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Is there any way I can get with Sean or jack?


Alright, I created this writeup a while ago, but I wasn’t sure whether I should link to it or not. Because though Ashley has always been influenced by my ex-best friend, this version…is basically her, aside from a different name and different appearance. Personality-wise, it’s her. :smile:

But it just felt stupid to leave it lonely and unseen…so enjoy!

Oh, and fun fact-how Ashley meets June really is how I met her. :grin:

Alternate Ashley:


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Don’t mean to be annoying…but you did say to remind you. :slightly_smiling_face: So, reminder-Jack currently only apologizes for offing you when it was Sean who tried to kill you.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed I can’t remember if you’ve been told about this before, but a ton of dialogue is missing here. (I’m playing as Chelsea here.)


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed And here is Josh!




@buggygirl11 nice :kissing:

Also this is what was going on in Jack’s and Josh’s minds while in the basement:


@pimenita Oh my gosh, that video was HILARIOUS!! :laughing: :rofl: I laughed so hard. I even got a pre-video commercial that was hilarious (and that NEVER HAPPENS).


whos that hottie? :grin:


Out in the Golden State, but nice to see a new writeup of yours.


@djisma69 :smile: Ashley is Angharad Jones Buxton. Josh is Diego Barrueco.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Will we ever get the chance to see April’s psychological profile of the MCs (Sonya mentioned she profiled all the candidates to join)? I’m just so curious about what she has to say about them. And if someone had a profile of ME somewhere, I wouldn’t rest until I had read every word! :grin:


This is dead so dont necro.
Furthermore i feel like the idea to limit character customisation with the names. Put this into ground as it doest fit the wide spread specturm of people frequenting this site and may in fact be somewhat insensitive.
all in name of “artistric integrity”


There’s no dead thread here. I’m just in a quiet lull. :slight_smile:


Enjoy your life and be free let the wind take you where you need to go :smile:


I imagine a very colorful rundown of each character :thinking:


Just to put it out there- it feels good to be working on Monsters again. I’ve been in a lull the past couple months, so… well, here I am again. I’m currently (tonight) working on improving April’s two truths and a lie section. To explain, I’m creating a randomized variable, which determines which of the three questions April will lie on, which is randomized at the beginning of the game. Savvy players may be able to tell, but April won’t make it easy to tell which is truth and which is lie.

After this, I plan to add some to the Chelsam/Adavid vanride talk. Because it’s been a while, I’ll need to check on what else is on my to-do list, but I’ll try keeping y’all up to date.


Oh shit, April. I’m going to get destroyed, aren’t I?


Yay, you’re back! :grin: I’m totally going to have to save right before April’s game starts after the update-what April says is important for my writeups! :smile:


I’ve gone through the April ttaal section, adding in more variety to her answers to your questions. You won’t be able to get all of these variations in one playthrough unless you’re checking the code. Next I’ll be adding more to the Chelsam/Adavid conversation in the van.


Okay. I’ve been adding character-specific content to the Chelsam/Adavid van conversation all morning, and I’m halfway through that. (I have the gals covered, still need to fill in for the guys, though) I feel like I’m moving at a good pace again- but that I’m so far behind where I feel I should have been getting a start on all this, well- …well, at least I’m at a pace once again. 2,112 words this morning.

There’s a lot ahead. I think I get intimidated during the editing stage, much of the time. Perhaps it not having sunk in what all I still need to do is a good thing, as I focus on one thing at a time right now. I miss my wonderful fans, though. You all make this very truly worthwhile to me. :slight_smile: