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Greetings, dear readers.

Today, is my Birthday. I am turning 36. I feel old. That said, though, Birthdays are a day for presents. :stuck_out_tongue: So, I’m going to do something fun for you all, because y’all are awesome.

I’m going to do a character sketch. Here’s how it’ll work. You say ‘Kiriban ___’ - with the second word being any character in the story, NPC or even MC. I will do a sketch of the first character who gets three votes in this manner. Realize that my artistic skills are kinda hella rusty as I haven’t drawn anything for years, but I thought that this would be a fun way to share a special occasion with y’all. I figure this strikes a bit of a balance between first come first serve and letting majority rule.

Today I’m working on tying up loose ends in chapter 3. I may also later on go back and do some further code-smoothing in chapter 2. We’ll see.

@Pedro_Ferreira My apologies no one has replied to your inquery. In chapter 2, the MC can opt to take a genuine pcl r test, which the game refers to as a ppt. If your MC scores high enough to be considered a psychopath, or in specific circumstances at the end of chapter 2, the game will flag the MC as psychopathic and there will be some points where things are a bit different for such a character.


Practice every sin except wrath


Kiriban Sean


Kiriban Joshua


Kiriban Sean


Kiriban Jack
@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Happy birthday! :birthday: Also thanks for doing this! Love your story!


Kiriban Sean
Happy Birthday :tada::tada:


Well, a winner has been decided. Sean has been voted for, and I shall be starting a depiction of him to the best of my abilities. : )


Happy birthday, man! How does it feel to survive another year?

Btw, what does kiriban mean?


Pirates of the Kiribian


Quiet, Mushu :laughing:


Kiriban MCs and happy b-day @Shawn_Patrick_Reed


Good afternoon, dear readers.

Today I’ve been working on tidying up some of the code in chapter 2. Basically, adding a *gosub that caps min and max stats rather than manually doing that throughout the script. It basically just saves some words and makes the script a little bit neater is all. I’ve been at it for about three hours and I’m only a bit over halfway. I’m also catching a couple bits I missed on the first pass, which is good.

@Bokeh So, that’s an interesting question. I m’self know the term kiriban by context; it was used a lot on deviantart, which is where I picked up the term- it was used to denote an artwork giveaway, usually to an individual that leaves a certain number of comment, or certain number of page-hit. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to present a drawing of Sean; I’ll try to goal-set on it so that it won’t take me too long.


Of note…

I noticed that there were no characters with a starting bump in greed, so… ahem, Sam will have a change of %+5 starting lust to %+5 starting greed. And I’m strongly considering the change for Adam from %+10 starting sloth to %+10 starting pride.

I finished the second editing runthrough of chapter 2 also- took about 5 hours to get through the chapter on that.

I’m wanting to set my kiriban timeline to offer it up as a Christmas present for y’all. I shall endeavor on that.


Before I Heard About The Update: “Ughhhh…Ryo’s ‘taking a break’ from me for a month…why does my life suck?..:sob:

After I Heard: “Eee!! :grin: Hmm, should I take a break from Kath and Adrian too? Just to have time to do hundreds of playthroughs?”


So hooray for the update! It’s been…quite awhile.

(@K4therine & @LivingSilver -it’s a joke guys. :sweat_smile:)


I wouldn’t like it so if you were to include it I wouldn’t play as a character that could be subjected to this so I wouldn’t have to read it


Aren’t you already allowing different sexualities and religions in despite him being violently opposed to diversity in those groups?


You can take from him. Not me.

And I’ll be playing too. :wink:


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, dear readers. :slight_smile: Right, so-- eh, sorry about the poor camera quality; it’s the laptop’s camera. As to the drawing… hmm. I guess I both am and am not satisfied with it. I haven’t done a drawing in years, so I feel like I didn’t… quite… get all of Sean’s essence. But some of it. The way the camera picks up the shading makes him look rougher than I’d like, but I wouldn’t be showing y’all if I wasn’t at least somewhat satisfied. : ) The intended side-part on the hair turned into more of a middle part, and I kinda think the jawline needs raised slightly, but… it’s okay.

claps hands Well, not exactly an update (I know, I know, but I’m working on that.) - but still good signs of life, yes? XD

@buggygirl11 Erm, there’s not an update yet- it’s more like I’m back to work again, properly writing, and actually successfully got through the editing I needed to do in the previous chapters. There will be a lot when the next update does come, though maybe not what feels like two years’ worth, but …grimaceface prior saves aren’t going to integrate quite right, and some choices have new stat changes, so it might be a journey of discovery finding routes through to the same places again. Hopefully not too bad- but a bit of a forewarning seems in order.


The good news- I think I have all the loose ends tied up on the first section of the third chapter. Which is everything before reaching the Conoco. I’m right now working on an alternate beginning for the second section involving if the MC is in the trunk and stays there. The second section of the chapter actually involves a lot of parts- what I mentioned earlier about a number of choices regarding what the MC can do. The third section will be the motel, which will take a shitton of time to write because it’ll be like separate scenes for each character, and the fourth section of the chapter will be a surprise. Fortunately, the next update comes after finishing the work on the second section, even though I’ve still got quite a few scenes to write for it. I’ve already gone back and done the editing for the previous chapter I wanted to do- hopefully not missing anything but, knowing me, probably something somewhere. I truly don’t know whether to be happy with what work I have gotten done, or lament at how much there is left to do even before I can next update, much less after to finish the chapter out. Ah well, into the new year, with strength. :slight_smile: