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As a slightly different but still relevant thing, it’d be cool is we could kinda tell the future?

I get it if you don’t want to be too meta, e.g. if at the beginning we try to leave well… that makes no sense. But maybe if we die at a certain point (100 monstrous…ness?, or just enable cheats, who knows?) we can ‘restart’ but as if our character has our knowledge?
I’d personally love to bring up the fact that Sean’s going to betray everyone, or ask him how he felt when his fiance die, or tell April a vivid description of how she dies.
Even better if this is possible before they go all murderous on you-- like out-crazying the crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I remember reading that fighting with Jack as a male could unlock a romance later on but I was wondering if it’s possible to start a romance without fighting him?


@fairlyfairfighter Appreciate those being pointed out. I keep perpetually spelling ‘embarrassed’ wrong, an, ahem, ‘embarrassing’ habit of mine. The second point I’ve already corrected (just not updated), and that last one I just took care of thanks to your pointing it out. Thank you. Mind if I ask- did you get to that ending via story, or via reading the code? I know you read through it, but I’m wondering how difficult it was to get to that ending sequence via story?

As to the different relevant thing. I can neither confirm nor deny anything about this.

@forest The romance it will unlock is at present yet to be written, but should be written in on the chapter I’m currently working on. I have no plans to write in a romance with Jack that doesn’t include having fought with him, playing as a male. Only friendship. If anyone has any questions on any of the romances in the story such as how to unlock them once they’re written into the current chapter, ask away and I’ll be happy to let y’all in on how.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed How many times do you need to fight Jack to trigger his romance? I fought with him once when they were first introduced and I left him hanging and then again when he tried to kill mc I choose to attack him. Is there any other fight scenes that need to happen first?


That’s something I’ve yet to decide and determine, but I will probably give the player another chance to fight with Jack in chapter 3 before reaching that part in the story. I’ll also -probably- have options for being able to start one if the MC has a low relationship with Jack- although I’ve not yet determined the differences from a high-relationship romance initiation, it’s liable to be a bit more difficult and significantly improve the relationship with Jack if successful.

My current plans are to update directly before the motel, where a number of romances will be possible- so no romances this next update… but after that I’ll take votes on which route people want to see first, and each will have significant character-bonding possibilities.


How do you romance Sonya?


And how do you romance Sean too?

EDIT: I just finished another play through

and here is my final result. I’m pretty satisfied with it and going to make it my main one now.


Already-existing methods for romancing both Sonya and Sean have already been discussed. Do note that in both cases, I’ll confirm, there will be chances to romance each later in the story no matter the MC’s gender. Same for Jack. Possibility for emotional entanglement, sex, and so forth- if you make the right choices of course. McCready will also have female-possible romance (though who knows who will want to try it XD ) and a mysterious unrevealed female character will have male-only romance options available. There should also be a chance for … other ‘flings’ in the story. April won’t have any romance options available in this story, nor will Gran, but it may be possible to have a deep sort of friendship or understanding with them.


As a male? I could only romance her as a female


Yes, you can romance Sonya as a male. She wouldn’t be Sonya if you couldn’t. XD


How do I do it? Can you link me to the post?


April’s route doesn’t count as a romance? But that’s the kind of relationship I’d want! :grin:

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed And by flings…do you mean casual sex or short term romance like with Npc David and Sam J or both?


I basically just got to the part where I escaped (McCready really hates gays haha, enough to free them accidently) but kept getting electrocuted/ failing that annoying truth lie game.

I then read the code and realised why don’t I just play as a guy but call myself Chelsea?

Also, it’d be cool if we could save the game ourselves. If we could I honestly would’ve have went through the code but it sucks to have to restart 5+ times in a row just to get past 1 thing that idek if I can pass.

I haven’t actually killed April in any of my playthroughs-- the only real person I wanna kill is McCready for being super homophobic and Sean because he’s a dumb psychopath.

And Sonya, but that’s pretty obvious.

I do like April’s point system but so far only one of the choices aactually help you in anyway, since the game isn’t finished yet.

*But the person I like the most is April. But it annoys me we can’t escape her murdering us at the beginming if we bunk with her.

And maybe state that playing as different people with different name’s will give you special scenes/ interactions? That’d be helpful!

I do like the game so far, and @buggygirl11 maybe an intellectual relationship? Depending on their exact ages I’m probably closer to April than McCready/ Sean age wise haha

As a tip for others orientation is on a scale-- namely pick enough gay options and you become gay.

Mention how Sean’'s eyes captivate you or something whilst you have a pretty good relationship with him and that should work.

And to unlock the scene where you fist-fight jack and win flirt with McCready as a man whilst tied up in the basement


Ah yes a romance with a 12 yr old, clearly the relationship you should strive for.



@Dark_Stalker Oh my gosh, not like THAT!! :sweat_smile: And if you’re not doing anything physical with her, I don’t see why her age would/should matter.


I mean her stats are pride and chastisity, and she’'s like a teen/pre-teen (certainly acts like one) so perhaps a romantic or more relationship isn’t a good idea.

But a banter-ish, witty thing like when the MC is Chelsea and you talk at the door, that sort of relationship would be fine-- bit again that’'s purely platonic.


@buggygirl11 April’s age is prohibitive. If I ever make a follow-up game, though, who knows? I’d enjoy seeing an older, romanceable April. But April’s route in the game will only have deep bonding moments.

And, hmm. I’d count those two as ‘flings’ because they never had the chance to become anything else… but, if you’re counting that as romance- both.

@GamesMaster In short- Sonya likes choices that increase lust and humility, and it’s possible to find a few choices that give a straight + or - to the relationship stat. (true for any character) - When you’ve gotten to the camp, try to bunk with Sonya. If Sonya likes you enough, and you have at least some interest in women, she’ll hint about meeting up later. You have to leave from whoever you’re bunking with- if this is one of the other MC characters, you need to have turned down having sex with them. You’ll bump into Sonya on the way out the door. It’s not too hard from there. ; )

@fairlyfairfighter Oh goodness. An exploit I never expected. I think I’m going to have to do something about that… but thank you for pointing it out to me.

There… is the option to save the game. Or, there should be? Heck, it’s been so long I’m not sure how the savegame currently looks because I have to remove it in order to properly quicktest and then re-add it, but it should have 10 any-time save slots available. If not, it should again after the next update.

Amusingly, I state that the different names for MCs are each their own character on the very first (disclaimer) page and that they do have their own content, but I’m not certain if this specific wording came before or after the last update.

@Dark_Stalker chuckles If I ever do write a follow up, I’ll have to set it six years in the future so people can finally have an April romance route. XD

And- yes, it’ll be possible to have a platonic sort of friendship with April in the game. I mean, she has a ‘route’, it’s just… not romantic. points a finger and winks :wink: For all you aces out there.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed @fairlyfairfighter I just meant bonding with her and being kind of platonic life partners. Ugh, I’m starting to think what I call romance and what most other people do are two entirely different things. Sigh…why fight it? I guess this conversation proves that I really am aromantic.


Gra- no, no



Haha, I like the parts with April to most but I think it’s because we can provide to comedy (of course due to the amazing choices you live made :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: --which almost fully excuses my death to April hundreds of time when we bunk in the same cabin and I thought there was a way to survive.

And I knew the characters were different but I thought it would mainly affect stats and shizzle-- not effectively give you Sean as a protecter if you pick June or someone.

I think you can save at the end of the chapters but not whenever you want? I download the code and put it in CSIDE to edit though, for readability and so I can find out if I can’t escape April’s trap without dying every GOD DAMN time.
But +3 points for having a variable called explicative or whatever because I found that funny.

Aside from embarrasing I think you spell one othere word wrong often? I use British or whatever English so I tend to err on the side of caution regarding spelling errors lest I be outed as a treacherous brit.

Wait no I don’t want to have to be a girl to be friends with April. That’s even meaner then killing me a lot.

Oh and I really hope you make the good scenes (which are super hard to get!) Longer/ better! As the reader I needed it.

I also like the achievement system as it is so far, so keep it up!