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I have yet to die to April, so far it’s mostly been Jack and one time Sean. Then again April is always my highest relationship so…

I’m actually imagining Granny as a muscly body builder due to her hating sloth and loving eating, just mixed with cannibalism… I wonder how her teeth are :thinking:



Out of intereat did anyone end up killing April when they got the chance? I was going to but it seemed a bit too brutal. Perhaps an option to overpower her, say I win and go back inside to be recaptured?

Although (and please say it’ll be possible) my aim it to get all of em to focus on their good traits, e.g. April will be super… idk whatever chaste kids do, Sonya will teach everyone the value of humility etc. Etc.

Or I’ll keep replaying the scenes where you get to pick people’s sin and keep calling Sonya Pride, April lust, Sean… whatever upsets Sean (gluttony? He disliked my food so maybe), Both Jack and McCready wrath.

Or maybe call Jack lust to annoy Sony haha.

My other main aim is to kick April out of Pride or Sonya out of lust.

If we are super smart and friends with Sean then I suppose we can expose him as fraud and become fraud? I don’t think I could replace McCready but in some playthroughes I have a claim on jack or something, so I can probably kill him once that’s done


Do you bunk with April though?

I bunker in the same cabin, decided to go back to the cabin and died.

So I did it again with a high April stat.

Died again.

Then I chose to scream in April different manner. Died again.

Then did it again with low sloth, high wrath.

Did that a few more times until I read the code and realised I’d die regardless-- I should just not go back to the cabin.


Thank you, in regards to the achievements. : ) I appreciate that, and more will keep working their way in as the story progresses.

There’s a total of ONE way to survive bunking with April as of now. Which is to never return to the cabin after you’ve left it. And that’s possible to do if you trigger being chased by Jack or Sean first.

hmmm- perhaps last update I didn’t manage to re-include the any-time saving system? @buggygirl11 Could have sworn you mentioned being thankful for having 10 saves, one for each character. Is it still working that way?

If you find the other word I keep getting wrong, let me know. If it’s a US variant thing, I’ll just point that out. If it’s misspelled, I’ll fix it.

You don’t have to- but Chelsea does get some bonus bantering content when it comes to April. Speaking of, for better or worse, next update you won’t be able to name the custom characters after any of the other pre-existing MCs. Sorry in advance for anyone that effects, but it’ll just kick you back up to choosing a different name.

:j Make the difficult to reach scenes longer, ya sayz. holds back of hand to own forehead Well, there will be more such scenes as the story goes on. Hopefully that will satisfy.

XD So there are some deaths you can avoid by having certain stats… more interesting that way, I figure. Others? Total red flag, sorry, no escape. XD


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Nope, the 10 slot anytime save system is still very much functioning. :confused:


Yes it is

That’s super weird since I could swear just yesterday it didn’t work for me!?


Now I realise why no one else complained about rhe deaths as much as I did haha


@fairlyfairfighter It might be possible you were using the wrong link to access the game? It’s the one explanation I can think of.


Maybe-- I’ll look at it in a few min’'s on my laptop where I do my actual testing/ helpfull stuff.

I just use my phone for the forum and random question’s.

For example, what is a claim. I have ‘claimed’ jack but does that mean I can like replace him or kill him or what?

Oh and what is seams power??


When the cabin scene comes up I always go to Sean, take the keys and scram.


Okay now Ik there are save slot imma run through perfectly

Except I can’t set all my stats to 100.

Oh well-- I shall use my keen gaming skills (and constantly code watch) to get 10 different outcomes!

*yep-- @Shawn_Patrick_Reed you were right-- I’ve been using a super old version!

Hey is there Gary in this!

I went crazy thinking that you removed content.
God I feel relieved now


XD You’re going to have fun looking at the content not in the other one, I bet. Still- tons of things I’ve set to fix and improve - either have or need to, for the next update.


I shall promise to give even betterer feedback now I’m actually feed-backing the correct thing.


looking at 2635 posts
Yeah, I’m totally gonna dig through all of this xD


I’ll give you a quick recap, people wanting to date the 12 yr old, showing hatred for Macready and psycho analyzing the characters, wondering about the sins, and showing our oc’s…

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Did I miss anything important?


@Dark_Stalker OMG, for the last time, I didn’t mean I wanted to have sex/kiss/cuddle/touch her in any way!! :weary: I’m asexual and I guess aromantic, romance doesn’t quite mean the same thing to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean they’res been a few people who wanted to romance April throughout the thread… The world isn’t about you, ya know :blush:



Of course not, of course not…until I make a post about anything important…then everybody can just drop whatever they’re doing and read. I know you’ve got nothing better to do with your lives than listen to my brilliance. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why April should be a romance

Relationships between a 12 yr old and you

Why a romantic relationship between a 12yr old and a 18 yr old is ok

That’s what you said right? :blush:


These comments are about as friendly as the posts I see between the middle aged white mums of my friends on facebook.

Anyway, @Shawn_Patrick_Reed I need help. I can’t get to the point where Sean, April and Jack dislike me, but Sean protects me from Jack and I get the poison from him so I can kill Jack instead.

I did it before but I can’t replicate it now-- even with the code right next to me. Can you help/ tell me what I have to pick, because I either get them to hate me without Sean’s protection or I can’t know Sean’s secret, dislike Sean, be protected by Sean, have high greed, be disliked by Jack, etc. in one playthrough.

Also, I think tons of the monster variables changing need to be looked at, e.g. when talking to April, after fighting Jack)

I also still really want a mode/ cheat thing where we can effectively not die. Like the opposite of what we have right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…Okay I was one choice off having jack as my claim.
Until I made the wrong choice and OVERWROTE my goddamn save instead of loading.

I’ll be back in 5 mins either extremely annoyed or slightly please :wink:


I’m not sure on how to interpret that…

Each person is connected to a sin and virtue. The monster stat is mostly connected to Sloth and adverse to wrath.

Sean likes sloth, envy and temperance.
Granny likes Gluttony, vigilance and kindness.
Sonia- Lust and humility.
April - Pride and chatisy
Macreedy- wrath and charity.
Jack - Greed and kindness.

Basically if you get one person to like you another will hate you and he uses fairmath so the decreases are more noticeable than increases.