Morality variable

Basically I want a morality variable that if you are kind and/or unkind to any of the Venusians (Landon/Misako/Cynthia) it heavily influences the final Professor’s relationship with the MC… (Mainly because the final Professor had witnessed how the player treats the Venusians through their own eyes.)

And if you do any bad things in the CS game in front of the Venusians, the final Professor will mention it for all the university to hear because the variable for the unkindness is on and this stat also influences the final battle’s style (aggressive/passive).

I also want to make it so that the more unkind things you do, the more difficult the final battle will be because the Final Professor grows stronger through unkind deeds and/or words (more hp is added, more battle-moves).

If you want to combine the kindness stat, simply add *create kind 50 and start them at 50. Increase or decrease it accordingly, and make notes on which value is kind, very kind, bad, etc.

For the final battle, simply check this stat against certain threshold of your choice. If it passes certain value, the battle would be easier (assuming high [kind] is… well, kind, of course.)

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