Mosquito -_-


Ok so I’ve just came back home after a short 4 day vacation and this mosquito is pissing me the hell off.
Every time I try to read something on the computer it just coincidentally decides to fly around my face or land on my bed right in front of me.
Everytime I get up to get something to swat it it flies away and disappears for a few minutes.
LIKE NOW.It just sat right down on the corner of my laptop as im typing this!This is so frustrating as I dont appreciate having my blood sucked out seeing as how my blood type is O and its kind of low on supply… I’m about to flip out…So basically my question is. How do I lure a mosquito out of my room during the day. Serious question. #:-s
Oh…and dont judge me [-X


Hmm lure a mosquito eh? Do you wanna do this like a pro?

If so set out a container of sugar water that the mosquito will literally flock to. Then poison the water with a high concentration of a. Arsenic b. D-Con (common in most households used to kill rats)

Or instead of poisoning him just wait for him start sucking the water then simply use a spoon or pan to come down on top of him and drown him in the water.

Can you tell that I have done this a few times?


@mattnoles Well I dont have arsenic or D-con because we normally don’t have rats where I live (or they hide pretty well) but I mixed sugar water with goo be gone,windex, and Raid(which I have a feeling wont work the way I did it)…

Ill just use regular sugar water and drown him/her or it…and Im ranting again. Ok.

And Yes I can definetly tell you have some mosquito experience :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions


Woah woah woah… *sigh* I just noticed what I said -_____- since we have Raid I can just spray the mosquito with that…Yowza



Haha yes I’m rather good at poisoning things but this is the first time I applied my techniques to mosquitos…


@AiEmMe well I at least know who to talk to if I every have a poisoning scene. :wink:


I’m… I’m sorry… but I’ve seen so many funny things today… like how a human being actually made a username called ‘Nyah Nyah Powah’ and a lot of other stuff… I’m really sorry… I kinda laughed a lot during that whole paragraph.

Anyways, can’t you just swat it real fast with your hand when it touches your skin? =v="

Okay, to answer your question, basically just grab the spray cans that kills insects. Now I know it specifies which insect it works on BEST, but it works nonetheless. Just spray a crapload of that in your room and sleep on the couch today xD


@Lordirish Well Im at least glad someone got some benefit from this post. xD

@Twitch_PhD I already got the mosquito situation under control. I used your idea when I realized I actually had bug spray when trying to poison the mosquito, but thanks anyway for not judging me! #-O


Hairspray and a lighter booooooy!


I always said that we should make and package hundreds of homemade flamethrowers, and make a homemade flamethrower empire!!!


when I was young ,me and my mates would run around with deodorant cans and
lighters trying to hurt each other ,ow boy we where stupid =P~


Remember, only attempt to catch an insect in your hand if you are prepared for the consequences of success. I remember once when a moth was flying around my room I absent-mindedly reached out to grab it, not expecting to actually manage to overcome its insect agility - cue my being grossed out by the moth gunk that was suddenly smeared all over my hand.




On a camping trip, I squashed a mosquito, only to find blood on my hand. I’m not sure if it was mine or the blood of someone else.