"Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday" Feelie (Kickstarter)


I’ve designed a new story system that tells a story through the mail: The reader receives letters, objects, and artworks every week for several weeks.

Yup, real physical objects sent via snail mail.

The kickstarter is live at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/murderinthemail1/murder-in-the-mail-a-bloody-birthday

It includes a bunch of unique prizes, most of which are available anywhere in the world.

The first story is A Bloody Birthday.

Naomi, your cousin, is killed at her own birthday party. One of the guests is the killer, and you have asked them all to write to you and send artworks to help you figure out who could have done such a thing.

Every letter, object, and piece of (quality-printed A4 size) art holds at least one clue.

There is a forum for readers to talk to each other at murderinthemail.boards.net.

I am the curator as well as writing one of the characters. There are twelve writers/artists altogether.

Readers are invited to physically write down their main suspect each week, but other than that it’s not truly interactive.


Wow! This idea looks unbelievably awesome!!! :grin:


The first review is now available (from a book reviewer; there are also game reviewers in the mix but their stories are currently in the mail) at https://tintededges.com/2018/03/25/murder-in-the-mail-a-bloody-birthday/


Well I’m on board since I’ve always been a sucker for murder mysteries and this one sounds right my alley


The Kickstarter is now at 96% (and ends in 57 hours!) so I’m already in the process of writing a second one using the same system.

The second will be fantasy, called “Magic in the Mail” and I already have some AMAZING artists on board!

Edit: If people want to buy “Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” the best way is via email at MurderintheMailStories@gmail.com. “Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fairies” doesn’t have a price yet, and won’t be available until June 2019.


The official update, for those who like that sort of thing:

(YES you can still buy the story, anywhere in the world, for $55 Australian.)

It was rather too close for comfort at times, but the Kickstarter for “Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” was successful in the end.

It’s a narrative murder mystery story which is physically mailed to the reader. Each week for 8 weeks they receive a letter, a postcard, an object, and a piece of art—all of which contain clues about the identity of the killer.

The basic story is that Naomi, an art student, was murdered at her own 18th birthday party. One of the party guests is the killer, and “you” (her cousin Hachi Sasuki, also an art student) have asked all the guests to write you letters and send you art about Naomi and her death as you try to figure out whodunnit.

This is one of the pictures in the story, which contains several clues as well as the novels by all the contributing authors (my own are “Heart of Brass”, “Silver and Stone”, and “The Monster Apprentice”, although I doubt they’re visible in this size).

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.18.56 PM.png[/attachment]

There are about 70 people in the first mail-out, who will start receiving their stories in June. I will do my best to synchronise the stories all around the world. The forum has a section devoted to letting readers discuss their clues and theories with one another in real time, without spoilers, week by week.

The story will have an official art installation & book launch here in Canberra in August, after which it will be available for purchase for 13 months before being turned into a “normal” illustrated book.

The first unbiased review is here, from a book reviewer, and there are game reviewers etc looking at it right now ready to write their own reviews.

And there WILL be another story, called “Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fae” which will be fantasy, released (with its own Kickstarter, forum, etc) in 2019.

How to buy the story:

The simplest way to get the story is to email me at MurderintheMailStories@gmail.com with your POSTAL ADDRESS, EMAIL (in case things go wrong), and PAYMENT DETAILS (eg "I just deposited the full payment into your account/PayPal, under the name “Bob Flibbertigibbet”).

Make sure to label your payments with something unique to you (your name and/or the name of the recipient). Labelling things “Murder in the Mail” will NOT be helpful.

PayPal/Email: MurderintheMailStories@gmail.com

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Commonwealth Bank (Australia)
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