Morsus Mihi(Updated:11/12/18) Episode 1 30% complete!



Ok got it but for the entry specialist i would rather call them Point man you know the guy that always breaches first plus will you be able to upgrade your weapons and armour in the story.


You may not be able to upgrade weapons per se but more of being able to change your primary according to the situation. For armor, I can see possible modifications being added as something doable. Just keep in mind that while this is fictional I am trying to keep things just a little realistic and simple.


Ok got it.


When I get out of the car in the demo, I’m stuck in a loop. I go right back to the taxi.


Try it now, I just updated the game fixing a couple of major errors
(Edit: Damn, the bugs still their, I’ll see whats the problem)


Found an error when choosing perception


Can you tell me your previous choices?
(EDIT: Do you happen to be using an old save file or something? I just did a short playthrough selecting perception as my main and the game did not crash for me. I’ve also checked the code as and it seems fine.)


Ash that could be it I used an old save file. Sorry!


Wew, :sweat_smile: had me worried their for a second,


Your nightmares of arguing with Gregor in a never ending loop, are now over. The taxi cab loop is fixed


I highly recommend you don’t use old save files, but start a new playthrough fresh. Sorry for the inconvenience!