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Ah, I see your point. :thinking:


It doesn’t really. There are non-caucasians with blue eyes, blonde hair, red hair, green eyes, etc. But it’s true, most people will think of caucasians when using those descriptions.

I also imagined Jack as a latino. And Sonia too.


Sure, but that’s exceptionally rare. I live in a city where like 60% of the population is non-white, and I’ve seen literally one black person with green eyes.


Not that rare, but indeed not the norm. Most of the blondes and redheads I’ve met in my life are latinas. Natural blondes and red heads. I’ve also met brown haired Chinese (natural, not dyed) and a blonde Chinese baby. Though, his hair is now black.

Like I said, definitely not the norm.

I think if you wanted to describe variety in ethnicities, it would be easier not to stick with eye and hair colors.


Well, I didn’t want to bring in the minutiae of population genetics in a discussion about diversity representation… but yeah. Probably +90% of people will imagine a caucasian when someone is described as blond. I’ve met plenty of blond latinos. They’re majority European DNA, which determines phenotype, which is what we ‘see’.


Yeah. That was my point, in the end people will imagine them as caucasians.


This feels strangely like deja vu. I could swear I’ve already deja vu’d before about the ethnicity thing.

It feels really weird to try to explain that it would be incredibly difficult to write ethnic diversity into a story where one of the characters is a violent racist. I’ve explained before, but alack of the same context it’s harder to just pull it out of the blue explaining this in a reasonable manner. Ethnic diversity is not absent in the midwest, but it can be low, and sometimes considerably lower than some other portions of the country. Bringing greater ethnic diversity into the game can be done- but comes with consequences. McCready would react as badly as he does with his homophobia, so giving ethnic choice comes hand in hand with asking the player ‘are you okay with subjecting yourself to this character in the story being racist against you?’ - I’m fine with putting that in, if people want that. I’m just hesitant about how many people would. I’m tug-of-warring with myself between the idea of character customization and character lock, because of reasons that won’t even become apparent this book. So let’s gather up opinions on this- McCready exists in the story. Should ethnic diversity be expanded upon and subjected to racism as a story-handled issue, or left out because of it being an issue? The game doesn’t shy away from harsh realities, but it does try to be fair.


Personally, I don’t mind the story as it is (since I had been imaginining two of them as latinos).


I was actually like “Whuuuuuu…?” with McCready’s homophobic outburst. I wasn’t offended at all. I knew I was reading a horror story. It was the first time I’d seen that in a HG/CoG, but it met the criteria of not praising the behavior. I think it was well-placed in a “kidnapped by crazies in the woods” story.

I was immediately unnerved going out into the woods with him. I think it the bigotry was well-used and had the appropriate impact. It was the “creepy judgey gas station attendant moment” from Cabin in the Woods.

I’ve got a thick skin by now, so I think including it as a warning is good for those who don’t, but it’s not at all inappropriate to include things like that in this type of story. I can’t speak specifically about racism, but I hold about the same standards for how most forms of bigotry are represented in media. Unless there’s an outcry against it, I think brief instances of bigotry will only enhance the fear and discomfort of the horror scenario and the moral dilemma of surviving.

On my second play through, I played closeted and avoided that confrontation, all while anticipating something else later down the road when they probably psychologically break me down and discover all my secrets or whatever.


Should I be given the chance for more MCs and to have more interesting and controversy filled playthroughs? Explore an issue that is often glossed over both in games and in the real world? AND get to have more MCs give McCready epic verbal lashings?

Uh, YES. :grin:


I largely agree with you, nevertheless one of the things that struck me about California the first time I visited was the comparatively high percentage of African American women who had dyed their hair blonde. So it’s not just about genetics. If someone wants to dye their hair a different color or wear colored contact lenses, that’s their choice.


Sry to ask, but how did you get Sean to kiss the MC? I tried several times and it didnt work :frowning:


yeah I agree with obiebluhe brief instances of bigotry only help the story and enhance it.


I didn’t take notes, but I was piling up the slut points (Lust), gave the “it’s not a problem” answer when he was searching me after capture, and he mentioned that he heard me tell Sonya that I thought he was cute.


Thank you ^^


So a thing. Because it’s been so long sinse the last update… I actually had started work on expanded custom MCs including ethnicity and other traits, but at present more of as a ‘to show what it can be’ - because actually implementing it means working through the whole story to implement it. And that… is a lot of work. Still; future plans.

I’ve (I think, I hope!) successfully finished editing the prior chapters. Unless something else comes up, or I’ve forgotten something, which is almost inevitably the case. Even so- I’ve taken care of the structural work I needed to, as far as I’m aware. There’s more I could do- but I think I’ve taken care of the things I needed to in order to make the next update work properly. Which is still off in the distance. Work-work keeps me from writing much the first ten days each month, but I’m not letting it throw me off too much. Right now I’m working on loose ends in the third chapter, specifically for if the MC got thrown into the trunk at the end of chapter 2. I’ll feel a little more at ease when I get that done.


It always brings me joy when I see this thread update <3!!!


:slight_smile: It’ll be a while, but it’s in the works.


I know. I have waited for months now. I could wait a few more. Just take your time.


Someone can tell me about The psychopath route? Im excited because thats not something common around here.