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How did you get this?
Is this in the current version of the game?


Wouldn’t that be Macready?


I thought that Jack and Sean have been part of the “family business” longer than Mcready… Maybe I got that wrong :thinking:


I was thinking age wise :sweat_smile:


Ah! No, no, no, I’m not interested in that sort of thing :rofl:
But reading back on what I wrote, it makes sense that you thought that, since I mentioned Gran as well :sweat_smile:


I’m not judging, I bet tons of people of have a fetish for old people :blush:

Yeah Gran was what made me think age…

How old is our family now anyway? I want to work out timeline.


Ugh I’ll have to look through the code again but basically have low sloth and high wrath, have McCready break the chair you’re sitting on twice (upset him basically)

Then escape and talk to April or something, pick the option where you’re fed up of talking and kick (other options fail as you get taxed through the door) the door down, smash April over the head with the chair, something happen’s here then Jack/ McCready disarms you, Sean says he’ll kill you but actually shoots whoever iis holding your arms back.

Then kill Sonya and Sean says his whole tragic back story thing.

Then we leave.

You can also shoot Sean but you die like straight after.


: ) So many new comments. There’s a lot of sharing going around- I’m fine with that. Being able to talk about the difficult and hard to reach sections is something I’ve always intended to be a fun aspect of the game. I’ll nice and quietly stay out of it.

Just remember spoiler tags for things that would be a spoiler for someone playing the game for the first time. Or the summary thing @fairlyfairfighter does. Actually… would you mind if I asked the code for setting that up? It would be a useful tool I think. Note that the two don’t work together, though- there’s one part where you try to hide a summary inside spoiler tags and it won’t drop-down consequently.


I was wondering about that as well… Maybe @Shawn_Patrick_Reed could give us a hint?

[ details=“Summary” ]
This text will be hidden
[ /details ]
I think that’s the code @fairlyfairfighter used, minus the spaces.


You’re wanting the ages of everyone? Or just the order of oldest to youngest?

Eh- I can do the second, that’s easy enough. Gran > McCready > Sean > Jack > Sonya > MC > April

Also- that code doesn’t seem to work.


It works for me… Maybe try writing “Summary” instead of “summary”


Test, test. Works.

Also, I think what @Dark_Stalker wants to know is how far back this whole ‘spiel’ dates to.


This is a test.

Ah, excellent. Thank you.

That’s something which will be answered in the next (fourth) chapter… but seeing as it may take a long time to get there, according to Gran, sinse Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy. The validity of the claim is uncertain.


You’re very welcome.
And yes, I thought that it might be a spoiler but one can always hope.

I also just noticed something… Some people have a Monster stat, while others have a sanity stat.
Does the Monster stat mean that we’ve gone insane and/or actually believe that we are one of the sins?
I should stop lurking now…


laughs Lurking is fine. People talking about Monsters actually gives me more energy working on it.

On the thing you noticed- you can tell who has killed someone if they have Monster as a stat. :wink: It’ll be a factor in end-game endings.


It’s a bit early for a ‘state of the game’ section for this month, so I won’t do that yet.

But I’ll keep y’all up with what’s going on. I’m mostly writing on a side-section, one of those slightly off the beaten path tracks of story someone can take. As to be expected, it’s taking some time to get written, but hey, I did promise at least one bad ending in this part of the story. :wink: I’m also adding a few small bits earlier in the story, such as some additional choices way back in chapter 1. Largely with the intent of expanding the possible direction of stat movement with what can be possible to reach. I’ve taken care of the things that need fixed which have been pointed out recently, but I’m still … hmm… holding myself back from going in and including an updated health system like an invasive surgery. And checking to make sure I’ve caught everything I need to in the updated, improved romance system.

I’ll be upfront. I think I do need certain systematic tweaks, and to get them going before next updating. Downside is… it could indeed fuck with prior saves and playthrough routes. Probably will, in some cases, but might not, in others. Even so, most of the reason I’m so loathe is not because it may change things, but because there’s so much script to go through and make sure I don’t miss anything lest I create another continuity bug waiting to be caught.

Before my next update, I’ll try to give advanced warning so those people who have made themselves guides or have characters they’ve gone specific routes with that they don’t want to lose can, at the very least, go over their stats and routing to see if the update does mess with it or not. Old saves may give continuity bugs, though, post-update, as new variables are added in. Please be aware of this in advance, and burdensome though it will be, odds are everyone will need to start over. :S On the other side of this, I want to take care of as much editing as possible before updating, in order to avoid yet more occasions like this in the future… and yet, they may indeed happen at some point. Every time something shifts in the variables (and not just the MC stats) it can fuck with saves for which those variables would be important. And the health system work would factor into all saves. Though some less extensively than others. …

What I basically mean to say, in short, is that people will need to start over for accurate beta-testing. Anything coming from a prior save expressed as a continuity error may be a false error, and I would have no way of knowing it’s because of a prior save. It probably won’t make old saves obsolete- it will just make bug-testing data from old saves obsolete. (or at best, uncertain)

Now, that aside- it’s always hard for me to tell how long a side-branch will take to write, but this seems to not be an incredibly long and excessively widening one, so hopefully not a great amount. When I’m done with this side-branch, I’ll have about the same amount to write as I’ll have already written so far, on the chapter, to be ready for the update. And, editing, of course. Of which I still have certain things to do even though I’ve also taken care of a fair amount.


I’m pretty late but

super cool spoiler

This is a super cool spoiler

You can rename the tthing to wharever makes sense/ is relevant to your spoiler.

Also I was going to ask whether or not there’be an option to out Sean as fraud to McCready, Jack etc.


While feeling off-kilter because I skipped Sean, I realized that I can sort of begin to speculate about why, psychologically, Sean actually likes an MC who has a high Envy-which is in game basically your Asshole Quotient. The meaner you are to people, the more that stat goes higher. Certain lies also raise it.

So why does Sean like someone like that, and dislike you if you’re nice? The simple answer is “He’s tied to envy. Duh.” And yeah…I know that. But what’s going on mentally to make him think the way he does?

During my Chelsea playthrough it got REALLY interesting when Chelsea was saying, in the snottiest tone imaginable, that she DID mind if he turned the music on…and Sean thanked her for being “forthright.” And that really made me think. Does Sean, like April but perhaps even more strongly (since April CAN like a nice MC, it just seems to make her more paranoid than she is normally), believe that nobody is GENUINELY nice and that everyone is acting when they behave that way?

He would have his reasons to think like that, that’s for sure.

(1) When Sean himself acts nice and polite, it’s an act. And everyone’s normal to themselves-why wouldn’t he believe that others are doing the same?

(2) What happened with Sonya. Sonya’s SUPER nice. And then she murdered his fiance probably pretty horribly (given the entire bed was covered in blood), had sex with her (consensually or non-consensually), and tried to have sex with Sean on the same bed.

That experience might actually have been enough to emotionally scar even an actual psychopath. Not in the conventional way. Sean’s a psychopath; he’s not going to break down crying or go into an unstoppable rage. But in the way that he might have decided then and there that everyone who seems “nice” is a bigger phony than him.


Wow I didn’t know that Sonya killed Sean’s fiance, can anyone give me some tips on how to get that scene? Last time I played his route I managed to get a pretty high relationship with him but I never learned that and I never got the scene of him protecting mc. I did have a decent amount of points with everyone though and high points with April.



Sean’s Trauma:

In the conversation with Sean and April when you learn a bit of the Real Deal about the 7 Deadly Sins (about there being 9, and a few of the 7 official sins not even really existing)…

have a high Sloth stat
have a high relationship with Sean

say "Kill me"
say nothing to Sean’s comments twice
ask if he’s ever had anyone he cared about murdered

He will tell you this

perhaps I have. My fiance, when I myself was indoctrinated. Though I am not certain if that counts or not."
You blink a few times, having absolutely no idea if he’s lying or if he isn’t, and not at all certain how you feel when you consider he might not be. “I… I had no idea.” you mumble.
"Sonya killed her. I would like to believe that she remained true to me, but I must accept the possibility that I may have been cheated on, so why should I be upset?"
This time, you end up staring at Sean, your brow furrowed and troubled. “You don’t know? Haven’t you ever asked?”
"I did. Sonya told me that she would tell me if I would sleep with her. I refused. The bed was still wet from all the blood. It was the first thing I asked."

And then if the shit hits the fan, you kill April, and Sean gets his chance to avenge his fiance…

You turn to look back over at Sonya, who also turns to look back over at you, her eyes full of stark horror. “What… what the hell? What the fucking HELL?” she shrieks, breaking her lingering stare at you and shifting her attention back to Sean.
Sean’s smile turns lopsided. “Noooow, surely you remember when I joined, don’t you? How could you poooossibly forget her among the many hundreds of others you’ve screwed?” he asks with light sarcasm.
"Who the FUCK are you talking about??" Sonya shouts, barely keeping from being completely hysterical.
"‘You’re the last one. I like saving the best for last.’ Remember? Spreading your legs as you said it, lying naked next to her, the sheets red with her blood?"
"Oh god! I was joking with you, Sean! I meant it as a compliment. I was tired of you giving her all the attention all day!"
"SHE WAS MY FIANCE!!!" Sean shouts, nearly pulling the arrow off the bow as he snaps the string back and snaps it off, sending an arrow deep into Sonya’s thigh, his face contorted in a way you’ve never seen. Sonya screams, but your eyes are glued to Sean. The corner of his upper lip twitches on one side, several times like a nervous twitch. Down to one arrow left. You swallow heavily. He ignores her screaming as he starts talking. “She was… mine. My creation. My wife-to-be. I did not make her to be disloyal. I did not make her to be molested. I did not give her to you. I did not say that you could play with her. I did not allow you to TaKE heR AwAY frOM ME!!”
Then Sean takes a deep, shuddering breath, and whatever was disrupting his composure seems to leave like a breath of bad air. “Considering you may be wondering why I spurned your advances. I hope knowing at long last makes you feel …saudade.”
Sonya, hyperventalating now with clenched teeth and short, noisy huffing breaths, speaks up. “I. Never. Knew. …No… ring.”
"No ring." Sean says almost bemusedly, “Because I was coming to give it to her.” Sean’s eye twitches once, staring down at Sonya.

It seriously screwed Sean up, as you can see.


Yeah when I read that I decided to not help or be friends with Sonya.

I consider Jack, April and Sean redeemable

But Sonya, McCready and Gran are just too far gone.

Plus, Sonya requires medical treatment or something I can’t give, but I suppose the second thing is helping fraud fufilll their role