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I hope its possible to know what we are talking about during the string theory scene as a male xD Only because she reminds me of my niece and darnit i wont disappoint my niece


That’s a worthy request. I’ll see if I can add some Pride-specific based content to help with this.


More chances to prove my superiority over others :star_struck:


hmm, so far ive only been able to get sloth and im wondering what sins are available to us to become because i know a few we cant become

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We’re always sloth right now.


Sloth is the slot that is open.

if you want to become another sin you’re going to have to take it from someone else.


I know probably shouldn’t ask this but I need to know. Is the game gonna get updated again?

Yeah, the author is rewriting it.


One thing that I am really curious about is how exactly NG+ will look like.
I am assuming that it’s either us being given some extra options in certain segments when playing as certain character or, us being able to play a character that is going through the game for the second time and has memories of the first time as they went through this.

Honestly I am more willing to believe it’s the former option but latter option is so much fun to imagine.

People are boarding a van and MC acting as if they already know everyone in the van explaining it as meeting them before through Sonia and then saying.

“Oh boy we are going to have great time. You know, every time I travel with a bunch of strangers I am always worried that they might rob me or something. Kinda irrational fear I know but still, I am glad that I am traveling with familiar faces and not some strangers that might be members of some death cult or something.”

Or MC being able to answer major questions before they were asked.

Like the game of 2 truths and 1 lie with April where we just piss her off by finishing her questions for her and answering them.
“Who is—
going to betray you guys? I mean I kinda know. And by kinda I mean I know for sure, but I also know that it’s rude to speak ill of someone behind their back, you know?”

Or maybe something that could be a little bit drastic but also kinda funny in a black comedy way:

Killing the one of the people that were meant to die before chapter 1 before the family get’s a chance to do it

While the idea of MC trolling everyone with their meta-knowledge sounds like fun I gotta admit I don’t imagine it being the intend of the author, mostly because doing something like that would require writing almost a completely new game.

But who knows?
I am just wondering what exactly does the author means by NG+ if it’s ok to ask.


Uh… Thats literally what I thought it would be in my head! All knowing MC making fun of everyone in a new game.

Anyway, ages ago I talked to him about it and he said he was interested in something like that but it would take a while and be worked in inly after the game is done


Just wondering is this still being worked on? I’m just wondering because the last update was two years ago.

EDIT: Also because the demo was amazing and i’m really hoping that it’s still being worked on.

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: ) Yes, I’m still working on it. I’ve put in 3,803 words the past two days. And the Jack section I was working on before this part (which still isn’t fully finished) just kept tumbling on and on.

Phrasing it as rewriting the story is a bit… overmuch, perhaps. There were edits in structure that, certainly, I needed to do, and achieved (hopefully). Progress is simultaneously slow and not slow. I tend to be writing in spurts.

Sorry for the ghosting this past month- I’d actually intended to answer some posts much earlier but got sidetracked and just never got to it. I’ve had a waffling measure of depression this past year and I’d say I’ve been doing mostly well but sometimes just, sleeping more than I should and such. Or not writing as much as I feel I should, and such. But I’m doing largely okay, and working on improving. It just kinda comes and goes, so my writing does too.

Regarding the question concerning NG+… I think that I shall turn NG+ into a second game, rather than try to integrate it into this one. Because writing the game is taking so long, I want to produce a finished game while I’m still …young? ish? XP But there are things I want the story to explain which can only be done with what would be a NG+, or second game, because for me the story would be incomplete otherwise, even with a fully proper finish. So, I can say now, even though I have no idea how far into the future it might be, yes, there will be a second game. Possibly even a third if I truly feel ambitious about it. But I also, quite importantly, need to keep my own focus on the writing directly in front of me. Thank you for asking about it, though- what I’d planned to be one will now turn into a second game, someday. I’m far from being there yet, after all.


Hope you get a full recovery!

Can someone please tell me how NOT to die in this game. I’ve died so many times. I’m on the verge of giving up

It depends. All MCs have strong and weak points. The best advice I can give without writing a walkthrough is don’t trust anyone, run away from them until Sonya takes you to the hut (or something, I haven’t played in ages), there she will betray you, but you won’t be killed. Choose one npc to have the lowest relationship with and make everyone else like you. Check to see what everyone thinks of you on the stats page; you’ll know which ones want you dead. Pay attention to what answers the npcs want to hear. Don’t antagonize them. Make friends with the little brat, make friends with Sean. They can save you if things go wrong.

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Can I bunk with Sonya? My lust is at 82%

I don’t know why, but i find that question super funny… to answer it though no you can’t. You can however choose to hangout with her before all the murder happens which can lead to a “bunking” scene of sorts if you catch my drift wink wink nudge nudge

I did a thing… XD


Just keeping the thread in working order, popping in, saying hello.

I recently got a new laptop, and transferred things over this last week. I also will be getting two teeth pulled the 7th of this upcoming month. Same two teeth as I had pulled two years back but on the other side of my mouth, same problems minus the salival infection (thank goodness). Same hooked root. >.<

Anyway, I’m dabbling around with writing and creating stuff, but there’s really not much to report right now. :\


Man, you’re a good writer. I had nightmare after playing this (at night, right before I went to bed).

Is there a possibility to be big baddy and basically kill everyone (but Sean because he’s intriguing)? Sonya will be the first in my death list.