Moody Booleans

The time has come for us to admit that truth might sometimes be objective, and lies may sometimes hold truth.

I had an idea today, that is to say.

Booleans are those absolutes, those little things that are either infallibly TRUE or FALSE, with a certain mathematical logic as their driving force. And where does that leave the humans element? Where is the personality? Where is the love?

Thus: Moody Booleans.

They operate on three states: TRUE, FALSE, and MAYBE.

Instead of simply randomising booleans when we want have an unpredictable outcome, I propose we change the atmosphere of the narrative, and have the booleans hearken - sense the shift in tone.

They are guided by the general bias of the narrative, with an element of randomness.

When your player is mean to the on-board AI, gradually shift the bias towards negativity, or the inverse! No need to add lots of pesky code, or numerous AND/OR/WHATIFS gates. Just say: We are angry, be less gracious.

Check them out! There is also a summary explanation included of how the bias works and what it’s supposed to achieve.

Normal 2-variable AND statements can be in four separate states:

T/T returns T
T/F returns F
F/T returns F
F/F returns F

Now, with Moody Booleans, AND statements can dynamically change into 64 different states, and you don’t have to touch your specific variables! Just change one global state, and you’re good to go!

Will you ever find a use for Moody Booleans? Probably not. In fact, they’re likely more frustrating than they’re worth!

To put that into Moody Boolean lingo:

Check if: FT is as true as TT with a Bias towards realism :frowning: