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@Swiftflame As Shawn said, it can happen if you bunk with Jack. I play my MC with high lust (+60), and sort of humble (+52, +54), and it works. Be nice to Sonya and tease her. With Josh I got away with laughing at April (once!), and still got alone time with Sonya. When they ask you who you want to bunk with choose Sonya; if she likes you she’ll tell you she’s sorry she can’t, and that she will pay you a visit later. That’s it. Also, don’t piss April off too much, she’s around 35 when I get to the basement part, and I always try to up our relationship a little so I don’t end up in a ditch.

Oooh, I like writing about how I see characters. It’s so entertaining :kissing:


Ooh, the analytical to emotional scale is interesting. :grinning: Of COURSE Sonya is at the very end of the emotional side with her, er…emotional instability. From what I’ve seen so far, she actually seems to fit the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

"Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a condition characterized by difficulties in regulating emotion. This difficulty leads to severe, unstable mood swings, impulsivity and instability, poor self-image and stormy personal relationships. People may make repeated attempts to avoid real or imagined situations of abandonment.

Borderline personality disorder is ultimately characterized by the emotional turmoil it causes. People who have it feel emotions intensely and for long periods of time, and it is harder for them to return to a stable baseline after an emotionally intense event.


Frantic efforts to avoid being abandoned by friends and family.

Unstable personal relationships that alternate between idealization—“I’m so in love!”—and devaluation—“I hate her.” This is also sometimes known as “splitting.”

Distorted and unstable self-image, which affects moods, values, opinions, goals and relationships.

Impulsive behaviors that can have dangerous outcomes, such as excessive spending, unsafe sex, substance abuse or reckless driving.

Suicidal and self-harming behavior.

Periods of intense depressed mood, irritability or anxiety lasting a few hours to a few days.

Chronic feelings of boredom or emptiness.

Inappropriate, intense or uncontrollable anger—often followed by shame and guilt.

(copy/pasted from"

And as for the MCs, at least for how I am or will be portraying them in my writeups, Analytical to Emotional goes:

Josh, Chelsea, Liam, June, Calliope, Adam, David, Sam J, Mike, Ashley

Josh: While for most people behavior such as drinking like a fish and constant partying and casual sex are the dysfunctional way they’re dealing with emotional trauma, Josh only does it for one reason: he enjoys it…well, that and he doesn’t really accept that any of those statistics about the possible consequences of his lifestyle could apply to HIM. Lacking all of Sean’s iron control on his impulsive psychopathic tendencies, Josh gleefully indulges in every risky impulse he has and is loving every minute of it. His portrayal as a psychopath was inspired by his scene as the cheating ex where he casually and remorselessly cheats and casts aside his 2 year relationship with the MC because Sonya’s quite simply sexier. And unlike Chelsea, Josh is self-assured enough that despite having a rather high opinion of himself, he doesn’t need to get upset every time someone insults him. He knows it isn’t true, so he can be chill and not waste his energy freaking out.

Chelsea: Chelsea is currently pissed at me for not naming her as the most analytical and non-emotional MC…but the fact that this kind of ego-bruising can create an emotional reaction is exactly why I didn’t. Chelsea would never in a million years be able to stay calm and not retaliate verbally if someone attacked her massive ego, even if logic would dictate that it would be wiser to do so. That said, in every OTHER way she is highly calculating and doesn’t let emotion get in the way of her plans, her logic, or her interests. For instance, Chelsea may like April and greatly enjoy their banter, but if it came down to it she would beat her to death without a second thought (unless you count a slightly wistful “what a shame to be minus a verbal sparring partner…but it had to happen to achieve xyz”). Such is the strange interaction between her narcissism and her psychopathy. (Though Chelsea vehemently and often denies having both disorders. :smirk:)

Liam: Liam…is an interesting case. When his mother walked out on the family on Christmas Day, Liam vowed that he would never allow himself to be destroyed by love or trust like his father was. 99 times out of 100, love ends in suffering and trust is only abused. In a sense, his mother had the right idea…though she was still a bitch, and Liam also vowed to never treat people the way she did. And despite his cynical “f people” attitude and lack of the social skills to know how to “say the right thing” leading to some hurt feelings over the years, he’s mostly fulfilled that vow. He regards the more emotional types as naive fools, but Liam won’t be the one to take advantage of them for that…and is actually repulsed by those who do. He’s also much more secure in who he is than June, though his emotional walls are much higher; he doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

(This is going to be a little weird…I’m not sure how well I can psychoanalyze a self-insert…but here it goes. :sweat_smile:)

June: For June, analyzing people’s motives and behavior is kind of a fun hobby. She’s also the calmest MC other than Josh. She can get irritated, resentful, sullen, peeved, passive-aggressive…but if there IS anything that can make her descend into a molten rage as she’s seen in other people…she hasn’t experienced it yet. Actually, June kind of secretly looks down on people who let their anger get the best of them. And despite being nice to nearly everyone, it is thought…by some…that things like her grieving for about 2 minutes flat for David and Sam J before completely getting over it when she heard about the powers, suggest some emotional disconnect. That being said, a huge part of June’s motivation is an unfulfilled need for love and acceptance. Not that she has the first clue about how to get it or who to get it from. And not that June always accepts that love and acceptance when its offered. For one, if compliments are given too often or are too over the top she’ll begin to think you’re buttering her up and are full of crap. Given her family, verbal abuse feels so much more natural than people being overly nice. And she doesn’t believe the sappy kind of romantic love that is seen in movies and books exists at all.

Calliope: Calliope will openly express and accept emotion and love, and with people she cares about can be very warm, caring, and sensitive. Even when angered, she doesn’t let the emotion override her reason and is almost always willing and able to talk things out rather than yell and scream. Unlike everyone above, she’s also relatively easy to get close to and doesn’t have a ton of emotional walls up. However, she also has a very callous side, to the point where she very nearly managed to kill Gary in cold blood to achieve her desire of staying in the Family. Her conscience stopped her at the last minute…but Calliope plans to try to find a way around that next time.

Adam: Adam’s clearly bipolar, but he’s much more high-functioning than someone like Mike. He actually mostly managed to channel his rage into sports, and limiting himself to a 3 drink max helped a lot too. Being able to recognize and control his disorder like that takes more a bit of calculated thought. (Though completely losing it on Gary miiight be a sign that his control is waning under the stress of this experience…)

David: Despite having little empathy or compassion for people like Mr. Eldoway or any poor MC who’s uncomfortable with his inconsiderate prying, David is actually incredibly insecure and prone to extremely emotional meltdowns if stressed out and/or disappointed…a huge contrast from his normally mellow (if abrasive) personality. But his own emotions and insecurities have not taught him an ounce of compassion for the emotions of others. Actually, he regularly makes fun of them for being pathetic, like he did with Mr. Eldoway. He thus far remains blissfully ignorant of his own hypocrisy. :smirk:

Sam J: Sam J’s extreme anxiety definitely counts as being driven by emotion. She’s also not really into long-term planning, she just goes where her emotions and the wind and her crotch rocket take her. And I took her throwing a vase at the MC if they reject her as a sign she has a bit of a temper too, particularly if her insecurities flare up. Her chronically low self-esteem has led to plenty of other self-destructive behavior as well, such as her anorexia and depression (which has led to a few suicide attempts over the years). That said, Sam J still has enough control to hide ALL of this and put on a facade functional enough that no-one would guess she even has a problem…which is more than characters like Mike and Ashley can do.

Mike: Well, his out-of-control rage (his is a clear cut case of Bipolar Disorder) has almost gotten him killed a couple times already. It almost definitely would have, if not for Sean being, um, let’s just say very much on the analytical end of this scale, and not getting angry at little things like being headbutted and being told to go blank himself multiple times. Mike does at the very least have enough calculated thought to be able to make a goal and stay committed to it…though the goal itself (REVENG…um, ahem, “justice”) is highly emotion-based.

Ashley: Her temper is not quite as bad as Mike’s (though it’s still pretty bad-just not bipolar level), but she’s much more impulsive, and this impulsivity combined with an insecure constant need for the attention she was denied as a child leads to a ton of risky/dangerous behavior (drinking, partying, abusive relationships, casual unprotected sex, flirting with people twice her age, etc.). And while Mike’s fury will usually subside back into the realm of sanity if you wait long enough, Ashley’s impulsivity is a constant part of her personality. Additionally, while Mike can still manage to focus on a single stable goal, Ashley’s motivations and goals shift as often as her mood does.


What sort of customization options would you make available for the option where you create your own character rather than choosing an archetype?


Hello again, my dear people. ^ _ ^

deep breath I need to face the facts- I… am a gaming addict. There are four games coming out within two days on Steam that I want, and I have little doubt I’ll end up with all of them. sighs I have no idea how I’m going to have time for them all, plus reading the books I bought today, plus finishing X-com 2: WotC, plus (come on, dear self) - writing. Oi. But~ I did play through Life is Strange: Before the Storm, chapter 1 a few days ago.

I need to recommend it to you. Yes. Yes, i do.

There are things in it that really reminded me of parts of Monsters. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you play it. But, mostly- it is the kind of emotional experience that I myself am striving for. Heck, the main menu/diary song is perfect. Like if that song were a person, I’d be in love. But seriously- I’d love talking about it with y’all that have played- just mind spoilers for other people, please. And, on that note, I’ve been a bit lax on reminding people about spoiler tags for things pertaining to the game lately. I guess a bit of laziness on my part, that. And, hmm, lax-ness. I guess I just want to ask people to start using them again a bit more than has been the case. Not asking anyone to change anything retroactively- just putting the reminder out.

Each month… around this time of the month… when I’m most caught up in my work-work, and in some ways trying to resist it mentally, I think about and get ideas for my writing. Right when I can’t actually write- in good conscience, anyway- with my work schedule looming over me. It’s almost exactly like how some people get all types of ideas right as they’re about to go to sleep. Or driving in their vehicle. …I’ve been guilty of both. It’s like the motivation intensifies when it does the least good. Anyway, anyway… I guess the point is, creative minds are a distractable lot. The lot of us. But even so, we’re taking in ideas as we go.

@Gregory_Pena That’s a good question. It’s something I’m working on, as there seems to be desire for it. But- well, I know some things, in regard to this: cosmetic appearance customization options are something I’ll implement sooner or later, including ethnicity, with a notification that it is likely to have implications in game via NPC racism for certain ethnicities. :\ As far as appearance goes, hair color/style, eye-color, and general clothing style are base ideas, as well as ethnicity and skin tone- I’m still trying to decide …well, certain things. One being if unusual things are to be offered- like a very dark skin tone with clear blue eyes, or green eyes. It’s not unheard of, but then, ought I offer albino as an option, ect? ‘Special case’ things are noteworthy because the game may want to add special code to note them once in a while, and that makes more work for me- I’m not yet sure where I’ll draw the line. But at least, at least, basic appearance customization will be possible. Including making your character unattractive if you want- I may have started this with the ‘attractive college student’ trope of slasher/horror flicks stuck in my head. Anyway- beyond appearance… that’s… something I still need to figure out. I don’t know how I plan to do ‘basic personality’ yet, except that I already have some code written to influence your beginning stats. But going deeper might require a restructuring of existing code, or at least, creative transmorphism. Because the existing MCs are actually really important to the story, I hadn’t originally planned there to be a make-your-own-character option. So all the parts of the game that are tied to individual characters are done so via code specifying their name, or that you’ve selected the name. Adding custom content for custom characters won’t mesh well with just ‘mashing in’ to the pre-existing characters- the custom writing assumes they look a certain way, are a certain name, and have certain traits. This is actually… a challenging matter for me because of how far in I am with a coding structure that isn’t very supportive on the change I want to make. Live and learn~.

@buggygirl11 Okay, I admit… that fits Sonya to a T. Though it’s different in part from what I understood BPD to be, I certainly can’t argue with that synopsis. By what I see here, yeah, spot on.
On the rest of the characters- I haven’t gotten all the way through the comment yet. It’s a little bit of overwhelm, until I’m free from work-work for the month. But give me a simple reminder around the 10th and I’ll come back to it. I still remember that I need to fix Jack apologizing when he shouldn’t because you reminded me.


Including such an option is definitely a challenge, but at the very least, things like height, body type, race/skin color, eye color, hair color/length, and facial hair (for males) would be nice.

That said, the option isn’t an easy one to do, but it will greatly increase enjoyment of the game for those players who love to customize their characters, and for that, it just might be worth it in the end, even if it’s a nightmare for you to code.


nodnod Basic appearance matters, now that I’m familiar with how to do this, isn’t actually all that hard. It’s anything … hmm, that stands out in terms of story content. Like - as an example- say there’s an option for the MC to have glasses. If the MC makes certain choices in the game- say, leading to getting punched by Jack… those glasses are going to come off and likely get broken. That’s additional code and writing to do. If there are many things like that, which have a place somewhere where the story would be altered some way by them, that’s what I need to watch. Purely cosmetic factors are easy. What color a character’s hair is- easy enough. The issue presently, as much as things that affect the story, personality. Or rather, that I don’t see a way to allow the player to ‘choose background quirks’ like the rest of the characters have. Including, that the pre-existing custom-named MCs have their own special content which wouldn’t be able to be meshed with custom appearance MCs. Unless I do some massive rewriting. …

I know I’ll need to figure it out. I suppose I figure if I procrastinate enough on it, good ideas will come to me on what to do about the challenges I face making this happen. I agree with you- it’s something players will like, I have no doubt. And I can’t… really just say ‘Hey, trust me, I have plans about having pre-existing MCs’… like, I don’t want to lose audience because of far-off ideas. So slotting custom-appearance MCs into the custom-name slot somehow, whether in an ‘additional, as-well-as’ way, or through a complete re-work… I don’t know. Maybe, heck, maybe someday I’ll end up asking for volunteer labor altering the code. : S

What I can say, is that there will be some progress on the matter with the next update, enough to get a taste of some of the custom-MC process. Though it will likely be left at a point a player will need to back out after exploring some of what’s on offer for the future.


So what you’re basically saying is that cosmetic changes to the characters aren’t that hard to code, so that the main reason that you aren’t really doing the alternate design option is that it could potentially affect later code in the game?


taps lower lip, thinking Cosmetic changes to characters isn’t hard, if implemented correctly. I started the game knowing nothing of how to code, and learning as I went. I’ve learned a great deal over the past two years, and there are many things that -could- be improved… but, now, doing so would be far more difficult than if it had been done differently at first. Because the potential for mistakes is immensely higher back-checking and editing through 250k+ words of story and code than writing it fresh. At first, allowing players to choose their character’s cosmetic appearance wouldn’t have any affect at all- except omitting all the certain-character-only content of the story. Later, though, rather than a blank nothingness of character ‘to be’, I’d feel obligated to make what a player chooses, at least some things, affect the story. Because I don’t see how it couldn’t, and be realistic. Err, that it would -definitely- affect code in the game, or, that I’d need to write code for it. Possibly even a few placed I’d have to, as it is right now, just to keep something from being wrong in continuity, like leaving out a bit of necessary paragraph or something. Sorry- long explanation for what should be a simple answer. The correct answer to give is that I’ll do my best at it -eventually-, but that I -do- need to work out how it interacts with the code.

It’s not creating the code to keep track of the custom things that’s hard… it’s placing the story utilizing these custom things throughout the story that’s hard. And, recognizing that a custom MC is different from any of the other MCs… and the thought of ‘how’- multiple possible personality quirks means multiple things to encode and write in at multiple points through the story. I mean… I have ten different unique MCs right now. Ten ways for bits of the story to branch. There has to be ‘something’ there where the unique MCs that already exist slot in… sighs I’m not really explaining very well, I think. I mean to say, I’ll try to tackle it eventually. But, eventually. It’s more work than it seems like it would be, and more than it -should- be.

Err, that’s not counting stats, by the way. I mean, ways to branch just because the character ‘is’. There’s also all the branching from stat differences. Oi, I think I might be tired, not writing all that clearly.


If the option to create a custom character is so problematic, why not get rid of it then? Wouldn’t that make your life easier?


:wink: The path to greatness is rarely easy.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Hee-hee…BPD just seemed so right for her. And no problem about not having the time for the rest yet-it’s long, I know. :slight_smile:

While you’re fixing Jack’s apology in the wrong place/not there when it should be issue, also fix the missing dialogue in April’s escape conversation. I can’t do a Chelsea writeup until that’s fixed-it’s probably the most important scene in her story so far! :grin:


Yeah, but it seems as though that road is too problematic for you.


The thing is, all of the MCs have their distinct way of looking at what’s going on. Let’s say for example, your relationship with your dad: Chelsea says she understands dad even if he was sad and a pain from time to time. Then you have someone like Mike saying dad is a prick and hypocritical. When every MC comes in this variety of flavors, the coding behind it gets heavy. So now you have 10 different people, with different points of view about everything.

So, let’s say you have a custom MC. You know how they feel about their dad, their life, and the NPCs… Shawn can’t alter any of that, so a lot of flavor text goes nowhere, and now you have a path for this story that’s kind of bland.

Monsters is nothing like the other tittles I’ve seen on this site, so it makes sense for it to feel different. You’re not playing as you; you’re playing a character in a slasher movie, if that makes any sense. I think in the end, it boils down to What’s better: full physical customization and no flavor text; or being some sort of Jiminy Cricket, helping the MC to stay alive and understanding the reasons they do things or have certain opinions. It’s a weird IF game.

I’m all for building my own MC, I love it, but if I have to choose between that or flavor text, I choose flavor text. At least for this particular game, because here getting to now MC, is as important as getting to know the NPCs.

On the same note, I can do without the artsy blonde twins. I never play them anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


That is something that I appreciate about your work @Shawn_Patrick_Reed. :slight_smile:


So new stories would have to be developed for the made up characters which would mean a ton of work in connecting their experiences like those of the pre-made characters?


More like, quirks and traits are so important for the MC that a custom MC would lack a huge chunk of personality.


Unless those traits and quirks were added which would necessitate a ton of code.


Sure, but then you’re not playing a custom MC, because Shawn would be writing who you are.


I’m confused there. Sorry.


Could there be a mix-and-match? Pick a name and certain traits/looks from each pre-written character? Not sure if that’s possible or easier.