You sir, up there! Persona 4! Reincarnation! I’ll Face Myself! Now! XD


I’ll throw in some Disturbed:

And some Within Temptation:

And some music from RWBY, which I’m really starting to like:

Funny enough, I actually really like listening to music with lyrics when I write. Gets a little distracting sometimes, though.


The Age of Adz, by Sufjan Stevens. And pretty much anything by Iron & Wine, The National, or Arcade Fire… preferably the stuff I don’t know well enough to be sucked into singing along.


As everyone is using real music now =p Allow me to bring up Nirvana >.>

There are other obvious ones though. Lithium and In Bloom are two of my favourites.

For freaky music that really elicts a reaction and is especially harrowful (yes I made it up) to write to try;

VAST - Pretty when you cry.

I also have others on my hitlist from before; Creep - Radiohead (oh ho!) and I hate everything about you - Three days grace.

Sadly my ex ex ex girlfriend from ages back stole most of my stuff including the music I had accumulated. =(


Awakening the Chaos (BlazeBlue: Calamity Trigger):

Zant Battle (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess):

The Genesis (Persona 4):


what a bitch girl I like nirvana but not for writing


i like some epic music to get me in the mood:


Some more stuff:

Fighting Fate (FF XIII):

The Decisive Battle-Saruin (Romancing Saga Minstrel Song):

Imbroglio (Shadow Hearts) (


anyone heard b.a.p one shot???


I always write to the song
Breath of life from the snow white and the huntsman soundtrack. I didn’t think it was good until I played it a few times.


Depends on what I’m writing but in general I listen to pretty much anything; trance, metal, classical, ambient, soundtracks, drum n bass, pfff what else…
I’ll just put up a few links.

Epic: Mark Petrie - Asperatus

Dark Ambient: Lustmord - Zoetrope

Hard Trance: BACED! - Mistress Of Darkness

Future Garage (?): Karma Kid - Temptation

That’s probably enough, don’t want a page long post. :stuck_out_tongue:



And all of the other 137 songs on my ipod