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@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Do you think it’s “better” to have sex with Sonya in order to enter a relationship with her a lot quicker?


All I really want is to kill everyone in the family tbh but I do try to have a good relationship with April though


Feels good to be done with work-work, so I can start in on writing again.

@tooweiss That’s completely up to you.

@CowboyHooah Glad you’re still around, too. I mean- given enough time, I can just add the additional stuff required for non-bland custom-MCs, maybe give a limited choice of ‘background types’ or something with appearance customization. It’s just a matter of time, and with how much I sometimes drag my ass about getting stuff done on this, slowing me down seems like a bad thing. On the other hand, I know I need to edit before moving on, there are just some things that are more challenging in that than others.

@ThatsOk Find the right route and you’ll be good to go. But something probably very noteworthy to put out there: The routes where characters are killed will probably be left undone to start, and re-visited after finishing the story- because there’s the potential for a lot of continuity changes, and again, it’s a matter of not wanting to slow myself down too much. Unless the path dead-ends not long after, in which case I don’t see a reason not to write it as I go. When these points get reached, it won’t (hopefully) crash the story, but should instead spit you back out into it with an acknowledgement that something happened, but the story acting like it didn’t.

@Gregory_Pena Yes, I’d need to add traits and quirks, requiring a lot of coding (and threading it into bits of story through the story). Basically.

@pimenita Though you’re not wrong, Pim.

@buggygirl11 Enjoyed the quick summaries on your MCs. (somehow, me telling you to remind me, reminded me) I do look forward to the rest of your writeups, but I know I need to get my butt in gear editing.

Huah- you’re all so patient. I’d have been metaphorically whupping my butt waiting so long on updates.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Aww, thanks. :slight_smile: Next I think I’ll nail down how exactly each of the MCs is disordered. I have about half of them down…now it’s just the other half. And deciding whether Liam and/or David qualify as sociopaths or not. And digging through my early memories to remember what the name of the disorder I was thought to have before lying through my teeth at that psychiatrist’s office for my drug-free freedom. And then deciding whether June actually has whatever it was.

And then of course writing about it all in detail in a post.

Eeep, it’s going to be so much fun!! :smiley:

Well, I’ve been waiting literally years for Guenevere to update. :smile: So if I ever do lose my patience and start metaphorically whipping lazy author butts, you’re not even first in line.


Hey there. I’m on the editing again this morning. Though I’m rather sleepy at the moment. @buggygirl11 I found and fixed the error you mentioned a while back about some missing text at the end of Sonya’s section. There are some other bugs mentioned around that which I’d like to clarify. @CaballeroDeAndromeda Some while ago you mentioned a bug with Sean- is what you’re indicating that Sean says both things?

Next up will be to try implementing the health system properly, and the love-interest code to support multiple romances.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed While you’re fixing up the code, I just thought I’d mention a problem with the orientation system. If an MC says Sonya’s hot, and then says they’re just interested in Adavid, the game acts like they’re not interested in women at all, despite them JUST saying they were interested in Sonya, and takes away all the flirty dialogue with Sonya.

I noticed this when playing as Sam J, who’s bisexual and attracted to Sonya and David (and Jack too), but Chelsea…technically pretty or not, she considers her a pretentious bitch she’d never have a crush on. (It’s a personality clash of epic proportions.) But I can’t really play it like that without the game forgetting that Sam’s still bi.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed And there’s some missing dialogue here:

I was playing as David…and here are the stats it happened with:


Well, it’s still dragging, because editing, oi, but- some progress is better than no progress. And I’ve started in on chapter 3. Simply to cut down on the self-stress of editing (Mostly reading/scrolling, tbh, with a change here or there) and do some writing.

Things I have got done: Altered the relationship system to accomodate multiple NPCs. I did change April’s ttaal - think I mentioned that, though. Working on the health system as I go through things. Also, I’m making April properly dislike the MC saying anything ‘dumb’. I actually do have an incomplete custom-character creation in there, to give some idea how I’d like it to eventually work- though using it currently could create weird errors presently. I have a liiiittle bit more MC-specific content, too. I’ll add more as I keep going.

Things still to do: Finish working in the health system. Finish April despising the world. Finish MC specific parts. Finish correcting the things buggy pointed out (you’re a really great tester, thank you). And keep working on chapter 3. Because apparently at least some of it will be in the next update. Apparently.


Wow! How did you get that high with Sean’s relationship bar ?


@Bourbon_neat It was David’s high Envy stat. Sean’s relationship goes up when Envy and Temperance do. :slight_smile:

@everyone And speaking of David…I’ve finished his writeup! :smile:


His inner monologue was an interesting one for me to write. He’s got some emotional issues to say the least. And yet paradoxically, he believes that “crazy people are crazy” and can’t be helped. Oh the cognitive dissonance. :laughing:


Goodness! I’ve been so busy the past few months, I all but disappeared from the forums… Woops? :sweat_smile: I never got the opportunity to share this artwork I’d gotten a few months back of the custom MC I used to play as way back when. Truth be told, a lot of the inner machinations of his mind have kinda wandered away from me in my inactivity, but he (the one on the left) was a bit of a hybrid between Adam and Mike. He definitely leaned more towards Mike though.

Anyways, it was meant to be a piece that was possibly a glimpse into the future or an alternate universe. Hunter (my MC) always did bond most with Jack, so I could totally see them wandering the streets with a few bottles of liquor ready to cause a little mayhem. :kissing_heart:


I just replayed this, and noticed a disconnect between what Sonya says she feels and what the stat screen/the MC’s superpower tells him she feels.

So first it’s like 80+, she thinks of you as family okay.

Then somehow I lose like twenty approval points, which seems like a lot, especially since I’m not sure what I did to turn her off.

So having lost those points, while she’s going on about us being family and friends and can never have sex again, the game is telling me that she wants to ride my character like a pony.

So are we supposed to believe that Sonya is in denial of her true feelings, the power is lying, or that the game is just contradictory on that point?


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but so far my favorite play through has my MC being in love with Sonya, more drama that way.

That being said, there are quite a few things I wish the game allowed me to say to her.

Like pointing out that she did me a favor by seducing my girlfriend. It’s pretty clear from that story that Sonya cares more about the MC’s feelings than the girlfriend did. So good riddance to bad rubbish.

Even if doesn’t take that track, how about pointing out that seducing my girlfriend is nothing compared to luring me out to my death.

Also I’d like to point out the flaws in her “we’re family now argument.” By the logic of the group, we were always family, we just didn’t know it yet.

And being family hardly makes one siblings, especially considering that Macready is an “uncle,” so there is no reason the MC and Sonya can’t be cousins instead.

I also find it telling that Sonya, when dealing with an emotionally vulnerable guy, waits for him to be ready to move on. The MC was either prey or family from the moment Sonya met him. If he’s prey, why would she give his emotions that much respect?
And heck, these kind of things work if the MC is Love’s fool, or a psychological trickster manipulating Sonya for whatever reason.


Wow its my first time going through this raising wrath and I must say I like it>:D


Raising sloth is so easy for me. xD


I don’t know if this was asked before but would Sonya ever be jealous if the MC diverts their attention to someone else?
Like if she knew the MC used to have a crush on her but never acted on it.


Sam J:

As you can see, this picture was taken on the way to the van. :rofl: (I can’t believe I found the leather jacket and the ponytail and the no makeup and the right look!)


And YES, I realize that Sam J is clearly not fat. Sam J does not realize. Unreliable narration. :slightly_smiling_face:


Has the game been updated in the time since its given in title of topic? (4/27/17)

Cause I found that it has gotten a page or two longer :grinning:
(Just played it again since like 4-5 months)


Okay, played a “Sonya is my best friend” play through, which again left me wishing for more dialogue options.

Like repeating that Sonya is your best friend when she asks if you are friends.

Or telling Sonya that what the MC needed was a friend to be there for him,and she did that.


Didn’t read anything before playing, not what I was expecting at all, wrath was my highest stat but I got sloth? Bummer

will an option to be necessary evil and kill everyone in a rage to make the world better be possible?