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Yeah I just mean.

I want Jack to try to poison me, whilst Sean saves me, whilst Sean dislikes me, whilst I’m greedy enough to ask Jack for the poison, whilst April doesn’t like me, whilst I don’t end up dead from April and Sean disliking me.

Or Jack killing me either.

So I can easily do 1, 2 or 3 but all of em is pretty hard.


Woah i am digging all the characters so far and this story is definitely unique


Can you make it that we can say Jack tried to poison us to April even if we don’t have the poison on us? Otherwise it’s way too hard.

Okay I can do it, I need april to like me (super easy) Sean to dislike me (easy, especially since) I also need to be greedy (done) and to get jack to hate me too!

Wish me luck, guys.

4points too friendly with Sean. Goddamn it.

And I need wrath.

Okay friends with April, bad with sean, very bad with Jack, follow Dante’s path, high greed and wrath.
I can do it.


You’ll need a lot of wrath since the greed makes Jack like you… also your monster stat will be low if that affects anything for you.


@fairlyfairfighter Seeing as you’re struggling with the code in front of you- I’ll try adding in a bit more variety early on with a choice or two to see if I can help you get there. I’ve fiddled with the code a few times tweaking stat adjustment numbers, and I may have thrown something off.

@Dark_Stalker Each of the characters is tied in with a sin and a virtue, correct. You got a couple mixed around on which is which. Sean is envy and temperance, Gran is gluttony and diligance (or vigilance if you prefer calling it such). Sonya lust and humility, yes. April pride and chastity, yes. McCready is wrath and charity. Jack greed and kindness. You’re absolutely right that I use fairmath and someone will always dislike something someone else likes. There are some straight + or -'s peppered through the story though for character relationship stats, so sometimes it could be possible to get, say, Sonya and April, to both like you somewhat.


Are you sure Sean’s also not sloth? He seems to be at odds with Granny on those choices…

That sounds like an unwinnable situation…


To test this out save before you name each people their sin.

E.g. call Sean greed… eh he’'s disappointed.
Call him gluttony and something like “his eye twitches under the light”

Call people their opposites (Sonya pride, April Lust, Jack… whatever Jack is, Whatever McCready is) and they have fun reactions

To be good with both April and Sonya be in the middle (some pride choices, some not), but do stuff that gives you raw April favour (so be smart, and sliiightly humble about it)

For example I think saying what is your quest-
Ion gives you some raw points, and being a psychopath.

Or just call yourself Chelsea, April will automatically love you and it’s easy to get Sonya to love you too

Also I just realised if we’re sloth we havent mrt our natural enemy (Gran) – since tthey hate sloth and all that.

But Sean dislikes them too, naturally? Or will it acts as if their own sin’s not affect their relationship with each other?


I’m thinking of those posts and their passive-aggressive nature. :expressionless: Uhh, @Dark_Stalker, you know I was joking right? :sweat_smile: And I certainly hope you were.


Do we have any romance characters In this or no


Yet you end up dead if you sex sonya


@Harley_Robin_Evans ?? In my playthroughs, Adam, Ashley, Calliope, and Josh have ALL had sex with Sonya-and all are alive and well. (Okay, not well…most of their lives pretty much suck…but alive.)

Ohh…you must have told April the TRUTH about what you did during 2 Truths and a Lie. Lie Harley! Lie!! :rofl:


wait what
how do you kiss sean?


Your love can be Sean and you can have a romantic (probably sexual) relationship with him too, later.

He is a psychopath but they can ‘love’, but in more the sense of trust and stuff.
On Quora (Q&A site) psychopaths explain how they do relationship’s and stuff, if you want to read more.

Sonya has a infected stat or something, sleep with her and you become infected, but afaik rn it doesn’t do anything.


I just realised.

Sonya doesn’t get ill.

She could, potentially, have hundred of extremely adapted/ mutated diseases that our character can get.
She could be a carrier to thousands of diseased.


Sean would be up next…but thanks to him already knowing what he is, and April announcing it, until I know more about how his version of psychopathy actually manifests, there’s not much more I can say other than “I concur.” (Thanks for stealing my moment, Sean.) And I already analyzed his covert narcissist complex a while ago. So…until there is more information, Sean. (And I hope there is soon. He’s playing his cards so close to the vest that I can’t even properly overanalyze him to Kingdom Come.)


(A) Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a condition characterized by difficulties regulating emotion. This means that people who experience BPD feel emotions intensely and for extended periods of time, and it is harder for them to return to a stable baseline after an emotionally triggering event. People with BPD experience wide mood swings and can display a great sense of instability and insecurity.

This difficulty can lead to impulsivity, poor self-image, stormy relationships and intense emotional responses to stressors. Struggling with self-regulation can also result in dangerous behaviors such as self-harm (e.g. cutting).

Per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual diagnostic framework, some key signs and symptoms may include (5+ Symptoms=Diagnosis: Sonya=8/10):

(1) frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment

“Anything I can do to make friends, I’ll do it [including kill people]”

(2) unstable personal relationships that alternate between idealization (“I’m so in love!”) and devaluation (“I hate her”). This is also sometimes known as “splitting.”

As for idealization and devaluation, Sonya…in a single conversation, goes from devaluing the MC (“I fucked your ex, dumbass”) to idealizing them (saying she’s not good enough for them and begging them to forgive her).

(3) distorted and unstable self-image, which affects moods, values, opinions, goals and relationships.
I think we’ve all seen Sonya’s unstable self image-she begins the vacation happy and relatively confident, then by the time of her interview is going through a period of intense anxiety and self-hatred.
(4) impulsive behaviors (ex: excessive spending, unsafe sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, etc.)
-serial killing
-unsafe sex
(5) Self-harming behavior (often including suicidal threats or attempts).
(6) Periods of intense depressed mood, irritability or anxiety lasting a few hours to a few days.
Sonya’s behavior during her interview was her going through a period of intense anxiety and self-hatred. It’s intense, it’s extreme…and it passes completely by the time of your initiation. Her reaction to the MC refusing to tell her their thoughts about the trees is also rather extremely irritable (“Don’t tell me to calm down!”).
(7) Chronic feelings of boredom or emptiness.

Why she needs to leave a little piece of herself in everyone she meets and effect them-because she feels so empty inside. And bored…her relationships never last longer than a few months before she gets bored. And having regular sex isn’t enough for her anymore-she needs the wildest, kinkiest, most depraved sex known to mankind to feel excited. Yeah, she’s easily bored.

(8) Inappropriate, intense or uncontrollable anger—often followed by shame and guilt.

This is Sonya’s thought process when she kills someone. Just look at her thoughts when she hates the MC-she wants to torture and rape them to death. But during her interview, in some paths, she’ll admit that she’s sorry for all the people she killed.

(9) Stress-related paranoid thoughts.
(10) Severe cases of stress can lead to brief psychotic episodes.
One explanation for why Sonya seemed to be serious when she said she’d been to actual, literal Hell before.

(B) Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. Someone with histrionic personality disorder wants to be the center of attention in any group of people, and they feel uncomfortable when they are not. While often lively, interesting, and sometimes dramatic, they have difficulty when people aren’t focused exclusively on them. People with this disorder may be perceived as being shallow, and may engage in sexually seductive or provocative behavior to draw attention to themselves. They often become depressed and upset when they are not the center of attention.

People with histrionic personality disorder may crave novelty, stimulation, and excitement and have a tendency to become bored with their usual routine. These individuals are often intolerant of, or frustrated by, situations that involve delayed gratification, and their actions are often directed at obtaining immediate satisfaction.

5+ Symptoms=Diagnosis (Sonya=6/8):

(1) uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention
Sonya? Uncomfortable when she’s not the center of attention? Naww. Lots of people steal your ex, and then every person you’re interested in because you’re not paying attention to them.
(2) inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior
Does this require any explanation? Triple-check.
(3) rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions
As I explained above, Sonya’s emotions are intense, but they shift so rapidly it’s insane. It’s particularly poignant if the MC says something horrible to Sonya during her interview…she appears 5 minutes later, completely recovered.
(4) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to themselves

The over the top stereotypical “slut” wardrobe.

(5) style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail (ex: “That, was like, you know, like, so totally amazing!”)
(6) theatricality and exaggerated expression of emotion
Call her Gluttony. Watch what happens. And of course, everything about Sonya’s emotions I already talked about.
(7) highly suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances
Well, she was convinced to become the cult’s child prostitute at 12 (probably) and kill people. So…um, yeah.
(8) considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

**Other-Not Quite a Disorder, Not Quite Not:

© Hypersexual/Hypersexual Disorder

Hypersexuals have a libido that is through the roof. Their thoughts and desires constantly revolve around sex, and the urge to have it is nearly impossible to satiate. To Sonya…do I even need to explain why this applies?


And…a thought experiment from Anna. While I was trying to diagnose Sonya, I found Hypersexual Disorder…and duh, it fit like a glove. Ridiculously high libido, constant desire to have sex. Then I saw that there is ALSO Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder…a disorder defined by the lack of ANY desire to have sex, and basically the medical diagnosis of asexuality. So that gave me a moment of pause.

So what do you guys think? Are both disorders? Are neither? If one is and one isn’t, why, other than bias, should one side of what seem like 2 sides of the same coin be more “wrong” than the other?

And most importantly for me and my diagnostics (:grin:)…now that I’ve diagnosed Sonya with Hypersexual Disorder, will I have to retroactively diagnose April and, you know, myself and my self-insert, with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder just to be fair?


I don’t like it when npcs have my rl name lol. But is this info in game or did you get it by checking the code? Also seconding the question of how can you kiss Sean

#"Is that some kind of trick question?"
    "Only as much as what you just asked me is. Really, there's no need to be paranoid right now. There's no present reason for you to come to any harm. Call it simple curiosity on my part."
.......................................... (Cut out other option for angy, angy peeps) ((High Wrath))
    *if ((Envy < 57) and (Wrath < 59))
      "I'm sorry." you mumble. "I'm a bit stressed out, obviously. I never imagined I'd be tied to a chair talking with a murderer having a civil conversation, when we left campus. I just wanted to spend some time with friends and have some kind of family vacation, even if it isn't my family. I never got to because my parents div.. they separated."
      "Oh. That must have been hard for you." Sean tilts his head to the side. "But you are getting a family vacation. We are your family now. I can be your brother, or your cousin."
        *if ((orientation > 40) and (Lust > 57))
          #"Like kissing cousins?" you blurt. "Ah, sorry, that's the first thing that popped into my head." you say with a laugh.
            But before you know what's really happening, Sean has leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours, a firm, deliberate kiss, before pulling away. "If you wish." he says.
              *if Sean > 54
                #"I... would. Wait, what am I saying?" you say, still a bit dazed, blinking rapidly.
                  *set Lust %+6
                  *set Sonya %+6
                  *set April %-6
                  *set Wrath %-3
                  *set McCready %-3
                  *set Monster %+3
                  *set Sean +5
                  *if Sean > 100
                    *set Sean 100
                  *if love != "Sonya"
                    *set love "Sean"
                  *if love = "Sonya"
                    *set multi "Sean"


“It seems to me that you got Sonya wrong on purpose. Overall though, not bad.” Sean praises.

Haha I love this part, I love the funny parts of this-- although horror comedies are my favorites! Especially stuff like this where you can point out the funny stuff (e.g. making fun of April, calling people fat indirectly, etc.)


Godamn it / sorry for spam.

Did it all well and good and realised that this would be so much easier if I called myself June.

So thats what I’m doing.

I’ll be back.

Pro-tip, playing as June makes getting the stats and relationships easier, but for some annoying, non-logical annoying reason it locks you out of being able to say who dislikes you.

Even though our power should already be strong.

Which is annoying. I’m going to stop try to get Jack as my claim now. If anyone else can; good luck.