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@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Oh, and…the name “Sanity” is a little vague and unclear about what the stat actually means. I mean, I’ve read the code, so I know it means a character who hasn’t killed’s synchronicity (or lack thereof) with Sloth/Forgiveness. But it could be rather confusing for readers in the future who haven’t read the code and, once the game is sold via the store, probably won’t all come to the forum for clarification.


First off, congrats on the D&D! :heart_eyes: I reconnected with some of my old high school gang, & that game has been epic. Glad you’re having fun!

To get on topic as the far as the game goes, I knew there was something from one of my first posts here that was an additional response request, and I found it. Hopefully, I am not too late for it to count.

When you first meet Jack, he flips you off, and it seems like the choices you are given kinda ignore that fact. My personal reaction went something like: ^tilts head with slightly furrowed brow^ ^grins and gives Jack the double bird^ Well, nice to meet you too, buddy!
I don’t know if he’d find that funny, or if it would piss him off… ^shrugs^

Maybe his reaction would depend on the MC…bottom line is, I love a smartass (to play as or to react to), and snarky (without being mean) is my jam. Looking forward to seeing your new work, @Shawn_Patrick_Reed !


I have a little morbid… Nah “a little” is an understatement, this idea is f*cked up… a lot. But I have a feeling it might match theme of the game. Basically I thought that since you are given a special option for having a high wrath or pride stat while asked to murder, maybe you should also get a special option for having high gluttony stat?

I mean that instead of using the hammer the MC simply beats his victim an rips off his throat with his/her teeth, while thinking “fresh meat” or some other sh*t.

I know that there are some reasons for not to add it. #1- It’s f*cked up and #2- cannibalism it’s not something you just do out of boredom, it can be lethal for a cannibal wannabe. Well, both of those reasons can be countered with "MC is not really a human, is he?

He/she is either host for a demon or a demon himself/herself (or mutant or something else if we want to be as sceptical as April)".

Also if the option is too cruel, player can always not take that route. I don’t really know if this option is gonna fit this game… Just thought that it might be interesting to have it for gluttonous character. Migh be a little too f*cked up option, even for this game… But I will never know for sure If I don’t ask. Either way if you add it or not, I am still looking forward for future updates. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


I have good news, and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first-

I haven’t been working on Monsters lately. That’s simple. I feel guilty, and it’s why I haven’t been around lately. The reason why is because of the good news.

I plan to share with everyone what I have been working on, when I’m finished. (which I’m not, quite, but I’m drawing close) - I’ve been working on a Player’s Handbook for a roleplaying system (based on one a friend created many years back). It may be a little rough, but in compensation for all the time I’ve been absent from story-writing, I’m going to offer it up on the forum free-source. I worked on it for my own use- it’s ~ 80 pages in word, and I’ll probably try to convert it to a PDF when I put it up.

As I say, it may be a bit rough, coming from my memory and imagination. Spells in particular have been a long run of time to work on. But as I’m getting close to finished, once I am, I should be getting back to working on Monsters. I know there are a number of you who may be thinking ‘Argh, again? More delays?’ … To whom I hope to at least in part make it up to by offering a free and unique roleplaying sourcebook of my own design. There are a lot of things within borrowed from other sources and mashed together, and many of the original concepts came from a system my friend created based on other systems, so if there are things in it that seem familiar, they probably are.


Rather it be a delay than it being canceled:)


@dicer1998 :scream: Oh my gosh… (:smile:)

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Like @Elthuyu said, better late than never. It’s incredible how many WIPs get abandoned. Which, just so you know, if THAT ever happens with Monsters, I will break with my usual always-nice policy to actually yell at you. :grin:

And Liam (the unnamed artsy guy)'s writeup is now ready for public consumption. Huzzah!

Liam (in his fedora):

And I have to say, it was incredibly satisfying to finally get to play and write about the scene were a gay male MC tells McCready where to shove it. (Ah, I wish I could be as cool as my characters sometimes. :smile:)


Just curious. Are we gonna have other stats in the future updates or are we gonna stick with classic, yet incorrect (as Sean explains) 7 deadly sins?
I mean, It would be interesting if for example MC was unable to have friendly dialogue options (like shaking Jack’s hand when we meet him) if MC had higher Vanity stat.
Like I said earlier, either way I am looking forward to future updates, your work is so good one may call it “divine work” which deliciously ironic . Im happy to witness the rise of such a great game.


The player’s handbook I’ve been working on is in the final editing stages. I’m just going through and checking spells for wording consistency. If I can get that up before this upcoming weekend, I’ll consider myself on-track. Seeing as I have work-work taking precedence.

Once I post that for everyone, I’ll feel a lot better. It’ll mean I can get back to Monsters, and ideally, if I don’t slip up anywhere, it would be nice to have a story update for Monsters by Christmas- although there won’t be additional content, I’m trying to clean up things that are already there. Hopefully, most issues will be taken care of, but, my disorganization is seeping through the cracks, and at this point I’m not completely sure I won’t miss something that’s been pointed out already. If I do, please have great patience and point any such thing out to me again- it’s not easy to edit a story at this length. It won’t be a lot to show for how long it’s been sinse the last update, but it’ll be better than nothing, and hopefully having a free roleplaying source material will help ease that.

@dicer1998 At the present time, expect to stick with the classic stats as presented. Perhaps if there’s a sequel- something I’d like to do but the main story is going to take me long enough to write as it is. :\


Ohhhh i really hope for a option to destroy this so called family from whitin…cuz there is nothin better then deciving your foes also ill prob even do a favour to their twisted minds


Well treason is the worst of all sins in Dante’s work, so it would be very thematic.


Treason is such a harsh word i prefer to call it deception sounds a tad bit better while going for as ironic as possible kills


So from what I can understand from reading through the post for about 20 minuites all the sins give us an ability
Greed=stealing and sneaking
Lust=charisma and seduction ability

But that is all I could find so far, so what are the abilities for
Ps I never really liked this wip but I replayed it and I read it more throughly and now it’s one of my favorites


haha, maybe the ability of pride is to be a super smart nerd :clown_face:


Gluttony you can eat fast?


BEST ABILITY EVER(20 non caped charecters)


And now that I’ve at long last found the image of her I was looking for (I forgot to save it on the computer before the internet crashed)…Chelsea!


And now all 10 MCs have their POVs. Yay! :smile:

Sam J:


77 on wrath?! Jeez, how the heck did anyone get it that high?



Well, Mike did literally pick EVERY Wrath-raising choice he was given. And the higher the stat is already, the more Wrath-raising choices are available to you (ex: the option to say “F-- you” when asked what your religion is) and are automatically made for your MC (ex: screaming at the people holding him captive).

It’s the same with any sin/virtue, FYI.

Mike has Bipolar Disorder…a bad, BAD case of it. :grin: (Or technically, Intermittent Explosive Disorder…as Chelsea has informed me is the accurate name for the disorder which causes severe violent anger issues. :sweat_smile:)


…I have too much mercy irl. Well, time to become an asshole




Well, these are the Monsters cult recruits. No-one’s a perfect cinnamon roll. Though to be fair, Mike DID just watch Sam J, who he was falling in love with, get killed right in front of him by Jack. I wouldn’t say Mike is quite winning the “Biggest Asshole Victim” prize. :smile: