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She’s twelve… well I guess your name fits here :blush:


I think this is not a bug Brian is McCready first name


Brian is McCready’s first name. nods


This isnt first time i’ve seen people didnt noticed her age… Is it really that missable? Well, i guess if someone would thought she is adult, then her behaviour could be seen as interesting or cute.
But as a child she comes more as “oh cute how she pretends to be adult” (well, except when she makes threats, then she is annoying :stuck_out_tongue: )


I think @Shawn_Patrick_Reed only said her age here in the forum otherwise we just know that she’s younger than everyone else.


I did fired up the game to check it out and there is a text, in the beginning of one page:

“And, so, that over there,” Sonya continues when she has the chance, pointing to a girl you’re guessing is somewhere between ten and twelve, “is my little sister April.”

So thats not it. Maybe people are so eager to know whats further in the story that they miss the first sentence of a page :slight_smile:


chuckles at the Ponku reply It must be everyone having saves further in and forgetting the beginning of the story. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, it is an implied age… April’s actual age is apparently 12 years, 2 months, 3 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 27 seconds old. XD ‘By-mortal-accounting’. I suppose she’d know better than I do- all I know is she’s 12 years + change. XD


… Fuuuuck… Okay well shit. I thought i was bad the first time… Now I’m just… Ugh… I’m still just gonna up my relationship with the kid. McCreedy is annoying in that preachy sort of way, Sean is just… Well he’s apparently a psychopath and I haven’t even met Gran and she already hates me. So I may not romance her anymore but I’m still gonna be friends with that btichy kid! Though… I might die for just focusing on two characters. Gah…


Wait can you romance Gran? this is a serious question.


I got the impression from reading her reactions that she was a bit younger. Say, MC and friends are 18-20 or so and she’s 14 or 15. I have a little sister so the reactions were familiar. LOL


Can someone tell me how to hook up with sonya? I did it once i dont k ow how i did tho. Someone pls tell me or msg me how pls.


Hey guys! I’m glad to finally be back. I have something to share with everyone (if you guys thought I wrote a lot before, wait until you scroll down :P), but @buggygirl11, I do have a reply ready for you. I’m afraid I might run past the character limit, so hoping you won’t mind, but I’ll save it for my next post below!

Whew, okay, so as promised, I’ve been working on extensive write-ups for the main characters. Thing is, I’ve decided that for now, I’ll just stick to four characters that I can fully develop. I’m sure I’ll toss some different ideas around for the other six, maybe short ramblings rather than complete write-ups. But mainly, I want to avoid committing to them and instead keep my options open until we see more of where the story is headed. That way, if it inspires me to create a radically different set-up for a certain character, I wouldn’t have to scrap or ignore one that I’m already attached to. But that’s just my current plan. I might be tempted to do a few more in full, simply because there’s just so much content to work with already. :smiley:

Oh, and although I originally selected June as my kind-of-insert, I quickly realized that it wasn’t gonna work. She just has such a distinct personality that I can’t bear to enforce my sloth-like habits on her any longer. Instead, I guess I’m going the path of shameless self-insert, name and all :stuck_out_tongue: Haha no, but I do plan on developing nameless gal (in my case, Kaye) as her own character. Even if she shares my chosen name and is someone I’ll be able to strongly relate to, I’ll do my best so that her experiences (past and present) will naturally shape her and her decisions.

So anyway, the ones I’ve committed to at the moment are June, Mike, Ashley, and Kaye. They’re far from done, but I do have a few things to show for it. With each of the four, I’ve at least worked out a song that reminds me of them, their sexuality + general approach to relationships, and their religious beliefs. I tried to connect as much as I could into who they are as people (especially the traits that are naturally stronger for them) and their motivations. So hopefully none of the info feels too trivial, though it’s definitely unbalanced in terms of detail. I managed to keep Kaye and June short, but I went a little overboard with Mike and Ashley! In fact, I really doubt I’ll organize all this info in quite the same way when I do my masterposts, and I’ll likely even rework it to leave out the song explanations entirely. But for now, here’s some of what I’ve got:

[spoiler] Kaye - “Vagabond” by Misterwives. Standout lyrics include: “Wandering far, disappearing / Feet stuck in place, not moving”, + “You’ve been flying so high / Avoiding the road / Pretending to not feel alone”

A personal favorite of mine, and one that may or may not have influenced my username a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: But more than that, it ties really well into her default description of “individual journeying through life without a specific destination.” I think it captures how on the one hand she feels stuck and just drifting aimlessly (making her a natural Sloth), but she’s still persevering through a lot of difficult experiences. It also emphasizes how she struggles to ignore her crushing sense of being alone, given her broken family and her now either dead or murderous friends.

Sexuality/Relationship history: As a hopeless romantic, Kaye was always disappointed that she never felt anything beyond aesthetic attraction. The first person to change that was Mike, who connected with her on an emotional level first. Kaye fell hard, and she was very grateful that he had feelings for her too. Still, she was unfortunately much more invested in their relationship than he was. Mike was pretty patient about sex, but he still thought that if he waited it out, Kaye would change her mind. When that didn’t happen, he used it as an excuse in his mind to justify sleeping with Sonya, since she could give him something Kaye couldn’t. Needless to say, Kaye was heartbroken, since she thought this was her shot at love.
(More specific sexuality: demiromantic ace)

Religious beliefs: Christian. Kaye believes that an individual’s relationship with God is most important, not the blind following of religion and its laws. She’s already broken away from a lot of church rhetoric (that gay marriage is sinful, gender and sex are binary, the Bible as we know it is perfectly translated and should be treated as black-and-white, etc.) Her progressive nature causes her to challenge other Christians on these notions and point out hypocracy every chance she can get. Viewing all human life as equal and sacred, Kaye also feels validated as a pacifist through her faith. Her stance is so extreme that even capital punishment is wrong to her, and she would be the one who’d refuse to murder an innocent under any circumstances short of being told to do so by God Himself.

June - My song choice for June admittedly doesn’t quite fit in with her usual tastes (which I see as classical and/or new age, neither of which I really listen to). If I had to put together a playlist she might like, I’d probably be pretty clueless. Even so, I still love relating her to “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. Favorite lyrics include: “She acts like summer and walks like rain / Reminds me that there’s time to change,” + “She listens like spring and she talks like June,” + “And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?”

Now, I’m sure her name being in it comes off as pretty cheesy, but I legit picked this song for her before I even remembered that was the case. And it still fits, right? With her fascination in everything mystical/extraordinary, she gives off the same kind of otherworldly vibes. I also see her as big on self-discovery, and all the mentions of travel really do suit the adventurous, “on-the-go” lifestyle she’s described as having.
(As a bonus, the lyric about finding heaven overrated isn’t lost on me, either, considering how different religions are/will be explored throughout the game)

Sexuality/Relationship history: June usually has zero interest in dating, but after growing really close to Ashley, she agreed to go out with her so that they could spend more time together. Besides, she thought that if she had to sleep with someone, it’d be another woman. Regardless, her feelings remained platonic, which Ashley never quite understood. So after Ashley meets Sonya, and finally feels wanted in that way, she gives in, initially hoping June could excuse it. Their relationship might have actually survived a proper break-up with ease, since June honestly doesn’t need romantic/sexual attention. But being carelessly tossed aside by her best friend through a text message was a complete betrayal of her trust. It especially stung because very few people bother to get close to her.

In the case that it’s June that sleeps with Sonya, she only gets roped in because she wants to learn techniques that she thinks will make Ashley happy. Even Sonya picks up on the fact that June doesn’t know how to navigate these things, and she freaks her out enough that June thinks she has to immediately send a break-up text, something she’d normally never consider doing. The loss of her relationship with Ashley would probably depress June enough to agree to continue seeing Sonya if she insisted on it, for the sake of company if nothing else.
(More specific sexuality: aromantic gray-ace)

Religious beliefs: Wiccan. June’s a fairly new convert, but she’s someone who always felt a spiritual connection to the natural world. She sensed a sort of magic within it, but never thought of it in terms of religion or something that she could label. However, once she did explore these beliefs, it greatly strengthened her faith in her own powers.

Mike - Ah yes, another song that’s not quite the character’s taste but I could see him liking. I chose a mashup/cover version specifically because the original song is so repetitve it makes me want to pull my hair out. Besides, I like the mashup’s added lyrics, since they fit my take on him as well. So with Mike, I associate him with “Thunder/It’s Time/Polaroid Mashup” cover by Joel James. Top lyrics being: “Just a young gun, with a quick fuse / I was uptight, wanna let loose” + “Not a ‘yes, sir!’ / Not a follower,” + “All my life I’ve been living in the fast lane / Can’t slow down I’m a rolling freight train”

The fundamental thing about Mike is that although he managed to suck it up under years of his dad’s hounding, he was definitely never a naturally obedient person. He absolutely chafes under authority, especially now that he sees himself as his own man. The song really reflects that resistance, and you can kind of hear him gritting his teeth to think about the mold he was forced into.

I also like the song’s immediate introduction to him as both humble about himself and a guy who’s particularly short-tempered. Mike doesn’t think much of himself, but he considers everyone his equal and expects them to treat him as such. His temper may flare up easily, but never more so than when others are talking down to him. Mike doesn’t put up with that crap anymore, not unless his life truly depends on it, all other consequences be damned. His years of practice do end up kicking in sometimes with McCready, but he’s resenting him every second of it.

Otherwise, I like to think that Mike’s always pushing his limits, whether it be with success in life or with other people’s patience. His pretty volatile emotions mean that he often lashes out in the heat of the moment and says things that he later regrets. Still, unlike people like McCready, Mike avoids fighting, and his anger won’t translate into physical violence unless the other person initiates it. He also is capable of moving past the anger that he feels with a relatively short cool-down time.

Last thing I’ll mention, but with the part about wanting to let loose after being uptight for so long, that totally suits his attitude toward college. To him, it was mainly valuable as a source of freedom and independence. Mike never completely shook the habits of self-discipline that were drilled into him, but he developed a motto of living in the present and indulging in every opportunity that seemed to promise a good time (like this trip, whoops). He likes how this keeps him active and living at a fast pace, sparing no time for thoughts of his issues or past.

Sexuality/Relationship History: Mike is often drawn to dating people who are one of two extremes; either someone who’s so forgiving that he doesn’t have to worry about his short temper driving them off, or, even better, someone with enough rage themselves that they understand where he’s coming from. In either case, he’s able to let down his guard a lot more and make emotional connections more easily. However, even with the right person, Mike’s still not big on dwelling on his issues or his past, so he tends to shut down conversations that head too far in that direction.

Mike has a moderately low sex drive, but he’s still bisexual. As much as he’s willing to wait on sex, he kind of assumes everyone will want it eventually. Mike can even be tempted to cheat when drunk and sexually frustrated enough, especially if the person he’s dating has shown a complete disinterest in sex altogether. His habit of living spur-of-the-moment and making temporary excuses for himself only means that the guilt would settle in later. Alternatively, if he finds out his partner cheated, it would trigger an immediate outburst. Mike would then calm down after a little ranting, but he’d still be pretty hurt, and attempting forgiveness would take a lot of effort on his part.

As a side note, I have his favorite music down as country, and while I wouldn’t suggest this song for his character as a whole, I bet he’d much prefer “Hard to Love” by Lee Brice. It’s also about being a “short fuse” and other such flaws, but more in how they affect his relationships. It doesn’t mention cheating in particular, but I could still see him dedicating it to all the exes he’s left broken-hearted throughout my playthroughs :stuck_out_tongue:

Religious beliefs: “I don’t know what I believe” Mike’s not against the idea of a higher power, but he’s certainly not for it yet either. He gave it some thought, but he simply doesn’t think he could arrive at an answer until he’s given some real proof. After all, he’s always been a natural skeptic. And it likely wouldn’t affect him much anyway, since Mike takes life at his own pace and refuses to answer to anyone if he can help it.

Ashley - I don’t have a song that fits her particular description/character yet, but I did find one that not only fits her taste of music but also the narrative I have in mind for her. “Villainy Thrives” by Trivium. Relevant lyrics include “I can feel it breaking a retaliation release / I need to cause the evil doer suffering,” + “It’s not that I take life for granted / It’s only that the good wont make it / Innocence dies while villainy thrives,” + “For too long you’ve gotten away with murder / A fitting justice would be your painful execution”

Like man, these lyrics are vicious, and that’s exactly how I want them. As Ashley’s sanity slips, and she builds up more and more rage, she lets herself become a monster so that she can live long enough to take down the villains. Only she can stop them from killing innocents, and when she does, they’ll deserve what’s coming to them. Ashley might have softened her heart for Sonya, who she thought she loved, but she felt utterly betrayed at everything that was kept from her. So for now, she’ll play along with her new “family,” but she’s only biding time. The act that cements her as a monster? Ashley doesn’t even look back in regret, since he was one of them in the first place. Or at least, this is the storyline I had been working on, and the same general sense of vindictive-righteousness-against-villainy is what made this song so perfect to discover.

To better define Ashley’s character, I’ll say that I view her not as short-tempered, but deeply passionate. She can usually take a lot in stride. However, when someone does something to truly hurt or offend her (like, I don’t know…killing her innocent friends), it ignites a fire in her that has little risk of burning out. So if it’s not a significant danger to her, Ashley won’t hesitate to unleash her fury. Even that rarely satisfies her, so she lets all her anger linger and holds grudges to an alarming extent. Still, if she does need to, Ashley can hold her tongue…but pent-up frustration will only make her that much more determined to spite whoever wronged her.

Of course, her character goes way beyond wrath, as I’ll delve into a bit in the following two sections. For one, Ashley fiercely loves and values the people around her. So long as someone continues to treat her well, she’ll happily offer them anything and everything she has. This relative selflessness is one of her defining virtues. Also, when she’s not around others, she often falls prey to periods of depressing emptiness, where even her pastime of outdoor pursuits seems to lack meaning. That’s part of why she loves hard rock and metal so much, because they really get her worked up when nothing else can. High energy pop songs (especially ones on the physical side, like Maroon 5) can be nice once in a while. But only hard rock and metal have the ability to fully tap into her inner rebelliousness and rage, giving her the intensity she strongly desires.

Sexuality/Relationship History: Ashley jumps at any chance to connect with other people and make memories with them. You’d never guess it by how she interacts with others, but the true reason she thrives on attention is because she’s a lonely girl at heart. In return for distracting her from the void in her life, she provides everyone around her with generous and loving support. As for steady relationships, she’ll gladly accept whoever’s willing. This has little to do with her moderately high sex drive, because instead, it’s affection and reliable companionship that she craves the most. In fact, while she’ll accept men and women alike as romantic partners, Ashley is actually strictly a lesbian in terms of attraction. Most women she knows are straight, which is why she’s surprised to find out otherwise with Sam J and Sonya. Sam J’s not her usual type, but Sonya (and her ex June) definitely are.

Even if Ashley’s dating someone, she finds Sonya hard to resist and can be reluctantly persuaded to hook up with her, internally accepting the flimsy excuse that she could patch things over with her partner later. Hypocritically, if her partner did the same thing, Ashley would get too furious to even think about forgiveness after she finds out. She might convince herself that it doesn’t matter to her, but unless her partner’s very persuasive, she’ll always secretly hold a grudge.

Religious beliefs: “I don’t like religion.” Ashley’s dealt with a lot of crap from people like McCready, so she never bought that religion somehow improves your life or makes you a better person. But more importantly, she can’t stand how much suffering there is in the world. As far as she’s concerned, any higher power that would allow it isn’t worth worshipping. Instead, Ashley believes in taking things into your own hands when you see a need, making it her mission to be personally charitable and kind. Of course, that kindness runs out once you’re on her bad side, and she won’t hesitate to plot against those who she views as having evil hearts.

Since Mike and Ashley share wrath as one of the sins they’re inclined toward, I tried to give them each a different relationship to it. Hopefully that came across well, but if not, I’d definitely be open to some constructive criticism. Really, I’ll take any feedback if you’ve got it, especially since it’ll be helpful as I work on the full write-ups. Though I will say that I don’t need Mike and Ashley to feel entirely disconnected, since they’re technically direct counterparts in the story when you don’t play as them. I think I’d like a few similarities between pairs like that (Chelsam and Adavid for instance, though I know there may be more down the line).

Also, I suppose it’s not of particular interest at the moment, but in terms of the others’ sexualities, I’ve worked out Adam and Chelsea as straight, David, Sam, and Josh as bi (with Josh in particular being gray-aromantic), and Carson (aka nameless dude) as gay. I know Chelsea can sleep with Sonya, but it’s a pretty safe bet from her unique responses that she just did it for David to find out. As for David specifically denying being gay…I don’t know, just like with Sam, I do get genuine bi vibes from him in the aftermath. So yeah, anyway, across my playthroughs, Ashley’s dated June/Sam/Mike/Adam/David while Mike’s dated Ashley/Chelsea/Kaye/Josh/Carson. Hmm. Y’know, at some point, I’ll probably do a section where I take the different couples and guess what qualities they found most attractive in each other. I think that could be fun. [/spoiler]

Hmph, well I was going to congratulate you guys for surviving my text dump (or scrolling past it, hey, I’m not here to judge) by sharing some pictures too, but apparently I’m limited to one per post as a new user. Darn. Well at least they’re all picked out, so look forward to my visual interpretations of the MCs (+ Jack and April) some other time!



Ah, thanks so much! Even though I’ve avoided a lot of the sloth options in some runs, I’d never tried to get it that low before. Thanks to June it was rather easy. And dang, what a solid conversation. Definitely satisfying to have June tell him off like that, since honestly, how can they expect her to just believe that they’re actually saving the world? Especially if Sean’s already revealed that he’s lying to the rest of the group, I mean at that point, something as honorable as “saving the world” is an impossible claim to take at face value. Personally, I would have to be completely and utterly convinced that was the case first, so he can guilt-trip me all he likes, but I think sparing an innocent rather than killing them for an uncertain cause is pretty darn reasonable.

[quote=“buggygirl11, post:2346, topic:10492”]
That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll die. (Ashley for instance has survived so far with both Sean and April hating her guts.) You just have to be very careful. :wink:
[/quote] Wow, those are two characters you really don’t want to mess with, I’m impressed! Haha. But yeah, that’s good to hear. I was just relieved that I can at least survive without killing Gary, and apparently even get welcomed into the family…? I would’ve thought automatic “survivor” like in other playthroughs. Not entirely sure why they’re that cool with me refusing murder, but I’m guessing that as always, it has to do with my Sloth and being “ready”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, those were all such a treat to read!! I live for complex explorations of character, and you do it masterfully. I loved getting inside everyone’s head, and even though it’s a lot of info to process, it’s so well organized. I already had a working version of Ashley before I read yours, and wow, it’s crazy (in a good way) how little ours had in common! We can definitely agree she has passion and just wants love in her life, though. And honestly, a part of me likes yours better, especially the way you wrote her thought process on the events at the end, like woah! I know everything about all this is dark, but still.

While I loved them all…My favorite write-up was June, hands-down. You write her so clearly that I’m doubly glad to have stopped using her as an insert, as she’s just so full of life and convincing as her own character. The whole plot about her genuine desire (and pride in her ability) to change them, then everything going horribly wrong…it’s really freaking compelling! Despite having already committed to doing a full write-up on June myself, honestly, it’s so tempting to just accept yours as canon. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, amazing job.

Oh yeah, I want to run something by you. So, I really liked your explanation of what being Wiccan means to Calliope. I had sort of just put June as a Wiccan because it fit, but after reading how you incorporated the powers aspect, I ended up mentioning it as well, as you can read above. I mean, it’s one thing for June to be aware of her powers when talking to Sean and April, but it’s much cooler to think that she developed a better sense of it while exploring her beliefs! But of course, since you did make the connection first, I’ll be happy to take that part out if you’d like. Again, I really do respect everything you came up with, it’s just so impressively detailed and consistent! :smiley:

Since I know you expressed some interest in my take on the characters, I hope you have some thoughts and I at least did them a little justice. I look forward to hearing back from you, great master of write-ups! :slight_smile:

@Portugas_D_Ace Oops, sorry to post such a long post so soon after yours, but I hope I can help! In my experience, it helped to choose as many lust options and humility options as possible (you can be humble with McCready for sure, I can’t recall where else). Join in the discussion with April, be nice to Sonya, put your arm around her. Then, later when you’re thinking about trees, if she tells you you’re beautiful, you’ll know you’re on track. Next, choose her first for cabins, and if she sounds responsive to you telling her you’d like her to come by, you’re set. Oh, but then pick someone like Sean or Jack, since I think you can get off track for picking Sam J/Chelsea/David/Adam. After your bunkmate scene, she should stop by. Let me know if you still have questions!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: @VagabondAce All the huzzah! Thank you so much. Multiple things- so for one, ‘Drops of Jupiter’ is one of my top 5 favorite songs. :blush: The song makes me happy every time. I also got to discover a new Imagine Dragons song (‘Thunder’), which also makes me happy. And the Trivium song too. Same as Imagine Dragons, I’ve heard Trivium before, but not that song.

Writeups like this, and buggy’s, they give me a better sense, I think, of how people see the MCs- what qualities come out for who. And I can then take that and carry it forward when I think about distinction. One thing I love is making soundtracks- mixtapes I suppose, along a mood or theme. So doing that for the NPCs isn’t… so hard, but somehow it feels like the MCs are ‘open’. Like, their mixtapes aren’t mine to make- and there’s something about that thought I like. Like each character has a mix-tape of mix-tapes, in a way. Of course, I have individual ideas in my head about the various MCs, but that zone, that nebulous zone, between them being their own individual characters and being your character, I feel like I’ve gotten that. Maybe I can polish it more, but it feels really good to think I’ve succeeded at finding that balance.

:slight_smile: Be welcomed to blitz the thread with a bunch of image-posts if you want to. I know I won’t mind.

I just, kinda wish I could get around to working on this some more, sooner. But today I’m finishing up work-work- and I go to see the Tannahill Weavers tonight. And any spare time I have this month goes into my CScomp project. It’s so much work! Y’all have been absolutely wonderful, and fill me with a desire to get to writing more as soon as I can. Thank you, dear readers.


@VagabondAce OMG, I loved reading your writeups! I just have one question for all except Ashley (because you told us already)…how do they feel about the cult and its members? Are any of them in any danger of falling to the dark side, or at least the morally-grey side, or are they pure-hearted heroes that Sean and April must have been having a MAJOR off-day to recruit?

For my characters in this game, there is a reason EVERYONE was chosen. Everyone’s a little screwed up in one way or another. But that will just make it more exciting, and those that do remain in the proverbial light more complex and real heroes than the ones we’re shown in comic books.

Kaye seems like a really nice person, and I hope she/you finds that sense of purpose.

I see both our versions of Mike have the same rebellious attitude. :laughing: Hopefully it won’t get them killed! I know my Mike almost got choked to death by McCready already for his.

Ashley is really different from how I imagined her, but that just made her even more interesting to read about. And WOW, she’s the vengeful type. :fearful:

And thanks for the idea of creating playlists for the MCs! :grinning: Wow, “Drops of Jupiter” brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood.

Thank you!! :grin: That 180 degree turn in Ashley’s thoughts right after she kills Gary wasn’t planned originally, BTW. But when Ashley was all like “bastards like these killed my brother” I was thinking about how CJ was kind of in a gang, and may or may not have been a murderer himself. And how even if he was, his departure from the world devastated his family and basically ruined their lives.

Well, you could say that I know her best, hee-hee, considering she’s basically me when I was 18. :laughing: So I hope I was a convincing character. That would be a little worrying if I wasn’t believable…though also slightly ironic, if people didn’t believe the truth. :laughing:

Oh, thank you!! Yeah, June’s not obnoxious about it like April is, but she really does think she’s smarter than most people and was totally (over)confident in her ability to singlehandedly teach these people the error of their ways. Her certainty has been rather shaken now, but unless something horrible happens between here and the hotel, she’ll probably conclude that while it is not going to be as easy as she thought, and maybe she won’t be able to SINGLEHANDEDLY change everything in a SINGLE YEAR, she’s not throwing in the towel just yet. She’s physically lazy, especially when she doesn’t see the point in something (like cleaning), but she does not give up on the things she really wants easily. And for a lot of reasons, June is REALLY REALLY attached to the idea of what she thinks the Family COULD be…after a few policy alterations. :smile:

Whether she can really do it, or will fail horribly either through death or through being pulled to the dark side or just realizing she’s incapable of succeeding…I have no idea. We’ll all have to see.

No no, don’t take it out!! I’m happy you liked my idea so much you decided to use it too! It’s fanfiction…we’re all stealing Shawn’s ideas already. :smile:

Oh, and I’m stealing your idea for making MC playlists. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was a good one!

And thanks for all the compliments on my writeups! All this flattery is making me blush! :blush: I’m reorganizing them now, so you won’t have to scroll up and down and all around to read them in the order events occurred in the story anymore. :smile:

I second this, @VagabondAce. I’d love to see what the characters look like in your mind. And if I like any better than what I have, I’ll use them myself! :smile:


@VagabondAce I really liked how you took the infamous exes and gave them a reasoning behind why they would cheat on their partner. You turned the cheating ex into a person. Pretty creative.

And about the MCs sexualities; yes, headcanoned.


Is it possible to get 30 on the test??


I think so but my “best” is 26 … “equal to April” lol. l


It is possible to get 30.

I actually got 33 just now.


It’s possible to get every question, indulge in every sin but wrath, practice forgiveness, I now regularly beat or tie with Sean.