Multi-person live text editor

I’ve been looking for a multi-person live text editor and the best one seems to be etherpad. However, I’m not great with technical stuff and I can’t find a straight forward guide to set it up (either in windows or github) that makes sense. I can run etherpad in windows, no problem, but it’s only running locally on my computer. I can’t find a way to join other networks or allow people to join mine. Does anyone know how to do this?

Alternatively, I have also found another multi-person live text editor called moonedit. This seems easier to use and is free to download but will cost money to use commercially. If I can’t use etherpad, does anyone know of another live text editor out there?

I don’t know if it’s the best, but the easiest that I know of is google docs. I’ve had several people editing the same document simultaneously.

That would be amazing for Journey to Keplar 62e

Thanks @Fantom, I’ll check out google docs.

@Samuel_H_Young, That’s the plan :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve set up Google Docs and it appears to be working.

First, get a google account.

Next, search for Google Drive (or click the link here)

Download and install.

Then, click the link below and click edit. You should (hopefully) be able to change the document! Don’t worry about destroying the page - it’s a copy anyway.

Note: you might be able to use the link with just a google account, but I don’t think you will be able to edit it.

Test page:

Cool! Would I still be able to save it to drop box?

It would be saved in a google version of dropbox - not ideal for us. But it would be easy to copy and paste into dropbox for testing.

I’m still in two minds about it right now - the text editor isn’t great, but maybe I just need to get used to it. We can definitely use it to discuss code. We’ll have to test it and see how useful it will be.

Watch out with google drive, if you accidantly delete everything if you like want to copy it and then pres the wrong button on your phone and it all is deleted you wont get it back…

Thanks for the tip @P0RT3R
We haven’t established what we will use it for yet. Definitely for discussing code, but perhaps we won’t use it to create code… we’ll see…

Drive is probably the best alternative to live multi-person editing, although yes it has its flaws.

For those who have bad connection, be careful of closig a document before it explicitly states that the document has been saved. My friend has had an incident where her lab report was lost because she closed it before it saved and her internet wasn’t working. So if you choose Drive, be careful.

Also, since mistakes like those happen where all progress can be lost, make sure to backup your work here and there. Probably in dropbox for backup purposes and not just for testing, so killing two birds with one stone.

A good thing is that Drive is highly accessible in phones as well, and you can put comments here and there. Also works really well as a live multi-person document overall, I’d still highly recommend it, all things considered.

Just some advice from a student whose been using Drive for all kinds of schoolwork :b