Monsters(WIP)- updated 04/27/17 -Link is updated

I’ve played the demo a few times now and I love it. Had so much fun. I knew almost nothing about the game and was surprised by how things turned out. This is right now one of my favorite WIPs.

I’ve played mostly with Josh and David.
With Josh I got in a fight with Jack, had fun with Sonya, got fished, betrayed, kissed by Sean, and lied through my teeth to April about only liking men. Got on good terms with everyone except Jack. I wonder if he’ll stop poisoning my food now we’re family or something. Probably not…

With David I got the car keys and went full coward, and thought “that’s it, now I die a terrible death”, Cause I did the same in Clock Tower, only to have my fate sealed by a giant pair of scissors. At least the MC is genre savvy enough to check the backseat.
Finished the game with only Jack and Sonya on bad terms… like, really bad terms…
I like Jack though he tried to poison me on this playthrough too. ehh, better deal with him trying to kill me than April, that one gives me the creeps.

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The demo has been updated?? The last time I played it MC and Sins decided to go to a new place after my retention.

Is it updated? Cause I got in the car , but that’s about it .I am excited for the full version. Jack my bleeding heart :heart_eyes: maybe there are more outcomes?

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Yeah, that’s how it ended for me too. So, no updates that I know of?
Sorry if my post gave that impression, guess i’m just really excited, hah.

Hope the author continues working on this cause it’s really good.

^_^’ Ah, eheh, no, it’s not updated. I will announce loudly when that happens. My present hope is to have an update for you all for Christmas, but that’s tentative at this point. I just finished one of the sections I’ve been working on tonight, so the beast of it slowly rumbles along. Work-work kicked my butt earlier this month, though- I got a promotion of sorts, again- more work, more pay. I know how much I need to do to keep up each day next month, but it caught me a bit unawares this month and my work-work time was extended this month.

Current goal is to get another section done by the end of the month. On an aside from Monsters, I played and finished a game called ‘Disco Elysium’ this month. It’s wonderfully psychological, and after realizing that certain things like racism and politics (which took me aback at first) function for setting and plot devices, the game becomes wonderfully enjoyable with a wee touch of Lovecraftian horror thrown in. Just want to throw a recommend out there for it, having a lot of psychological depth to it, and what I’d consider good humor at times, too.


It’s so rare to find a game where I can be myself. This was a blast to play.

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@Shawn_Patrick_Reed glad to see you back in the saddle again, especially since this is one of my favorites WIPs since that submission oh so long ago with Lord Irish presents.

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@Pace675 Thank you. I don’t think that I’ve been working fast enough for my own satisfaction, but at least there’s motion and progress. Then again, each of my chapters could probably be a book on their own so saying ‘It doesn’t feel like there’s much progress’ is like saying ‘I’m only writing one chapter of a regular book in a given week/month’. Considering my current goals though I hope to pick up the pace this month.

@PaleHorse6 Thank you.

@Starsmore I hadn’t meant to skip entirely over you last time- welcome to the forums! Thank you for choosing my story for your first post- it feels good when I can coax another individual from the woodworks. It seems like you’ve discovered some of the more interesting lines of content in the story so far. : ) The section I’m working on currently will have a lot of content to explore that won’t all be reachable in one playthrough- it’s taking me a lot of time because there are so many different parts to it, but I hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s ready, and maybe you’ll discover some interesting bits.

And for everyone- work-work is my present concern, as it is the first ten days of every month. It’s always very hard for me to find any time to write during this time. This month being November, I’m hoping that I can get into the writing spirit and have a strong writing month. My most recent writing work involved figuring up the flow in certain sections here in the third chapter and further fleshing them out. I’ve mentioned before but, to explain again- the portion of the chapter I’m working on now involves seven possible choices, three times. Some of those choices will change in content depending on when they are chosen (first, second, or third), some of them will not. Each is its own mini-section, similar to each character having their own section in the second chapter, except more like choosing who to talk with in the van in the first chapter. Within each of these sections are branches and sub-branches and in some cases sub-sections. Some of these sections are complete, some partway there, and some not started. Additionally in the third chapter there is what I’d call two parts of a section prior to what I’m currently working on, with an optional sub-section. After I finish the various options in the current section, I will update. After updating, the next order of work is similar to what I’m working on now, where the MC will choose who to watch over them in the motel. I’ll work on each of these one-by-one, as they delve into the possibility of romance and are likely to have multi-part sub-sections (eg, possible conversations, romance or not, other surprises, ect). I’m currently undecided whether I’ll hold a vote for whose section I’ll write first or decide for myself, it’ll probably depend on my mindset when I get to that point. Maybe a limited vote such as between two characters rather than all of them- we’ll see.

quick hugs all y’all I appreciate all of you, just to let you know. Thank you for being here even when I haven’t updated in so very long.


Thank you for the hard work you have done. Take your time and don’t forget to take a break :wink:

Thank you for your hard work. I understand life and your real job makes it hard at times . I try to write and I’m a dm so I get it . We love what you have so far. And when this is fully finished I’m gonna buy this…ashley is my mc lol.and I just love Jack, he can take my mc 's heart (literally )

Just a fyi to throw out there, I’m heading out to Daisho con in the Wisconsin Dells this weekend. If anyone is interested in a meet up, go ahead and message me- I’ll be walking around as a Micah Bell from RDR2 (hopefully being less of an ass).

On the writing front, the convention scramble has found me having written less than I’d like by this time, but I have found some time to work on the options where the MC tries let it be known they’re being held hostage.


Have fun , unfortunately i wouldn’t be able to go to such a thing :persevere: but I do look forward to monsters being published :smiley: i love your work on this, and the characters, ironic my name’s one of the characters lol . I don’t think my mc will cry for help, not while jacks there :slight_smile:

Who’s supplying the No. 2 pencils? XD

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Yes I need to know. And the sock in my mouth whose sock was that? It’s clean I guess

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SPOILER: Great story, but I fucking hate everyone especially Sonya smh she’s messed up and a manipulator but what’s worse is that she’s a liar.


Could we have Jedism (the recognised religion of being a jedi) as a choosable religion in this game? It would make for some fun dialogue.


I feel like that might be one of those options that leads to instant death XD


I still use the phrase “Hard mode, Mortal!” at work when it starts picking up.

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Very Interesting game so far. Wasn’t expecting how the plot would turn out got me surprised that I was thinking this the whole time :joy:!


That’s funny I probably liked her the most.