Monstrous Kingdom: The Keepers (WIP)

Hello every one This is my own modest offering to the amazing collected works represented here. I haven’t really looked to see if there is any one doing some thing similar to what I’m doing. so I hope I don’t step on any ones toes. :slight_smile:

I have never programmed a game before nor do I have much experience in coding other then playing around in

The Story: (High Fantasy world)
The Heros have won! The Humans, Elves and other assorted goodly races have won, and the monsters have been pushed to extinction, or at least to the edge of survival. meanwhile A Cabal of Magi recently uncovered a spell that seems to allow the creation of a new god. (The gods in this world were all created by the various races Millennium ago) History has proven that the races that had gods succeed when the rest floundered. So they cast a vote, sell the spell to one of the established kingdoms. (of which there are 5 of) or give it to one of the forgotten races (AKA the Monstrous races). As the Name implies they give it to a forgotten race.

The Player takes on the role of this new god choosing his people (which race, all which have different attributes that affect the players), Location and type of fortress, etc. and then deciding how and in some cases why to wage the inevitable war with the five kingdoms.

The Kingdoms: This is were the stories are, each kingdom has its own strengths and weakness, Some ruled by mages others by priests some with elected governments or monarchies. I’ve written the script to randomly chose one of three kingdoms that are designed to go in each spot, so that from game to game it will be different. Not sure about the rest of my code working out but I’ll find a way to get it working. I want there to be meaningful combat, both Personal and clashes between your armies and the kingdoms. (Still working on that bit of code). but because each kingdom will be different what worked in one may not work in another. and if you take too long they will start to gang up on you by joining a coalition army. Also within each of the kingdoms their is also other tribes of “monsters” that you can recruit.

The Magic: To be fair it is fairly complex; Probably a lot more then it needs to be. There are four Primary Elements (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth) and Four mixed elements (Lava, Acid, Lightning, Snow), which the PC has access to, It will all be handled as the Magic stat but with affinities for any of the 8 elements. there is also Four other “Magics” that the player can access via research or recruitment (Blood, Celestial, and Demon), at this point I’m still playing with their integration. so I may just end up folding the whole thing into a singular stat.

And from there it’s part story of survival and part strategy role playing game.

I only have about one or two at most hours a day to work on this but I’m hopping that by keeping a record here, I’ll stay motivated to continue and even finish this. :smile:

Thanks for Reading!


Sounds cool. Looking forward to it

The concept is interesting.

It sounds really cool can’t wait

Sounds interesting will be popping in and out to see how you are coming along with this game.

It sounds like a interesting idea though I do hope in the future you explain it a bit better. I understood the idea part of it but I didn’t understand the story aspect? Is the story just leading up to a war that we’re going to start?

Sounds cool looking forward to it

I’m a sucker for high fantasy, but I do have a few questions.

–Do you have any other specific races in mind for the “other assorted goodly races” and the “forgotten races?”

–Can we lead all the monsters as a collective agreement or through conversion (if that exists in your world)?

–With the way you say it it sounds like there could be an easier way to handle the magic stats you mention, but I haven’t used Choicescript at all so I don’t know what to say.

–While on magic, are the 8 elemental magics you mentioned only for combat purposes?

Overall it sounds ambitious, but if it gets to be too much for you, just remember we have legions of users here that can help you out with any bits of code you need adjusting or simply for support.

It seems very interesting.

Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry if I’m not explaining it that well.

The player is a new god,

the Main sections I have mapped out are:

Prologue: The Events that lead up to your creation, allowing the player to make some changes to the initial start. Who God are you any way?, where are they from? Why they need your help and so on.

Chapters 1-5: Are each about how the new god handles the kingdoms. Each kingdom is more or less unique each occupying a their own terrain type like the West Kingdom is Mountainous, a presents unique issues based on the race you lead. As I’ve already stated the kingdoms are semi random with each of the five having a chance of three variations. This changes how the people and the new god react. I’m trying to keep the story fluid by having the code throw in Events based on the choices made.

Events are how I plan on resolving things that have widely different outcomes. Need to take out that fort to secure your forces the advantage? Lead your army in? Creates a combat event. Use magic to tear it apart? Creates a Magic event. Use subterfuge or diplomacy? Creates a Planning event. Once done it returns you to the right point in the story. Each Event type is functionally identical but with variables can refer to widely different battles or events, changing Key variables for the next part of the story.

Chapter 6-7: are about dealing with the existing Pantheons once they realize your more then some wizard or demon.

Chapter 8 is basicly an epilogue

Yes I do have specific races in mind for the Goodly races : Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling.

The Forgotten Races are : Gobblin, Orc, Gremlin, Alan, Imps, Dark Elves, Gnome, and Dragons, And while not unified as races you get to court Demons, Elementals, and Titans

You Start as the new god of one of these races but as the story progresses you will be able to court or conquer other monstrous races and bring them to your side. Also you need not conquer the kingdoms but no kingdom it going to openly support you.

The Magic and Elements I’ve planed to have much more then use in combat, some People will like you more for having a similar Elemental alignment, having I high Air score for instance will make contacting and gaining the support of the Air elemental much easier, but also makes it impossible to contact and gain the support of the Earth Elementals.

I’m not sure If it will work I’d also like to make it so when in combat the spell description changes biased on what your primary element is.

And Thanks for the support,

and keep asking questions it helps me think and plan :slight_smile:

Hmm. Can you also convince the goodly races to join you? (In small numbers, if not all at least?)

Actually yes in Three ways.

First the Big way, Winning over a Kingdom will be possible but it will also be situationial, I’m working in story events based on which kingdoms show up in the random some will be at war with each other and interceding can help you win them over diplomatically, but this particular example may not be in every game,

Second, Once a kingdom is conquered you have to decide how you are going to treat your new subjects, most of which had nothing to do with the marginalization your race suffered.

And third, Advisers, once into the second chapter your fame will spread and you will attract exceptional individuals of all races, however every one of them will want some thing in return for their service.

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Sounds even more interesting now! Keep it up and thank you for explaining it further for me.

Well Thats basically the Idea!

Not necessarily the Evil part (Although that will be an option, as will blood sacrifices… just not in to much detail)

But you are an Overlord in the first 5 chapters (also a god but no one knows yet) and ARE called Evil by the Kingdoms.

so Yes you can be an Evil, Evil Overload…


Without going into the history they are generally misunderstood.

But they have been living in the lands no one else wants, lands no one else wants for a reason, doing what they need to survive for hundreds of years, often in conflict with the goodly races.

No one cares that the Goblins and Orcs are starving in their caves and villages, Just that their town is getting raided, or might be raided.

Some races like the Alan need the other races to reproduce (Although in their case its more of the Dead they are interested in). and so are actively hunted

But if on even footing they could be just as “good” or “bad” as any of the “goodly” races.

The Lands Overview:

The Northlands are more or less swampy, with a few fertile islands thrown in. more or less independent trade wise of the kingdoms of the south they trade Spices, medications, and even poisons, with their southern brothers, Dwarves and humans are the most common here, while there are a few communities of half-lings.

The Eastern plains seem to extend forever, but in fact boarder a merciless desert no one has successfully crossed the desert even using magic. The Boundless Lands as the locals refer to the plains are home to the Horse and Cattle Barons, Humans and Half-lings are the most common folk here, Elves are also fairly common. Exports Cattle and Horses.

The Southern Forest, or the Great Forest is unsurprisingly the home of the Elves. The Elves don’t say what is at the southern reaches of the forest, simply saying that the forest is old and hungry to the south. Generally the forest canopy is high at around one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet, countless streams break the land and all converge on the Great River which runs to the north.

The Peaks of the West, Known as God’s Smile by the Dwarves that make their homes within the mountains and valleys of this rugged land. Passed the mountains is a great canyon that is close to a mile deep and several miles wide. the Dwarves and others have made numerous attempts to cross the Great Rift as it is know and none have returned. The mountains stretch north to south and contains hundreds of peaks. No one not even the dwarves have mapped all the peaks. Its primary export is Iron, and other Metals, it imports food from the Center and North, and Wood from the South

The Lakes of the Imperial Center are lush and full of life, feed from the mountains in the west and from the great river in the south. The Lakes are a series of small pockets of water that all feed into the northern delta region. Generally temperate, and with excellent farm lands, the Center has been called the birthplace of civilization. Humanity and the Half-lings both originate from here, and is considered densely populated by the surrounding lands. Its primary export is food, and it imports Iron from the West, and wood from the south.