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So I played this game a year ago and then completly forget it, a shame really.
But glad to read that its continuing! I really liked it, its unique and really well written! And I love the characters and the MCs!
Plus the choices have real! consequences, thats so great!
And I like that it feels… real. Like Mc Cready is homophob, and is not just like “ah youre gay hey no problem, all is cool” Something I really miss in most games, but I can understand why they are written like that.


You really need to make Sean a RO~


He’s more of a SO, depending on your choices (and stats) he’ll show interest in sexing the MC. Not sure if he can love anybody tho.


Salutations and greetings, my dear readers. Okay, so. Good news is that I’ve started settling in on a ‘better’ amount of writing. Bad news is it’s still going slow. Even though I’ve cranked out somewhere between 12k and 20k words worth this month, it’s all basically this one section that just keeps getting wider. XD Another one of those. And this is just one part of something like… twenty one parts that make up this scene. I’ll be able to save some time to some extent by replicating a couple of these pieces, those in which the timing of when it occurs doesn’t really matter… but this is as ever, a lot of work, and I feel like I’m making less progress than I actually am.

I realized I didn’t explain very well what I’m doing presently. I explained a while back, but it’s been a while and I had a time where I wasn’t really writing and it feels really good to be back into it, but I do feel like I’m still powering up to it and not at full steam yet. Though I’m getting some three hour sessions in or thereabouts presently. What I’m doing is working on a portion of chapter that takes place at a Conoco (gas station). There are three sections of time in which the NPCs are doing their own thing, and the MC can choose how they want to spend their time. Example, what I’m working on now is going and finding Jack during the third time block. Which is, in essence, itself a complete scene. But if you were to hunt down Jack in, say, the first or second time block, it would be a different scene you’d get. Some of the choices can occupy multiple time slots, because the timing doesn’t matter. Sean’s, for instance. Others, I need to make several possibilities depending on when you choose to do that. But going and finding someone or doing something closes that off from the future time blocks. So there are a lot of possibilities that won’t be able to be seen in one playthrough. But I enjoy that wideness, and I’m having fun with it (other than feeling like it’s taking forever and has forever and multiple millenia left still).

As a thing to remind my readers of, and for those who are new- all of the NPCs other than Gran and April will have romance routes. These will have the possibility of sex involved, and as to romance- very much depends. April and Gran should have their own routes, too, but they’re more friendship based, and no sex.


I can’t wait to see all the different ideas you got in all your routes, I just can’t wait.


I am really looking forward! This must be so much work and I am happy that you continue to write.
And I have a question for the psychopath MC (this is also something I havent seen in any games and I am really curious about that): we already know that this kind of MC has different choices, will we be able to manipulate the others? I would guess minus Sean.


Same here. Personally I can’t wait to read more of Sonya and Sean.

Sonya is so interesting. But when she confessed what she had done I wanted to strangle her so badly


Well, I am to at least some degree back in the swing of things in my writing. I’ve been doing so reasonably steady again for a while, so I’m confident enough to say I’m properly back to it. Presently, my writing has taken me back to chapter 1. Because I need to include certain variables there which include who attempts to kill the MC, and who if anyone saves them. Which comes up later as a sort of stored memory. So, for instance, if Jack tried to kill you, you can confront and talk with him about that. If he saved you from being killed, you can thank him. And it’s also led me to catch some editing I’m working on regarding an obscure-ish subroute of returning the keys after Jack warns you about what’s going on, where Sean can ask ‘What gave it away?’ and you reply about Decatur when Decatur was never mentioned. That’s being fixed right now- as well as adding in the hurt mechanic. Which is… like health. Getting hurt on its own isn’t fatal. Getting hurt too much without time to recover… is.

I’ve mentioned it before but, previous saves will have missing variable information, which could possibly create bugs and continuity errors you might never even notice. When the next update comes out, it’s highly recommended everyone start over. (I know, I know, I’m sorry to do that to y’all.) But it’ll also give you a proper chance to come across new content and collect all necessary variable information. ^_^’

This is indeed a ton of work, but I’m happy that I’m back at it.


Ok, I finally played. I liked the depth of the characters, but I think there was a sequence problem. During free time, I went to talk to the last option first, and suddenly I was offered options to steal keys and think he was trying to kill me. No reason. I’m guessing I’d have discovered information if I had talked to others, first? I need to replay and figure out what’s going on, but that threw me for a loop.


@obieblu I’ve had others inform me before that going that route feels ‘out of the blue’, so I’ll do a little bit of work embettering the writing in that portion, seeing as the editing I’m doing currently is near that portion of story anyway.


I don’t have much to say, other than letting you know that this story is a lot more than I expected it to be.
It’s so amazing, and I can’t wait for future updates!


I’m not sure if this was discussed here, but some the of the 4 or 5 sins are the ROs, right?


Having a really good night of writing/editing. Feels like it’s been an age sinse I had a good binge like this. Anyway- I took care of some things in the section where Sean tries to kill the MC in chapter 1. It’s still sudden and rather unexpected, but I’ve written in some shock factor and hopefully made it less jarring to where it no longer feels like a continuity error. In other words, I’ve added a little text to smooth it out, though with the very long editing block there, tried to keep it relatively minimalistic. Still, I’ve done that, and also set some new variables down in that section for use later in the game. I’ve got a subsection set up to cap and minimize stats at 100 and 0, which I’ve been setting *gosub for and utilizing, and the new and improved hurt mechanic which will let me do stuff easier if the MC is or is not hurting to a certain degree. Also a variable to help the MC remember which MC tried to kill them, and which if any tried to save them being added into the code for use in, for instance, the current chapter. Basically, it’s an editing night, but that’s by no means a bad thing- new and (subtly) improved appeals to the perfectionist in me. :stuck_out_tongue:

@TTay21 Thank you. : ) By the time I finish the whole thing, I’ll probably joke about there being more hidden content in the game than the old Mortal Kombat games. XD I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I too can’t wait for future updates (if only I could make the next one come sooner!)

@Bathala It has been discussed, yes. Not that far up, even, I mentioned each MC has their own route. Two are non-romance, the others are. These routes will largely start not this next update, but the following after that.


Ahhhhh! I was just thinking about this game the other day! :heart: Can’t wait!


Me waiting patiently


Also works great as an image for me by the time I expect to finish this story. X) The endless feel is real.


There’s something that I didn’t voice in my last comment that I would like to be heard.

There are no characters with brown skin. Or to put it plainly, there are no black characters. The same can go for Asian, Hispanic, etc, but I focus on brown characters because that’s mostly concerning black people.

It makes me feel weird. Like, it makes me feel that the author’s only standard of beauty is white people.

I don’t want to be the one who gets emotional and all regarding this, but I feel like it needs to be said.

Otherwise: When April asks if you had sex with her sister, she says “I will only accept one question to this” instead of “I will only accept one answer.” Thought it should be checked out.

I still really enjoy the game.


So, this was a mindfuck. I’m beyond intrigued.

Religious books should get the same treatment of any other book, Title Case.

For plot flags, I played Josh as gay, had the confrontation in the van with McCready, hooked up with David, guessed everyone’s sins correctly, got Sean to kiss me, didn’t kill the guy at the end.

I found some continuity errors:


Sean brought me the Bible and rambled for McCready, but when the conversation was done, McCready went up the stairs.

Got some duplication:

Missing name:

My strategy:

I’m going to try and divide and conquer and reduce their numbers. I want to challenge Sonya for Lust. She seems unstable, and I’m hoping for some violence with her and her sister, as Sean has declared that I need to be guarded from harm. Maybe have a lucky accident with one or both of them. I also want to sick Jack on McCready and hope their rivalry gets at least one of them killed. I’m hoping to charm Sean to get him on my side against whomever I can rile up against me.

Am I way off base with how the story will flow?

I watch these things, too. Except for hair color, I think most of the descriptions are pretty vague. There are a few blonds, yeah. I’m playing Josh in my mind as Asian, black hair brown eyes can be just about anything. Though, Sean gives me a creepy “Aryan purity” feel, definitely. Like evil Mormon with perfect hair.


I honestly didn’t notice this, I think it would be nice to add more description.
I have little to no care about races, unless it’s one of those fantasy tropes.


I understand some authors want to leave descriptions vague so readers can fill in the blanks. That’s fine. Unfortunately, anything but black/brown hair and eyes unintentionally excludes most non-caucasians.

I was imagining Jack as latino. I didn’t notice anything that said he couldn’t be.