Morsus Mihi(Updated:11/12/18) Episode 1 30% complete!



Morsus Mihi
(Edit: This is my second attempt at making a game using choice script, keep in mind it’s very rough around the edges)
After finishing season 3 of Daredevil, a familiar idea I had before arose in my head after watching episode 1, why not make a series or book using superhero genre, but from a government perspective? In superhero genres, institutions are often ignored or authorities seem to be way out of their league.

For example, Marvels S.H.I.E.L.D. gives some perspective of how the government deals with powered individuals, but this is overlooked later in the series with other arcs and storylines.
If I take a historical example of let’s say state authorities dealing with increasingly dangerous and armored individuals, look at the creation of the term “SWAT” teams, according to the Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement, the term: “Special Weapons and Tactics”. It was first established as a specialized 100 man unit, utilizing officers packing more heat than your average beat cop, in response to increasing bank robberies and later, situations dealing with heavily armed criminals.

Morsus Mihi Has you playing in the role of a Law Enforcement unit specialized in dealing with Super-Powered individuals
You the MC, will be born with No Powers. Nada, your just a basic human who can do extraordinarily human feats, but, not superhuman.
Now before I get off track, onto the summary------>


Morsus Mihi takes place in the fictional city of Ryse-Elson,
You play as an officer/agent working for the Ryse-Elson Agency, a statewide law enforcement agency, that investigates or responds to superhuman related incidents and situations. It is headquartered in the city where it was founded in.

By the time you are an adult, the idea of real-life superheroes to most people will have been a reality for the past 2 years. It will be a time where; increasing amounts of Epics are born and begin emerging into the spotlight, governments beginning to find ways to classify an regulate powered individuals, the morality and damage of a Super-heroes method, are slowly called into question.

Main/Important Characters

Deus Ex Machina, aka Deus.
Estimated Age(before death): 30-35
Documented Powers: Superstrength, durability, resistance to small arms & light weapons fire, shock absorption.
Note: Researchers still have not come up with a term for this final power or an explanation on how it works, but, Deus in times of extreme duress, was able to temporarily induce opponents into a paralysis by simply staring at them.

Deus was the first ever documented Super to emerge into the public eye, stemming from the name, his trademark signature was seemly arriving almost always at the right time. He made his first appearance during a hostage situation at the movie theaters were five heavily armed men had taken 50 hostages in the basement levels of a movie theater, their demands, one of their colleagues being released from incarceration. Just as they were about to begin executing hostages, Deus arrived and simply looked at them, paralyzing the captors entirely.

There will be more descriptions to come.

Change Log


  • Finished prologue
  • 90% complete with pilot episode
  • Made a working stats chart that needs polishing
  • Added dashingdon save-plug in system
  • Grammar and spelling fixes
  • (Hopefully) Fixed any game crashing bugs
  • Pilot episode now 100% complete
  • Polished up stats chart a little bit
  • Fixed reported grammar mistakes
  • Beginning work on Episode 1
  • Revised text/grammar/punctuation/etc in pilot episode
  • Completed about 10% of Episode 1
  • Warning if you decide to go home, demo will end prematurely as I have not yet written the part


  • Now added the scene where you arrive home
  • Added scene where you leave heading to work
  • Fixed a couple of typos
  • Added a little more character customization available in episode one
  • Fixed grammar and spacing mistakes.
  • I’d say episode one is now about 20-25% complete, I know you guys are wanting action but you may have to wait for just a little before I have a draft for the first scene

Below is the link to the game
Comments on error reports, game feedback such as suggestions for improving the game or story, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure are much appreciated!

Interest Check Thread

Not working


Fixed, I was trying to use the save plugin, but I’ll implement later once I figure out how to use it[quote=“Addy3, post:2, topic:45801, full:true”]

Not working


Another error here:


Thanks, I’ll fix this tomorrow morning. [quote=“Cheion, post:4, topic:45801, full:true”]
Another error here:



This choice not working


Neither this one


Oh someone already informed :slight_smile:


Seems I’m unable to sleep, :joy:
Try it now, I think I solved the problem for both errors



Liking the premise! Most would focus on the superhero aspects, so it’s nice to have a change of pace.
Got an error here:


Maybe add save slots?


episode_pilot line 209: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.


Aah I really like this concept! I’m genuinely really excited to see where you go with it. I think the “gene enhancers” we can choose from are a great idea, I can’t wait to see how each one of them plays out in-game.

I do have some feedback on the writing though. I understood everything you meant but there were some mistakes and I think the structure was a bit clumsy sometimes.

Here for example I think it should be “details” instead of “detail”. You should also maybe replace “that secret” with “his secret”.
The separation between the penultimate paragraph and the last one is a bit weird since the last one is a direct continuation of the one before. Instead of “Claim we as an race” “Claims we as a race” is more correct I think. You also kinda kept using “an” when it should’ve been “a” and vice-versa.

There are other mistakes like this throughout the WIP but they’re easily fixable. Apart from those though I like your premise and I think the stats and choices are well thought out.

I do have a few questions: How many chapters have you planned for the game? Do you intend to add a nb option? Apart from action/sci-fi, what genre would you categorize the story as? Do you plan to add any RO options? Do you plan to make your IF more of a game or more of a story?


Just tried playing and this is what popped up…


Hey friend, I didn’t play the game but I noticed there’s a lot of errors going on. I suggest you try testing it more thoroughly or use QuickTest and RandomTest to find the errors.

With CSIDE you can quickly run these tests to find all errors in your game and then correct them.

To install the save feature in your game, you must activate the option use smPlugin by CJW in dashingdon and then place this line after all the *create commands in your startup file:

*sm_init Morsus_Mihi | 3

(Remember to remove or comment this line when testing in any other place than dashingdon — such as while testing offline — or the game will throw an error; add then back or uncomment when uploading to dashingdon again.)


First of all, thank you for the report, I’ve always struggled when it came to grammar or punctuation(I should have paid more attention in class :sweat_smile:). I’ve already implemented your suggestions as well.

  1. To be honest, I still am trying to figure that out. I’ve seen too many overwhelm themselves with a story that has too many chapters, so that is why my current goal is having at least 4 chapters(I call them episodes) done.
  2. No, I don’t intend on having a non-binary option unless I am required to. Before I only felt comfortable with one gender in a story, but I realized that was a mistake as this was a little bit unfair to the readers and I needed to get out of my comfort zone, it’s not to say I won’t in later stories, but I do not want to just add an NB option “just cause”.
  3. Ironically I wanted to add more tags to the topic to categorize the genre of my story. Such as it being a superhero and crime/thriller.(None of these tags were to be found)
  4. Yes? I really want to and I have a couple of ideas for RO’s, but I’d need to first think of a romance system to keep track of your relationships.
  5. Can’t give a definite answer to this one, I want to make my IF(Interactive Fiction right?) an equal mix of both.


Thanks, I’ll get right on it


Thanks for the suggestions,
I’m already using CSIDE, and it is a big help. As for the save plug-ins, I’ll try to follow your instructions in a copy of my game.
EDIT: Did what you said, for adding the save plug-ins, and it seems to be working for me, thanks for the help.


Guess we should all pack up and move then, I mean Deus…He’s literally God (hence his goddamn name).

Wonder what weapons we’ll have to deal with GOD.
Satans trident?