Multilingual Members?


I did a quick search and didn’t see any topics covering this, so forgive me if I am posting a new thread for something that already exists.

I know, for fact, that several people on the forums don’t claim English as their mother language. I also know that there have been instances of multiple languages being used in games (I can’t think of any particular examples, but I do remember one having bits of German and Spanish. Perhaps ORPHEUS?) and I think connecting people via their linguistic capabilities would be awesome. Even if it’s not for game-creation purposes, sometimes it’s nice to communicate in PM via native language, to clear things up (or to practice a foreign language!)

I personally, claim English as my native tongue. I understand written Spanish pretty well but cannot speak it to save my life. I consider myself fluent in German, proficient in Korean, and I just started learning Mandarin this semester.

Also, ich sprech Deutsch (aber jetzt nicht so viel)!

그리고 저는 한국어를 말합니다. 첫 사랑했는 사람은 한국사람 이다 ㅋㅋㅋ…


What about everyone else? :3


Portuguese is my native tongue but I have been using English so much in the past 10 years that the two are basically equal now. I also understand Spanish, a bit of French and a few Italian words. As for languages I don’t know but would be interested in learning (if I weren’t so lazy) are Japanese and German.


Oh, wow lucky you :grinning:
I’ve always wanted to learn Korean but i never really had the time.
My native tongue is Arabic (i’m probably the only one on this site who is middle eastern lol :sweat_smile:).
I think i can say i’m fluent in English, i studied French for a couple of years but forgot most of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, and i know a little Swahilli and am currently trying to learn more of it.


Boas Noites irman! Eu son Galega. I am Spanish and so I am terribly with languages. I speak Galego a language that is sister of Portuguese and with that i understand Portuguese perfectly. I had studied french and i understand it however I can’t speak it for all poison in the world. And no, no idea of English :wink: I write a special Maringlish


kpop or kdramas?

I didn’t even know Galego was a language. Where is it spoken, Mara?


Gallaecia was a roman province when Roma felt.Galicia was a realm Porto cale (Portugal) won against it and separate from it. And the language starting to differ from what is now Portuguese. Still like the origin is same is basically more or less same. Gallego is spoken in Galicia only Not the writing Writing is more like Spanish however we don’t have J .


Most of my professors speak spanish as their first language and i know first hand how hard it is for them to get used to english, but i mostly love the way they speak as i love spanish and i really really wanted to learn it when i was younger but there was no place close to me where i could learn it, so now i make my profs teach me a few Spanish words in exchange for some Arabic ones :dancers:


Ok But Arab sounds so difficult. Well Spa has alot of Arabic words … The problem is writing. Yeah, I don’t know why but learning English or German is barely impossible for us.


Russian is my native language, but by playing games without russian localization I quickly learned English. I also tried learning German, since my great-grandfather was in fact German, but for some reason I can’t just remember some of the words, so I gave up at some point, though I still want to learn this and French languages.


Its the politeness factor - you’re so passionate and all … :heartbeat:


It is difficult for you as some letters don’t exist in the ABC vocabulary and they are difficult to pronounce.
But the same way with spanish some letters i’m used to pronounce a certain way in english, but in spanish it has a totally different sound


This is the major problem I’m having with Chinese.

For instance, these four syllables – 吗 妈 嘛 马 are all “ma”, but have a different tone. One is a horse, one is “mom”, another is “it” (I used the wrong “ma”. they look the same to me oops), etc. etc. ;~;


Tell me that!! In class once a child ask to teacher I will translateit
why i have to say sorry because i want to go to make poo ? It’s nothing to be ashamed of!!

Non is not that. In English you have to apologize each time you asking something.


Teacher laughing I Have no idea they are saying please and sorry all the day and never say the true of anything.


:joy: wow, that’s hilarious.
I can imagine someone learning the language for the first time and trying to talk about his mom with a chinese friend while the friend is just sitting there and wondering why this person is telling him about his horse and how on earth can his horse speak


I have the opposite problem with swahili, the swahili people don’t say please a lot, so there is no specific word for it.


I have family in Belgium and in the weird language form well my aunt tries to talk it and she ask for chicken boobs and my cousins can’t stop laughing at her because she called sexual stuff .

What is the problem You just don’t say sorry. In Spanish only you use it nowadays when you really did something or want badly something. If not nobody says it. English is boresome with being polite


:joy: oh my god that’s really awesome


Hi there. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m French. (I know, my profile pic is too obvious. Blame it on the Modfeather :stuck_out_tongue: )

I studied Spanish, though I lost interest in it a few years ago, so it’s quite rusty.

I am studying English at university at the moment, and I have Italian classes as well.


If you want have fun about languages put a bunch of latino spanish and italian talking together. We understand us lol but nobody else does.


What’s more fun is watching someone who recently learned Arabic in a certain dialect get frustrated if you spoke to them with a different Arabian dialect.
I have a friend who is learning Arabic now and i like to get under her skin by speaking with my Egyptian dialect and watching her struggle to understand a few words, sometimes she even acuses me of inventing a new language just to mess with her lol!