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@lNoRegrets23l Shawn promises that this is going to be a highly productive month, writing wise.


Yay so its coming back :smile:


I am writing again. I did a little towards the end of last month, this month I’ll be spending much more of my free time working on it. I have a goal-point I want to get to, but it’s too early to tell if I’ll reach it or not.


Will there be any romance options and could you make where our mc can kill people abit easy cause it’s hard to do all the stuff


Dear my people,

These past couple of months have been emotionally shitty. I’ve been doing a lot of self-care, but I’ve not really been in a very good frame of mind. I’ll be going to Gen-con over this weekend, and hopefully that will be the kind of good medicine I need. I hate admitting this sort of thing to y’all, because I already feel pretty shitty about how slow progress is going on this, but it’s my responsibility to. I am at the mercy of your endless waves of patience.


Your responsibility is to yourself and your own well-being, my friend.
Never be ashamed to take care of yourself. :slight_smile:


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed never feel bad about needing time for your own well being we’ve all been there and everyone who loves what you created wants you feel the best you can. Don’t worry about the writing if I’ve learned anything about the COG community its that we all know that life throws us curve balls and that the longer something takes the better it will be. I hope you have a fun and relaxing time at Gen-con and want you to know that you’re fans don’t want you to rush anything because we all want whats best for you and if nothing else we are a extremely patient and understanding community. Best wishes from @MindightWatcher


just played it and so far im loving it.cant wait for the next installment


Take us much time as you need, and please don’t feel like you need to apologize for it. We will all still be here :slight_smile:


Long time no come around, for me. In the good news, I’m coming around on writing again. On the bad, only recently. This year has been very emotionally draining on me. And expansive. I’ve actually got a fair lot to carry forward with in my writing. In a manner of speaking, writing is a shelter for me from my storm of self.

I’m thankful all of you are supportive and understanding. Writing has been practically ground to a halt for too long; I’m working actively on getting it rolling again but the wheels are a bit rusty. Doubt the content will suffer any- it’s just that ever-present ‘there’s still so much to do’ hanging over me. I’ll see what I can do before the year’s out.


May I suggest a third option since custom appearance isn’t ready. " I don’t care what I look like just let me name myself" then we can skip the default description.


Edited. You are totally right


I was also wondering why didn’t see any?


@Jender and @Bulldozer First, thank you for the compliment. Second- there are things buried in the story which are harder to find, but still there, which could be considered within the realm of adult content. Third is that different countries handle different sorts of content in different ways- and the internet and CoG especially being international in scope, some things considered tame in one country wouldn’t be in another. And it’s simply fair, because different people handle things in different ways. Defining adult content on an international level either needs to be more cautious, or less cautious, and because cultural upbringing factors into the majority of individuals, I’d rather err towards more cautious. Of course, more content is coming- but, as is, there are some things that would likely disturb and bother some people already in the story. The adult content tag is for those people especially- the entirety of the script needs to be considered, and the entirety of considered human perceptions on the content.


Yeah for instance in spain is adult by default because included depicting of torture and randsom And being fair absolutely all in game screaming adult and no way apple considered this for teens in any rate lol.
Also i am happy tohear you are writing again I love your work


Im a bit late but its nice to see your back :smile:


Understood, thanks!


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed How will powers work for MC? Will we have a chance to choose or are they predetermined? Are you open to suggestions on powers or do you already have the powers set in stone? Also love the story so far!


Thank you for welcoming me back, dear readers. :slight_smile:

Things are still a little bit touch-and-go. I’m writing with a measure of consistency again, now, but I still feel like a bobber floating on a lake where some days end up with more time and effort than others. Tonight I’ve got a good bit of effort rolling, and the story is going the way it often has; expanding wide and making me feel I’m not getting through it fast. It’s… hmm… it’s fun, though. I’m writing a part involving Jack and the MC tonight, and watching the different ways the conversation can roll out is possibly as entertaining for me as it will be for you. I’ve had a …very draining year, emotionally, but on the positive side in a way, it kinda recharges my inner fuel for writing this.

I think that I’m getting back to writing as I had, for real. I’ve been writing again, thus I suspect it will continue. The habit of having long writing periods is something I need to reclaim, though- as in I’ve gotten out of the habit and it’s still a little strange feeling to get back to having writing-binges. Basically all writers love having written, but slightly dread beginning to write, at any given time. But really being ready to write is like… needing to. Just as much or more than it is wanting to. At this point, I kinda feel like saying ‘I’m making progress’ is more important than ‘I have this much left to do before you get to see’. Err… until I am about ready for you to see, anyway. I don’t know how long that will be. Not without knowing my own pace of writing right now.

@Tylar11021 The MC’s power is literally the stats screen. Things are rather set in stone with this- there’s some old discussion on this matter but I have no idea where at by comment number.


Amazing, I felt a Riverdale catch, Loved the way you got us To choose our characters.