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Is it even possible to finish this demo with every sin under 50%?


This might be a wee dumb question but when do we meet gran …
Did we meet her in demo and i failed to notice?


Actually, I think it’s tied to the characters, not the sins.


he directly said the sins effect choices like high greed let’s you steal the car keys and leave
Each charecter has their own relationship bar


Yes. I know. What I mean is…

Jack was wrath and he didn’t have super strength. He had already been able to…blend into the shadows.
Like if April wasn’t Pride and was one of the other 7 classic sins (Although I think that’ll be really unlikely), she will still “hear everything”.
The abilities aren’t exactly tied to the sins, but the individuals themselves…Though I’m not sure why all the playable characters have the same abilities.

I was unclear… probably still being unclear now. Sorry.


I think what you mean is that each of the charecters have abilities and they are not based on their sin stats?
Shoot, then what they heck is the mc’s depending on the charecter?


I just read through all these profiles slow clap these are beautifuly done and very well written. Great job!


The MC’s special talent doesn’t change depending on what your specific sin affinities are, it’s the character’s other mundane abilities that are dependent on sin ratings.

Things like wrath makes you better at fighting, lust better at seducing, greed better at stealing, etc.


Do we have any idea what the mc’s supernatural abilities are then?


Yes, it’s revealed in the game. The MC can tell how others feel about them.

So those relationship stats in the stat bar are things the MC knows in character.

If April wants the MC dead or feels protective, MC knows.

If Sean finds the MC interesting, the MC knows.

A very useful talent to manipulate people, or to know who you need to keep an eye out on.


Thanks, that explains why the relationship bar exsist


Just finished the demo, LOVED IT. I’ll be watching this :wink:


No, we had not yet meet gran.


Oh. You mean…Oh, I’m sorry.

Actually, I think the stats doesn’t exactly give you abilities. They’re more like a drive for the MC to do something. Or in some cases, not do something.
But because the stats are high…or low, that’s the kind of thoughts the MC is accustomed to, so it makes certain things easier for them.

Like for example, wrath doesn’t really gives you the skills to fight, or greater strength or something like that, but it does gives you the urge to fight back. And if you are those who keep having little urges to…like, yell at someone or hit someone and almost never repress it…Well, then when you actually need to punch someone or something, it’s probably going to be more efficient than someone who rarely has these thoughts.

It’s kinda like practicing in your mind, when you actually have to do that in real life, it sorta helps to prepare you for it.

So for the keys, what I guess was happening here is:

  1. MC’s greed is high. MC is accustomed to thoughts like: ‘I want to get one of these goodies’ and ‘Yay, someone’s paying! Free food!’. MC is not that bothered by the thought of stealing, especially from someone who’s looking kinda shady…and possibly trying to kill the MC.
  2. MC’s greed is low. MC’s first thought to an adult covering the meal bills is ‘Oh, no, you don’t have to, I can cover it.’. So MC doesn’t really want to steal the keys, even though there’s an inner voice telling MC to do it. Or at least MC felt kinda guilty about it, was nervous, and hesitated just a little bit. And that was enough for Sean to notice.

As for lust…It’s kinda like sexual urges…I guess? MC will be more inclined to flirt, wanting to engage in sexual intercourse, and do things that are probably innuendos. And even get boners. But it probably does help the MC seduce someone or be charismatic, since it helps when you think that someone is attractive.

Pride. It’s not exactly giving you the ability to be super smart here, but you have to be better than anyone else. You can’t let anyone best you (at least, not most of the time), so you push yourself to learn, make your mind as sharp as it allows you to be. Make it seem like you can do anything.

Envy. Opposite of kindness. Basically not being generous, friendly, or considerate (Values regarded highly by society…at least, that’s what they taught in moral class or something). Thus MC are able to see through the veils of society and other bullshit, allowing them to be more…pragmatic. And rude.

Gluttony. I have no idea what it does here. Maybe it helps MC to enjoy life to the fullest? Or it might help the MC cook.

Sloth…It probably makes MC feel lazy and numb about things…allows MC to “not care” about certain things that might upset people. Or just not take any action.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here.

The so called ‘abilities’ are just side effects of the sins?
…And I kinda think the higher the stats are, the less the MC and the NPCs might feel guilt about being like that.


@Natman1025 Thank you so much!! :smile: Just curious…do you have a favorite? And now that you’ve read them all, who do you think is the best person and biggest asshole?


I see what you are getting at, they are already used to things like that in their mind so it is easier when they have to act on it in real life. My argument is that since they are so used to it mentally they practice it irl already do so(the wrathful get into fights more often and become better at it from doing so, greedy steal more and become better at it, lustful constantly seduce and get better at it, etc) that’s why I call them ability/skill scores since they do in turn let them be better at those actions, even if it isn’t really how good they are at it and just how willing


Eighter Chesla or Mike. Mike is like a big misunderstood teddy bear(emphasis on the bear) in my eyes it is interesting to see how chesla logically interprets what’s happening around her with that 161 iq of hers. I feel no one deserves the biggest asshole award seeing as I can see myself go to 120% wrath when Sam J was killed but if I had to choose then Chesla because because how stuck up she is, also because of how she doesn’t even think they have powers even though mcready showed he did have super strength(no one that old can beat an mma fighter’s ass withought powers)


@Natman1025 Yeah that’s the thing about these characters… nobody is a pure hearted hero, but nobody is a two dimensional cackling villain.

And I’m glad Chelsea’s perspective was interesting for you. Though it’s more than JUST being a genius that makes hers the way it is (deny it though she may).

Ah… when I get my new laptop to replace the broken one, I think I will make a post on exactly what is mentally off about these characters. :grin: Because I have done my research and found their disorders! :slightly_smiling_face:

I imagine Chelsea would be a popular choice for the asshole award. :laughing: Though I personally would nominate Josh. I just don’t like fuqbois. But really, it is all a matter of perspective and bias. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and Chelsea doesn’t “believe” in anything or anyone. She needs ironclad proof… sometimes 2 or 3 sets of it.


Just finished a monster run(a run where you become as sinful as possible)
Health:stabbed and bruised from first fight
Lust 67 (half as good as Sonya)
Gluttony 67 (eat a cow in 3 minuites)
Greed 63 ( can steal the wallet out of most people’s pockets)
Diligence 66 (you have to try to be this evil)
Wrath 84 (I think I can beat jack or mcready in a fight now)
Envy 69 (no comment, it’s the lamest sin)
Pride 67 (120 iq)

April 69 I’m not the dumbest person she has met
Gran 79 granchild she never had
Jack 38 won’t kill me but will take my stuff
Mcready 84 welcome to the family
Sean 65 loses facade around me
Sonya 50 nothing serious

Monster:18 IM A ANGEL

Also the family dint interview me about Dante’s inferno for some reason, think it is because I yelled them too much


It seems Sean doesn’t want to give you the spiel if you have too many high sins, you’re too much of a wildcard.