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Big noteworthy change to be taking place - today I’ve changed the beginning stats to some extent for all of the pre-named MCs. This means routing is going to change from what people are used to, making content-by-character either harder or easier (depending) to reach. Thusly I’m going to express the beginning stat changes here for each of the characters:

Adam: Lust +2, Wrath +3, Sloth +5, Gluttony -2, Greed -3, Envy -5, April -2, Gran -7, Jack +2, McCready +6, Sean -3, Sonya +2, Sanity +2

David: Sloth +2, Pride +3, Envy +5, Wrath -2, Greed -3, Lust -5, April +8, Gran -2, Jack -8, McCready +1, Sean +5, Sonya -8, Sanity +4

Josh: Envy +2, Gluttony +3, Lust +5, Wrath -2, Pride -3, Greed -5, April -8, Gran +2, Jack +2, McCready +3, Sean -1, Sonya +8, Sanity +2

Mike: Greed +2, Gluttony +3, Wrath +5, Sloth -2, Envy -3, Pride -5, April -5, Gran +5, Jack +5, McCready +3, Sean -6, Sonya +5, Sanity -7

Sam: Lust +2, Greed +3, Sloth +5, Pride -2, Wrath -3, Envy -5, April -4, Gran -5, Jack +8, McCready -6, Sean -5, Sonya +4, Sanity +8

Chelsea: Wrath +2, Envy +3, Pride +5, Greed -2, Sloth -3, Gluttony -5, April +5, Gran -2, Jack -5, McCready +4, Sean +8, Sonya -5, Sanity -5

June: Gluttony +2, Pride +3, Greed +5, Envy -2, Lust -3, Sloth -5, April +6, Gran +7, Jack +7, McCready -5, Sean -4, Sonya -6, Sanity -5

Ashley: Sloth +2, Wrath +3, Lust +5, Gluttony -2, Envy -3, Greed -5, April -5, Gran -4, Jack -2, McCready +8, Sean -1, Sonya +5, Sanity -1

Some of you may notice that more stats are being affected per character- yes, this is true. The range of effect on relationship stats is also slightly broader in some cases, but the amount of positive and negative relationship changes remains even. Also note than custom named MC’s still don’t have beginning stat changes, and are intended to be blank slate in that regard.

It occurred to me that, if there was ever a time to edit the characters, this would be an optimal time as saves are already affected. So I’ve tried to nudge the MCs a bit more towards having a sense of individuality without going too wild.

ALSO- although it is only going to be viewable in a ‘visual sense only’, I’ve got character customization visible for what it will eventually be. Essentially, you’ll be able to make your own character but, at this point in time, not play with it. Sort of a proof of concept to show what I’ve got in mind. Chances are actually integrating this into the story won’t happen for a while, but it can be there, to show you. : )

P.S. Please note these changes are still just to my own copy, and alas it’ll still be a time before you get to see them. But, forewarned you now are. : )


I hope its possible to know what we are talking about during the string theory scene as a male xD Only because she reminds me of my niece and darnit i wont disappoint my niece


That’s a worthy request. I’ll see if I can add some Pride-specific based content to help with this.


More chances to prove my superiority over others :star_struck:


hmm, so far ive only been able to get sloth and im wondering what sins are available to us to become because i know a few we cant become


We’re always sloth right now.


Sloth is the slot that is open.

if you want to become another sin you’re going to have to take it from someone else.


I know probably shouldn’t ask this but I need to know. Is the game gonna get updated again?


Yeah, the author is rewriting it.