Most hated element/mechanic in choice games (and other games)

This is an interesting theoretical issue, but in terms of practicality, most IF games are not going to explore these issues, as the authors have too much on their plate as is, normally.

If you go back to the SciFi of the 1960’s (all media), I think you can see how challenging the “traditional patriarchal” roles were received, both critically and in the mass markets.

Things like having a female officer on the deck of the Enterprise in Star Trek were enough to get the “reactionary” forces up in arms. Fans and those pushing the “agenda” of the “feminists/insert cause” were happy to see something, but still decried that what was done was not enough … the uniforms of Star Trek’s female officers being such an example.

If there are games that have an emphasis of development focused on gender roles, i’d expect it to be a major effort and take up space that is normally occupied by other design focuses (such as romance is treated in this community)



You summed that up super succinctly. Like, that’s perfect. I personally prefer the former, which is why I enjoy when games have sexism or homophobia or transphobia and I can fight back against it. That’s way more enjoyable to me than everything being equal, though I fully understand it’s not for everyone. These Reluctant Years does it very well to me, where everyone’s an asshole of some fashion, but the narrator is explicitly and vocally against them and you can always fight against the bigotry (even if it’s not super effective).


Thanks for the interesting introduction to the game, I’ve played the early part, and I’d like to spend a little more time enjoying it.


Its been said but having zillions of stats is annoying. I remember there being a ludicrous 20 stats in Tin Star, half of them only bring checked once or twice the whole game. Obviously, since you can’t really create more than 5-6 meaningful stats, and even that is oushing it IMO.


I love Tin Star to death, but having to stress over which of my ungodly list of stats could possibly be being checked for this encounter led to far too many of the deaths I suffered in my run. Thank goodness for that “try again” mechanic that lets you just jump right back into the offending incident if you get killed by it.


I hate how npcs will often be very unprincipled and two-faced. In some games when npcs hate you, they’ll have a scene where they will yell at you. Which I’m all for and I like the concept of this.

It just becomes an absolute shitshow that’s equal parts hilarious and infuriating if this npc isn’t written in such a way that it’ll make call backs to specific things you done. So the rant will be super vague and will come across more as a interpersonal problem more than anything. Which is especially bad if this is in a game with end of the world stakes or whatever.

“I hate how you’re running the show!11” well, you gave approval of every political decision I made, why are you whining this hard about the small stuff lmao. Or vice-versa where the character loves you even if you do horrific shit all the time, but are nice to them in conversations.

Like for example “Omg I love you!1” and the npc’s entire character arc is about how much they hate slavery, and my character is pro-slavery or whatever.


In the Choice of the Rockstar (I think that’s what it’s called?) CoG, my MC deferred to her brother on damn near everything about their band, and always gave an ear to his suggestions and made sure that he was happy and willing to keep going with the band…

And then we picked up a guitarist and suddenly he got pissy about how I never listened to him about anything, packed his shit and left.

And I was just sitting there like, “bruh, what?”

Likewise when the record mogul later in that story offered my band a ripe deal that I could see was bullshit for miles, so I turned him down, and oops, game over, our popularity fizzled out on the spot and now I work for a used car dealership.

Yeah, stories that have wildly extreme penalties for doing the littlest shit are Eyeroll City for me.


Omg, I forgot about this whiny asshole. I’m having like, vietnam flashbacks to this guy. I’m not even sure if it was even possible to keep this guy happy with you.


I was doing okay, up until we picked up our guitarist and he threw a massive, unprovoked shitfit about it.

His reaction was so ridiculous that it was the subject of a post I made in a different thread about doing little things that would be laughed off in real life and suffering idiotic relationship hits for it.


A mechanic I’m kinda in a love-hate relationship with: Expansions/mods that are really just what the base game should have been to begin with. Yes, the game is better now. I may even like it now. But people seem to think that automatically means the base game was good. A lot of the time, it wasn’t, and that’s why it was improved upon.