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Thank you.

I’ve got myself started off. I’m putting words to page again.

For those who are interested, I do by and large have a roleplaying system player’s handbook done. It just turned out that editing it was a more significant task than I had originally thought it would be, and so I never quite finished editing it, though I did get through most of it. Presently, I’m figuring that when I’ve got some actual work sunk into Monsters I’ll have more of a mind to go and finish those last bits of editing. Because apparently, for me, editing is like molasses. Though on the topic, I still at the very least need to finish up the editing on the health system in Monsters, because I can’t leave it half-done.

Also, worthy of note, again, once the edits are complete, save-games from previous versions may experience small bugs that fresh games wouldn’t. That’s a part of why I (hoped) to get all of the editing out of the way for these first two chapters. And I’ve done a significant amount, but I suspect I could eventually actually clean it up a lot further. Whenever I go back and change things, there’s a chance for previous saves to path differently from updated versions, which makes further editing a bit more… confusing. I’ll need to, probably, cover this a bit more when I’m actually ready to update… but it’s worth mentioning (again) now, because it will always be something to keep in mind regarding any significant amount of editing. It’s not so much a concern with the addition of new material.

Also- @buggygirl11 Just so you don’t feel ignored with all the continued support on the work, I read through the Chelsea writeup roughly when you posted it. I’m trying to step back a liiittle bit in limiting reader imagination to what I envision, while at the same time I’m trying to come up with ways to more vividly evoke reader imagery on characters. Character discussion is still something I’m happy to encourage- but I’m thinking I should try a bit more to avoid 'wog’ing statements regarding any of them, and potentially open up more free-ranging discussion by saying less. Basically, just keep doing as you do- I appreciate your comments. I just shouldn’t offer many difinitives for any character outside of the story itself- the story should be doing that rather than me. : ) Like, I’d love to discuss my own characters… but doing so gives less space for readers to discuss them, potentially. So if I do I’ll try keeping it to a minimum.

Though, as a matter of discussion… I think characters/characterization is a strong suit to Monsters, and my writing style in general. I have a loose sort of structure in my head as to the major plot points for the following couple of chapters, and that keeps the story from meandering meaninglessly- but plot is far more ponderous than character for me. What happens to get from one story point to the next is something I discover as I write, driven by the strong sense I have for each of the characters and what is occurring in the story at the given moment. How I believe I overcome the weak(er) plot is that I make the characters a driving force behind it. The pacing and structure of the plot are more characteristic of what would be found in a slice-of-life story than an adventure or thriller- at least by my current estimation of it. But as a writer, I am under the impression I have a strong sense of ‘show don’t tell’ and a strong use of dialogue. I don’t think, when I began, I realized I was playing to my strengths- I doubt I even realized what they were. But after coming to recognize methodology in a range of authors, my own became somewhat clearer. As a writer, I believe I would be better qualified to discuss writing from a discovery point of view, and most able to discuss writing strong characters compared to plot or setting. Point, though, is that if anyone would like to discuss the art of writing, I would be quite willing to.


I’m not too sure what to say really.
I mean, I began playing and it was fine, then it was just death.
Character dead.
I’m sorry but it’s just too much to have in one game.
You basically only have one set path if you make the “right” choices and I found it rather tiresome on each play through that always ended up with my character dead.
So, through a lot of saving and loading I found the one (and seemingly only) path that leads you to the end of the story.
I don’t mean to be rude, but it really does sound like a work that only allows you the “proper” choices and all the other choices get you killed, which would no doubt infuriate potential readers if the game is released.

My only recommendation is to remove as much death areas as possible and replace them with something a lot less sinister. At least then a reader would be more inclined to read the story instead of wanting their money back.

Again, sorry for the commentary but that’s really how it seems to me.


I see the whole part before the basement as some kind of prologue. The why you ended up here, if you would. To me it makes sense for us to die over and over again; after all we are prey being hunt by 5 psychos.

It’s a dark story, it has a survival horror kind of feel. I remember having to fight the lizard boss in the first Silent Hill and being annoyed at how easily the thing kept eating me, but it didn’t put me off. I wanted to see what was coming after that, so I kept trying.

There’s a hundred ways things can go wrong --so so very wrong-- in Monsters, and an only chance for you to make it to the car and scape. But both scenarios mean the same in the end; game over.

That’s my two cents about the mechanics of this WIP anyways.


Hmmmm… how to address this matter?

Children’s books aren’t written for fifty year olds to enjoy… even if some do think they’re entering their second childhood. Or basically, some people gravitate more towards certain types of stories. I’ll take it as a compliment, though, that someone frustrated with the story is enjoying something about it enough to seek a version more in line with their ideal.

The story being far from finished, though, the pacing for failure is something I’ll want to gain feedback on closer to when the story is finished, and how content or frustrated people are in making their way through the story with game-saving at a finalized stage. Presently, regardless of one’s personal feelings about it, a significant portion of ‘bad endings’ are avoidable through saving often and reloading to make a different choice. There are plenty of distinguishably wrong choices, yes, but there are far more than one way through. The one ‘good’ ending so far- aye, it’s hard to get. It ends the game still in chapter 1. Worth aiming for if you want all the achievements, I suppose… but that misses most of the story.

I guess people could be rather polarized on the matter. Those that are frustrated and those that enjoy the challenge. The story will be what it will be, and any way it goes, no matter how, someone won’t like something. Still- eventually, gathering some bulk opinions on the state of certain things, like apparent difficulty, will help me make sure I’ve maintained a happy fan-base. : )


That’s a relief. I’d hate to think I’ve overstayed my forum welcome or am getting the cold shoulder or something. Or worse…that my writing is experiencing a quality decline! :scream: (Occasionally the overanalyzing is less beneficial in RL than it is in COG. :blush:)

Okay, sure. I’m probably most adept at characterization too…I mean, every writeup is me writing a character’s inner monologue. :smile: A very much mentally atypical character, as I’m sure you have noticed. I don’t think I would be nearly as good at writing normal people’s inner monologues…I never know what they’re thinking. Shallow drivel about the latest trends and derisive remarks about those who don’t fit their narrow vision of what people should be like, I suspect. :roll_eyes:

Mmm…if you didn’t already know all about creative writing methodology, I guess I can assume that you don’t have a formal college background in it either? :thinking: I took ONE creative writing class as an elective…my professor hated me because he thought I shared an attitude that a character whose POV I was writing from had. The professor just didn’t understand that even when I’m writing a view I personally don’t believe in, if the character DOES believe it-they have their reasons, and it would be bad writing if those reasons were straw caricatures. Sigh. So after that experience I decided that if I already knew that and the professor didn’t, maybe I was better off being self-taught and learning from trial and error.

Do you ever have conversations with your characters in your head? I do a lot with mine-it’s how I get their inner voice down. Which can be…an interesting exercise if it turns out the character dislikes me or has an abrasive attitude. :sweat_smile: (I’m kind of arguing with Chelsea on and off. She wants to do my posts where I analyze the characters herself! She’s a piece of work, you know? She’s also the MC I would most likely be friends with…but she’s a piece of work.)


I really enjoyed the game mainly from the troubled relationship of MC with Sonya.

I just hope that when MC gets a relationship with Sonya she will be faithful to MC. . . What I find difficult

PS: Sorry my bad english I’m Brazilian