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Ah cool, sorry I can’t remember what exactly it was now but I do remember seeing a choice in the game that increased (or decreased? my memory is terrible) your monster stat when it didn’t really make sense to me.
The game is really good so far, and I like how some of the text/ stats change based upon which preset name you pick.
I have a question about that, is it like (?)

*if name = "Adam"
    do stuff 

or more like (?)

 *if (the user selects the preset name)
    do stuff


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed I’m glad you’re-starting-to feel better. :smiley:

Eee, those edits/new content sound really really cool! :grinning: Though now I’m wondering which choices April would consider stupid, and how many times each character will get dinged. :pensive: I wonder if I/June has done anything she’d think is stupid. Maybe not killing Gary and sighing and saying “No” to the “will you try to escape” question (which she did call me a lazy coward for)? I have good reasons for those decisions, BTW! :sweat_smile:


@fairlyfairfighter That’s the thing- it’s *if name = “Adam” - do stuff. And the custom name characters have a variable that sets if you choose a name. Hmm. Actually… yeah. Add that to the list- I need to make the custom name characters unable to be one of the other names. XD Oh, my early coding days.

@buggygirl11 Thanks buggy. Guess I’ll be curious how high people can get an April stat after the updates, too.


Ah thanks, I’ve started my own top secret WiP (so secret no one knows about it. I mean, this public forum is totally secure, right?) and was thinking of stealing using the bestest code from other WiP’s :smile:


laughs My code is a horrid mess, in this game. It would give you nightmares. XD


Thankfully then it’s compiled which’ll put off most from reading the code :sweat_smile: and the game looks really cool, but maybe add a thingy in the stats menu to say what each stat (gluttony and stuff) means/ does (if you want-- the player could probably just google it too.

And are you thinking of adding sorta like a ‘what you know’ section in the stats, for example once we’re a member it might say like

"You’ve been forced into this group, if you can this demented cult a group, and have been chosen to play the part of ‘sloth,’ for a reason you don’t understand. (then if they tell you you change this part?)
*if (sean told ya about the other sins too)
(indent) You realise there will be more killings and hunting as time goes on, the group not as full as Sean (indent) would like ome of the other members to believe.
*if WalterMet
(indent) A tribute to the gods (I don’t know why but once we know you can put it here) for granting us our (indent) powers is demanded each year, and if not, well you remember Walter who
*if playerKilledWalter
(indent) you killed to save yourself.
(indent) was murdered in front of you by McCready

But you on’t have to, it might be too much effort against the amount of people that’ll use it, I just thought it’d be cool to be able to review what you know to help make decisions as the game gets larger :smile:


I agree with this. It’s very annoying to sift through.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile: I think it was the one with the playlist, right? Post 2424.



I encountered a bug. When the MC is being interrogated by Sean there comes a moment when the MC says something like “someone might try to kill me” and Sean responded in two different ways. In one paragraph he said something like “i better leave under guard” and a paragraph or two below he said “I’d like to see them try” or something to that effect. Later I got the scene where Sean comes with a “gift” from McCready but not the scene where The Creed comes to test the MC.


it’s got some hilarious dialogue and it’s only scientifically true game I’ve found on CoG/HoG and PSYCHOLOGY I’m myself student of it (2years now)

P.S. - I didn’t know if the things I said in spoiler are exactly spoilers but since you said not to discuss anything spoiler-y I’ve blurred it
Edit:- (just completed demo)WHAT THE HECK! THIS SHIT IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! A crazy family seems like an episode off AHSkeep up the good work dude!


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Since you’re going to be editing soon, I found a glitch. Some of Sonya’s dialogue is missing here. :slight_smile:

Here are my stats:


Been playing this and reading the comments for a few days now, and I really like it. Which is saying something considering that this isn’t usually my genre of choice AT ALL. In fact, I only tried it because someone on the forums for another game I play mentioned the quiz and I was intrigued, but I’m glad I did.

I admit it was not what I was expecting reading the disclaimer. I assumed that being the genre that it is some of us in the van were going to die, but I did not expect things to go down so quickly after arriving or for the whole family to be in on it. (Sigh, I had hoped that picking that I thought both David and Sam J were cute would’ve lead to a poly arrangement especially after finding out that they were into each other too :anguished:)

And any attraction June felt for Sean vanished after things hit the fan. In retrospect, I do agree with the others who’ve said that catching him in a lie isn’t necessarily cause to fear for your life even if he was holding a weapon–they were camping after all and he might have been about to go hunting or target practicing…but I was a little unnerved by the facts that this is a horror game, I’m playing it at night in the dark, and coincidentally I actually did grown up in a small town called Decatur (wrong state, but still kinda freaky) haha. Anyway, being a horror game I knew instinctively that if I called him on it that I was going to die, and if it offers a chance to run from someone with a weapon I should take it. But at this point I thought it was just Sean who was after me, and tried to “save” Sonya as I ran,so they keys I stole turned out to be useless. Well she got her minute back, and I had to find out what happens next.

I told myself that it was getting late, and I was only going to play until I died (which apparently happens early and often to a lot of people on this forum I’ve noticed) and then play again tomorrow…but I never died?! Am I the only one to survive their first play through all the way to the end of what’s written so far?:astonished: The only thing special other than stealing the keys I did was not choose any of the answers I knew would provoke somebody. I did have a couple of scares though…Like right before the quiz, I’m not sure if it was my browser’s fault or the game’s fault, but the game froze for a few seconds and when I clicked next nothing happened so I clicked it a second time. Then it registered both clicks at the same time and skipped past the text before I got to read it automatically choosing the highlighted answer. And I was like :grimacing:shit what did that just have me say to them?! But it turns out I just opted in to answering the quiz questions :joy: luckiest accidental skip ever.

The other scare was the decision about what to do with Gary. I saved right before I made my decision because I didn’t want to do it, but I had the sneaking suspicion that the game was going to make me do it or else I’d die. But surprisingly, although it did lower everybody’s opinion a few points, they didn’t kill me on the spot for refusing to kill him. Now after reading through the comments and finding out it’s possible to not be able to even if you try, I wonder if June would’ve if I had picked that option. Even more surprisingly, it was Sean that talked them out of killing me even though he had a low opinion of me. I’m definitely most scared of him because now he says I owe him and his opinion of me is 33% which I’ve gathered is almost low enough for him to try to kill me :cold_sweat::scream:. I’m also pretty scared of McCready because he’s also at 33% and is always rather violent and creepy.:fearful: But Jack has a soft spot for me, and Sonya likes me too. So far April and Gran seem on the fence, so maybe I’ll continue to survive for a while yet.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Another weird thing I noticed…Jack only apologizes for trying to kill you if it was Sean who actually tried to off you on the first night. Seems like a coding mistake to me. :slight_smile:


Hewwo everyone. I had my two teeth pulled today.

@buggygirl11 Sounds like it. Should happen when it’s the other way around. Remind me in a few days.


Ouch. That’s essentially trying to juggle everyone’s relationships with you in a nutshell.

Hope you’re feeling better, as our characters suffered enough from Jack trying to fish us out as is. Speaking of which, if that does happen to us, when are we able to be patched up?


I take an extended absence & return to a completed chapter 2? Sweet!

@buggygirl11 I’m loving the continued write-ups, I look forward to seeing where your MCs are headed :grinning:

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed So my first playthrough of the new content was a pro-Jack run. I need to test out some other options, but based on things you’ve said up-thread I think the hotel stop in Chapter 3 is going to be fun.

Speaking of a pro-Jack run, I feel like Stone Sour’s Song #3 fits him pretty well if your MC gets a high relationship going.


@gamerphan Thank you!! It takes a while to write them, so I love to hear that people are enjoying them. :grin: And I’m looking forward to finding out where the MC’s stories are going too! I’m actually resisting the urge to write Sam J’s now, because once Shawn adds the new character specific stuff and other bits of new content in the next update, I’ll almost certainly have to retcon all my writeups. :sweat_smile:


Huzzahness! This might not be all that exciting for most of you, but my own headcannon imagery for Sonya now has someone to point to as a dead-ringer for Sonya. Practically a mental identical twin. Celia Becker, except with freckles. They say everyone has a doppleganger somewhere in the world. But goshdaaarn, it was hard finding Sonya’s! These are imagery links- click only if you want to see what I see in my head when I think of Sonya (except, add freckles). and


lol, idk why but I always pictured Sonya as a blonde :thinking:; April always had dark hair though…


So I have to questions that are simple enough 1. Can Sonya be romanced right now and 2. Is killing Gary the only way to survive