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OMG I’m shook lol I want to get that scene now

And— how can you get a Sean 100? The best I can do is 86 :frowning:

And Envy and Wrath have to be low huh? Idk if I’m capable to be nice with the NPC anymore lol I’m so used to being a dick toward them


@buggygirl11 and @fairlyfairfighter Ya both need a few more spoiler tags when discussing the code, please. Thank you. I don’t mind it at all, so long as someone skimming won’t see possible secrets.

~ The thread has sure had a lot of comments of late. : ) Thanks everyone.

As I say, I’ll try to add some more ‘to get you there’ choices early on to attempt to help y’all get to the difficult-to-reach scenes. I appreciate the hard work and effort trying, but please don’t burn yourselves out on my account.


Hello there (:slight_smile:
I’ve been lurking around here since… Well, let’s just say that my first saved playtrough was on 20th January 2017.

This is the first time that I managed to get June to make her claim, so I simply had to share my stats screen…


That’s a high stat with Sean, well done.

Although if I remember right that might mean that Gran will dislike you?

Also, since gran is pro gluttony and anti sloth they should be pretty easy to make friends with, since if we do not sloth-like actions no-one else is affected.

But Sean dislides gluttony, so watch out for that.
On the plus side Jack likes greed, and since gluttony and greed are similar you could be on good terms with both Gran and Jack.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Sorry! I’ve been trying to fix it since I saw what you said, but for some reason the spoiler tags aren’t working properly for those pieces of text. And yet spoiler tag works fine here.

Ugh, I just deleted them both and saved myself the hassle of trying to figure out what the problem was.


I was really aiming for Sean, after all he is the one with the most seniority (since I haven’t met Gran yet).
Plus I need someone to have my back, and since he (sort of) likes me/thinks that I’m interesting that might make him more inclined to want me around… For now at least.

I don’t really know why my gluttony stats is so high…I mean I didn’t make any pro gluttony choices(that I’m aware of anyway), but if Gran likes that it’s a plus… No? As long as its not too high, because I’m aiming for Sean at the moment.

Wait… So even though the stats suggest that Jack merely sees me as more tolerable than most, that can change pretty quickly?

Also @Shawn_Patrick_Reed do we absolutely have to be sloth? I mean, that seems to be a pretty dangerous role since none of the other characters are particularly fond of sloth.
Will there be a way to become one of the other sins instead? Like envy, or one of the other sins?

never mind not envy, that’s taken

I was actually worried about my pride stats, since April might view me as a threat seeing as that’s her sin and all, and I could potentially claim pride for myself…but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by that at all…interesting.

(sorry for rambling)


If anyone wants my “perfect” Sean playthrough choice sheet, just ask! I went through the game everynight for a week last year going back and forth between the code, picking different combinations of choices- just trying to get all the scenes I wanted in one playthrough: staying with Sean, guessing the sins, kissing cousins, forehead kiss and high relationship with him in general…

don’t judge me :no_mouth:


Don’t tell me that you managed to get Sean’s stats to 100%:open_mouth:, or nearly there?
Did you play June, and still managed to make your claim that way?

I managed to stay with Sean from the get go, but not the kissing parts.

No judging here, I salute you


1 stats
Had to play as Ashley to get the stats right at the beginning (also had to sleep with Sonya unfortunately). I had Seans relationship at 84% (which is the highest I’ve ever got) but it dropped before the end. :confused:


Ashley is the redhead. … Right?
(Urgh… April is NOT going to be happy that we slept with her sister)
What was your April stats by the way?

Thanks for the walk through!
Going to try this, it should be interesting


As a side note, do you have low stats with Gran and Jack now you’re good with Sean, or no?


Yeah Ashley is the redhead. Needed to sleep with Sonya to both raise Lust and piss off April.



This is what I got with your Sean walkthrough

Spoiler tags aren’t working for some reason :no_mouth:


Are those your end stats? The stats I posted were from a save not quite at the end of the current demo. You got the scenes though right? please say you did …if the code has changed and my guide is now invalid I might cry.


Those are my end stats.
And yes, I got the scenes :relaxed:
Your guide was a great help!


Thank you so much for this, I tried to do something similar a while ago but wasn’t as successful. I wonder if this playthrough could be used to get the scene where Sean offers to protect you from Jack, Macready, or April.


@enchantedoracle1 The protection from April in included in this playthrough, I tried for Jack and April but it didn’t turn out, so since the protection from April was more “romantic”? I chose that one.


@Minttymint Good Choice! I don’t suppose you might know which of the male characters can get closest to these stats? If not, I’ll try to figure it out but just in case you already knew I thought I’d ask.


No I dont, sorry. I tried with all the female ones but didn’t try the males. Starting with high Lust and relatively high Envy is the key. So Josh might be a good bet? Of course I worked all the stat raising and lowering around the starting stats of Ashley so you might have to mix around some choices.


I got a 86% Sean with David and a 85% with custom male but no special scene.