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I’m not sure what one needs to do to get that conversation, but the greatest of the nine sins in Dante’s inferno is treason.

So if you do take over,kill them all, it would be a case of gone horribly right.

I do hope the game let’s us give a James bond line about being treason.

I just played a female play through, I kind of wish the game had the option to have a little talk with Sonya since she seems incapable of comprehending the concept of “barking up the wrong tree.”

Pity the game doesn’t have the option to admonish Sonya for not introducing you to Jack sooner. It would be funny to have a conversation about “incest” and be able to tell Sonya that Jack doesn’t seem to mind.

And it’s also a pity you can’t have a candid conversation with Jack if you flirted with him before. “So, Jack, were you lying about being interested before? Come on, if you can’t be honest when I’m tied to a chair, when can you be honest?”

So I don’t know about anyone else but my characters tend to think that Sean and Macready need to get voted off the island, so I hope the game will allow for a little pruning.


We are always sloth.

So you got a low score?


Hey there everyone. salute wave

I’m hearing a fair number of requests for more dialogue options- so I’d like to open it up to the floor. Point out where at in the story you’re at, and essentially what you want to get across, and you know what? I just might add something- it is the type of thing I don’t mind doing right about now. Just keep in mind I can’t provide everything everyone wants (probably) - but, hey, you want more, I’ll see what I can do. :wink:

A) What type of dialogue do you feel is missing?
B) Where in the story? (more precise = better, in this case)

Also- don’t forget there’s more story to come- it might be I just say ‘I’ve got plans for that’ and you end up needing to wait; but at least you’d know I’ve thought about the point mentioned.

On some other matters, like potential stat-screen vs in-story clashes, either it’s something I need to fix, or there are reasons for it. The stat screen is meant to be ‘correct’, but sometimes internal and external expression is different for a character. Sonya, for example, might -wish- she could have you… but, for whatever reason, isn’t going to let herself.

Anyway; I just have one more day of work-work this month to get through and I can dig in on this a bit. I’ve been … sidetracked… by D&D. ^_^’ Haven’t played in years, and err, I haven’t really been able to say no to the three or four sessions a week I’ve been having this last month, but, thankfully, that’s getting scaled back to only weekends.

I will try to address any suggestions offerred up to me regarding the story and thoughts about how to improve existing content. If I have future plans regarding something, well, I’ll only be able to tell you as much, but otherwise I’ll probably try to offer up a bit based on what’s desired.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Mmm, dialogue suggestions…

I know it’s not currently in the correct place, but since it will be as of the next update…when Jack starts flirting with the female tied up MC and says he hates pissing off anyone as beautiful as her, there should probably be other options besides an obligatory flirt-back if Jack’s relationship is high.

(a) For one, some MCs are lesbians…and while some might still flirt, either to be manipulative and try to get out of there or because they are strangely attracted to Jack in particular, there really should be an options to nicely or indignantly remind him of their sexual orientation.

Like, in addition to flirting back, options in the vein of…
“Aww, thank you…but I’m really not interested in you like that. I’m not interested in men.”
“I can’t even! Have you forgotten I’m not interested in MEN?!” (if she told him already)
“It’s never gonna happen, dude. With you or ANY DUDE.” (if she hasn’t)

(b) Some girls are also asexual, so that’s a weird grey area about whether they would or wouldn’t flirt back. Some would be comfortable, some wouldn’t. So in addition to the option to flirt back…

"Aww, thank you…but I’m really not interested in you like that. Not just you, like, in anyone."
A reply worthy of April if someone tried that shit on HER!! (Please include this one it would be so hilarious :laughing:)

© That relationship stat is about the character’s feelings about the MC, not the other way around. Jack may still like the girl he’s flirting with, but who knows, maybe some MCs aren’t too keen on flirting with someone who just tried to kill them, even if they’re not particularly angry people.

“Woah, slow down buddy.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
“Ah. So that’s what the whole nice guy act, with the food and stuff, is about. Now I get it.”

Oh, and while it makes sense that a high-Wrath MC wouldn’t have it in them to say “Apology accepted” to Jack’s apology for killing them, low-Wrath MCs, as they do in Sonya’s case, should have the option of not accepting the apology just like that. Like, in Sonya’s case there were options for

(a) saying you’ll forgive if she proves she’s actually sorry
(b) basically that you’ll have to think about it
© the icy-cold “you’re a psycho, and you’re not even sorry. You’re just sorry you have to live with the consequences”

And I think all of those options are relevant to Jack’s situation too. :slight_smile:

I might have more after a few replays and looking through the code, but this is what stood out to me. :smile:

Plus, you know, I just want to see Jack’s reaction to some of those. Especially the April response to his flirting and the “you’re a psycho who’s only sorry they have to deal with the consequences” to his apology. NO, not because I’m evil and like to be mean to characters (really!)…but you learn a lot about someone by how they react to things like that.


All I wish is for a more sassy reaction at Sonya’s confessions. Like, not screaming at her or stared at her like that but more like, a smirk or a hollow laugh or something badass and disturbing like that. Also, I’m craving for some more Sean’s moment but don’t worry about that, I’m just in love with that boy. :joy:


How about an option to ask Sonya why she needs the group?

How about an option to tell Sonya that you regret that she didn’t invite your ex to the family getaway. Yes, I’m suggesting an option to tell Sonya you literally want your ex dead.

Ask April why she is worried about Sonya and the MC hooking up now that the MC is family, and that is “icky icky incest that will never ever happen?”

Presuming that Sonya’s status bar doesn’t change, how about the option to point out that you know she still desires you. Something like “Look, far be it for me to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, but my superduper demon power is telling me you still want me. So you’re kind of giving me mixed signals here.”


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed The above suggestion about the MC possibly wanting their ex dead made me wonder… will the MC ever be able to confront the cheating ex over the course of the story? The more I think about it, the more I want it to happen. Now THAT would be an interesting kill option…or, you know, the MC could be the bigger person. :smile:

But these are the Monsters’ MCs (as April said, they were not selected for being paragons of virtue)…how many of them have that level of kindness/compassion/forgiveness in them? Normally they would prevented from doing anything by laws and prison terms…but now, when it’s nearly guaranteed they’d get away with it? :thinking:

@Bourbon_neat The smirk SO sounds like the Chelsea response. Include it, include it! :grinning:


What about the sister?


@Elthuyu :confused: What about Grace?

Wait…you don’t mean…killing HER? Elthuyu, that’s terrible! :scream: What kind of a Complete Monster of an MC would kill Grace? She sounds, from the possible phone conversation with the MC, like the sweetest girl in the world!


Speaking of family, anyone else think that a character who was left by their mother on Christmas might be a bit pissed off by people he knows don’t care about them claiming to be family?

Like “Jack, I annoy you. Spare me the we’re family bullshit until you actually give a shit.”

Or “Sonya, just stop it. You don’t even like me, much less love or care for me. April loves you, and I believe you truly love her in return. How can you demean that relationship by pretending this is the same? Family isn’t about obligation, my mother leaving on freaking Christmas taught me that. It’s about the people you care about and care about you in return. Maybe we’ll get there, but until then it’s a lie, and I’ve had more than enough lies from you.”


I don’t know I feel that each person’s view on family is dependent on their family life and experiences. I’ve never been close to my family so sometimes it feels like an obligation more than anything I know that’s not the same for most people when it’s unfortunate that’s the case for myself.


The PCs are painted as caring for their father (for all his many flaws) and their sister, as well as their dead brother who fell in with the wrong crowd.

But the first time mommy dearest is mentioned she’s the narcissist who left, if you talk to McCready about her the PC basically treats her as an unperson. “My mother didn’t care enough to stay, I don’t have a mother,” being the gist of their attitude.

So bipolar dad and criminal brother get a pass, but mother was good riddance to bad rubbish.

So their loved ones not loving them back seems to be something of a pet peeve of the PCs.


Indeed. I feel like their brother cared to an extent though he just died he gets a pass on that. The bipolar dad has a mental disability so he gets a third of a pass not a half but a third. The mother was just a terrible person she just walked off. Then to top it all off the MCs significant other cheats on them and breaks up adding to the list of another person who abandons the MC


Well I meant that if u are gonna be able to meet her again but that suggestion would be interesting >:)


Yes, so I want dialogue options that reflect that clannishness.

Like telling Jack what’s a little attempted murder between friends, or telling Sonya that you forgive her because you love her/she’s your best friend, but if the relationship isn’t there I want to be able to call people on it.


So will there be any chance of our MC confronting anyone they knew in the past? Like their ex, mother, etc.


I will confirm this. ; )

I’m finally sitting in to work on writing tonight- working on some of the suggestions that have been mentioned recently.


Well. Bits have been added (for the next update) - option to wish your ex had come on the trip with you in conversation with > 55 wrath… with variants therein. With < 56 wrath and > 54 lust, option to thank Sonya for doing you a favor with your ex. With wrath between 46-55 and Sonya < 50, option to call Sonya out on bullshit of trying to treat you like family, with a fair amount of branches therein, including whether you had sex with her or not, and current relationship with Sonya. Option with Jack > 58 to joke about murder between friends. Still working on a few more Jack-responses, though.

Yeah, some possible responses are stat-dependant. If there are some that feel too restrictive, let me know, and I might open up the ranges some, but a lot of responses will be locked out by stats whatever you do. I’ll try to make sure options are there, somewhere- but I’m not sure I’ll be able to cover everything in every circumstance. Anyway, anything else, while I’m at this? ALL editing suggestions welcome.


Just gave this a shot after debating to give this a WIP a try or not. So far, I love it! I certainly wasn’t expecting the plot and the characters to be that way but that was amazing how it feels like a legit horror movie.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Well, on the van ride Sean says you can talk to him if you’d like…but the MCs never have the choice to do so. Some of us wanted to take Sean up on his offer! :grin:

Oh, and it would be really cool if, during the initiation, both the “try/fail” and “successful kill” options were available for all MCs. The poor affably evil MCs who can’t show their true colors! :lying_face: The poor cynical curmudgeons who can’t have a crisis of conscience! :cry: It breaks my gaming heart.