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@pimenita Spoilery reply is similarly spoilery…

[spoiler]Sean has his own damage that causes the reactions you’re seeing. He’s not actually disliking you because you’re being empathetic. He’s…complicated. If you haven’t run that storyline, I don’t want to ruin it for you. But…yeah. He’s absolutely the most sympathetic character, in my opinion…once you figure out how to get behind his emotional armor.

Sonya and April, on the other hand…they joined so early that I’m not sure they can be fixed. They can be sympathetic,
but I don’t think they’re redeemable.[/spoiler]


So I’ve played through 4 or 5 times.

I can’t get past the claim you have to make in the basement, no matter what I chose. The MC always raises the hammer then fails to attack.

Is that as far as is written? Or am I just really missing a choice?


You’re just not passing the checks necessary for killing Gary. Try to play a bit differently if you really want to kill him.


This update is timely, ugh I needed to kill something, RIP GARY, I wont miss you. I don’t even know you.


Now thinking of that, maybe she wasnt lust at the beginning, but some other sin? I vaguely remember sth that they can change their sin? Sth with mcreedy taking anger from Jack i think?
I’m not sure, even with how disturbing the game already is, that author would want to top all that adding sexual abuse of children.


@Ponku (back from asking author) Maybe. Maybe not. :slight_smile: Shawn’s not giving any spoilers on the topic of Sonya’s backstory. Though he does say that it will be pretty dark and tragic, and reminds us all of the “adult content” disclaimer.


Hey everyone-

There’s a lot of interesting discussion going on, and I figure I ought to pop in with my two cents before any potential arguments get started.

The story is dark. … No two ways about it. I put the disclaimer in there at the beginning for a reason. The story also seeks to relate to people at a deep, primal, and human level. Sometimes that’s through the dark side of human nature. Sometimes through strangely touching moments of humanity. It’s very likely the story will get darker than it is now, at times- I’m not going to beat around that bush. When it’s all done, it might emotionally beat the fuck out of you. Or- maybe it won’t; that depends on you- how you relate. Y’all won’t get a peep out of me about character redeemability- I have far too many oh-so-gripping moments planned to release any tension.

I’ll gently remind people to play nice. If someone likes, or doesn’t like, a thing, there’s no cause to imply they should feel bad about it. As a writer attempting to write horror, delving into dread and creepiness and suspense and anxiety are all things I want to do. Making a reader uncomfortable is, for this type of writing, a good thing. At the same time, though, I would be happy to invoke tears, rage, warm fuzzy feels, complex mixed emotions, and contemplations about the world. For a story like this, the lines between liking something and actively disliking something are somewhat blurred, as both are good things, from my author’s perspective.


If they’re is a free spot open. I’m kinda doubting Sonya being not lust at first, because I somewhat remember the conversation pointing out her age, and I’m pretty sure the eighth sin is despair which is supposed to be combined with everything else, which doesn’t fit Sonya, nor do I think any other sin could except maybe envy. Then again I could be horribly off the mark with despair.

I think I could convince Sonya to feel bad but not stop, Jack to stop, and convince Sean that his choices are illogical. Gran I don’t know, but for some reason I think she wants out of this life too.


I tend to relate to my characters veeery much. Thats the main reason why i am so apprehensive about reading the story again. On some level everything that happens to my character i feel like is happening to me atleast in terms of invoking certain emotions.

Like i mentioned before, when first trying that story i thought it would be a horror about supernatural monsters (like from Alien for example). If i knew it would be about delusional murdering psychopaths i doubt i would try it. And if i knew that it would involve something as dark as sexual abuse of a child (if it will), i would probably never again even look at this forum topic. (i dont know if it is a popular opinion, but i think sth like that is even much more darker than murders).

If the game contains or mention rape or sexual abuse of any kind, you need to put it quite visibly in the disclaimer, even if it would be a big spoiler for any character.
As it is now, having not played yet the current version, i cant say how much actually implied it is in the game about Sonya’s early experiences with the cult, but if it really is implied she was forced by them to sexual activities as a child, then i would argue its enough to put that into disclaimer.


I think they’ve got a point, Shawn. You should put the rape stuff on the disclaimer. That being said, as someone who loves horror with a passion, I really liked finding out who the monsters were. God knows there’re enough vampires, zombies, and dragons on this site to last me three lifetimes. I’m not saying they’re lame; I’ve been a fan of zombies since I watched Night of the Living Dead (the 1990 version), and you can’t go wrong with vamps… for the most part. But, fucking a, watching this kind of antagonists was refreshing. And horrifying.

I’m almost 27 years old, I’m a lefty, a bisexual feminist, I live in a third world country, I’ve seen enough douchebaggery being thrown my way or the way people I love to grow a thick skin. So my opinion? advice?: Dude, put all the shit you want in your story. Monsters handles heavy themes. People are going to get weird out because of the sex, because of racial discrimination, because it’s about bonding with killers, because of everything, so be ready for that (and all the disclaimers that come along with that). But if it means anything, I think it’s great a story in this format is being worked on. I’ve watched enough horror movies to break a guinness record (“Person who has watched the most puppets eating a human face”), I’ve read enough King, Poe, Lovecraft, and Barker to close my eyes and keep seeing their words burned into my eyelids. So believe me when I say, Monsters is real good.

ps. @Ponku I’m not saying go grow a thicker skin. Everyone has stuff that set them off, because we all have had different experiences, that’s perfectly fine.

ps 2. What about dragons? Fuck dragons, there, I say it.


If a reason comes up to change the disclaimer, I’ll change the disclaimer- I’m not so stubborn I wouldn’t. I’m not going to disclaim anything not written in the story, though. As I figured it, assumptions by readers is covered under disclaiming ideologically sensitive content. Presently, there is no ‘rape stuff’ to disclaim. I know y’all are nibbling around trying to figure out Sonya’s past. It’s dark, it’s tragic, don’t assume you know it. :wink: Eventually, I’ll write about it.

Fair enough to everyone?

@Ponku It is a fair thing to disclaim… if it gets written. I’m fine with that.

@pimenita Ahhh, fame. XD You have me imagining Monsters getting turned into a movie someday. Or maybe a graphic novel or anime. I can dream- but hey, maybe if I’m lucky and get ‘noticed’ when it gets finished, it could… So, whoever decided to turn Game of Thrones into a TV series? Right here, buddy, points up at Monsters - Come and get it! XD [quote=“pimenita, post:2374, topic:10492”]
So believe me when I say, Monsters is real good.

This is such an incredible compliment. Thank you! That said, I really want to make it even better. It’s slow going… but one day I’ll be able to look upon Monsters and go “BEHOLD! IT IS DONE! Now… time to start on New Game +.” XD

As a side matter- progress continues on CScomp. I’ve broken down what I need to do into manageable sections for each day for at least part of the month, and it’s just a matter of keeping on task.


What are you planning for new game plus?


When i found out who the monsters are i was rather dissapointed. “Eh, just crazy people”. I do prefer stories about supernatural, but thats just my preference. Actually i dont considers stories about psychopaths as horrors exactly, more like thrillers genre. So, while i watched and like many horor movies, i havent liked that many about psychopathic murderers. But i’m not saying this one is written bad. I think it is well written, just not particulary genre i usually like.

And @pimenita why would i want to grow a thicker skin with regards of experiencing books and movies! That makes no sense :slight_smile: !
Afterall how we experience and respond to book or movie is often quite different than how we experience and respond to real life events.
Also i’m a bit curious, you did mentioned a couple of books authors, i did red and liked books of three of those four and i do have my type for that, but which do you think of them is the best horror author? :slight_smile:

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed The thing with horrors and thrillers is that they do contain a lot of questionable and triggering content. Thats why they need to always be labelled appropriately and specificly. Saying just “adult content” doesnt explain much. For example it may just mean it contains sex. I dont think many people would be weird out just because it contains mentions of sex. But if it contains mentions of sexual abuse, thats already a completly different thing. So it is good that you specify more things in more detailed disclaimer, i know its a lot of work to educate yourself on all sensitive topics you include that may be reasonable disturbing for others and not just go the way some other authors i’ve seen by “i dont find it disturbing, so it isnt and i wont put a warning about that”. Ugh… . So if those details of Sonya’s past for now aren’t implicated but they are just assumptions by players, i’m fine with that too :slight_smile:

I bet that the past of every character in game is dark and tragic (and because of them so is the MC’s now actually ). Afterall something had to broke their minds to the point they are crazy enough to think that murdering innocents is a good thing. But ofcourse no amount of tragic past actually justify what they are doing, it may merely explain their damage.
(Unless ofcourse they are actually puting sacrifices to some evil god that did undoubtedly manifested itself and wants to destroy the world, you know, like in certain horror movie :wink: , its still would be questionable justification atleast, but it would make them bit less crazy)


You’re making me choose between my babies :anguished: I think all of them have their own style and I can’t really compare them and pick a winner, but I guess the one I’ve read the most is King; It is the only book I’ve ever read that had me feeling tickles behind my neck as if someone was behind me. Good times.

Barker is someone I want to read more because he takes his monsters and makes them more human than his human characters. He plays with that a lot because he knows what it’s to feel like a social outcast.

Poe is just a classic and oh-so-gothic, he’s a must. And Lovecraft… there’s no beating around the bush with Howard Phillips: he was a dickhead, as racist as you can get, and he couldn’t write dialogue even if his whiteness depended on it. But the way he describes his monsters --or the way he doesn’t–, he’s a master. He throws enough out there for you to imagine the worst thing your mind can muster. Reason number one there’s no good Lovecraft movies; they want to show you the monsters. You can’t show an eldritch abomination because the whole point of having them is that they are out of this world and dimension. If you ever saw one your brain would melt. The only movie that understood what Lovecraft did was Alien. John Carpenter’s movies are pretty good at this too.


@pimenita Oh i agree that all of them have their own styles and advantages (the one i havent red is Poe). I havent red thaaat many of their books, just some, but the best horror author, as in, the one that writes the most scary books, actually scary, is Barker for me.
King is mostly dark fantasy for me and while some books are great, i didnt find them actually that scary (although i havent red “It” ).
Lovecraft is more like general uneasines and feel of defeat (and everything else you said about him :slight_smile: ) .
But actual horror? The really scary story? That, for me, is definately Clive Barker. I felt uneasy while riding a metro for some time after i red Midnight Meat Train… :slight_smile:
I remember that it was a bit of a shock for me at that time, as i always heard how “King is the king of horror” or how classic Lovecraft was. I red those, i liked them a lot, and that was what i thought a “scary book” is. They were good, but they werent actually terryfying me. And then i red Barker, and since then he is what a “scary book”, and the definition of horror, is for me :slight_smile:
Now i wonder how “It” would compare to that :thinking:


read, I, didn’t

Choose the firstb- no second born. First is for Rumpelstiltskin or any other first born wanting monster.

I’ll never understand seeing horror in books…


Yeah, i get that response a lot :stuck_out_tongue: It’s hard to explain. Either you feel it or don’t, depends on a person and a book. I felt similar until i found the right book. Who knows, maybe you will change your mind when you find the right book for you :slight_smile:


I guess Barker is the barker of horror ba dum tss!

Oh, another thing, I don’t know if you should read It, since it has an unnecessary scene with sex and minors. I don’t know what King was thinking… probably coke. Definitely coke.

Hm, I think horror to me is when someone creates/does something that leaves an unsettling feeling in the back of your head. Like when I felt someone was behind me, or how I can’t look in the mirror with the lights out, or look up the stairs at night. Let’s see, look for 2 sentence, 10 second scary stories. Maybe you’ll find something to give you the creeps :wink:


Hard to decide not knowing what it actualy entail. As i said, i have absolutely nothing against sex scenes in general. Sexual abuse and rape is something completely different than sex.

Then i guess barking scares me more than a king :smile:


Name: David
Gender: Male
Health: You are healthy.

Lust: 49% Chastity: 51%
Gluttony: 50% Temperance: 50%
Greed: 49% Charity: 51%
Sloth: 74% Diligence: 26%
Wrath: 53% Forgiveness: 47%
Envy: 52% Kindness: 48%
Pride: 70% Humility: 30%
April: 79%
April: This isn’t love. This is pure respect.
Gran: 30%
Gran: Fat and lazy pigs like you are ripe for slaughter. And you look stupid and lazy enough to eat.
Jack: 46%
Jack: You’re kinda annoying, did you know that?
McCready: 50%
McCready: McCready is a strong and organized leader, and keeps an air of professionalism between you.
Sean: 55%
Sean: The one thing you could say about Sean is that he is unflappably level-headed. Nothing ever seems to get to him, and he’s almost always willing to have a friendly talk with you and make you feel welcome.
Sonya: 30%
Sonya: You deserve to be violated, tortured, reduced to a simpering incoherent heap, and violated again until you die, and maybe after.
Sanity: 68%
Thoughts: You’ve seen things. You’ve done things. At times it feels like perhaps you’re losing your mind… but at other times the adrenaline fills you and you actually feel awake. Alive. Clearer headed than normal. You doubt that you’ll ever be able to forget what has happened… you are a part of it. But, you might be able to live with it.

Ahhh Replay’s… I gotta play this again

Especially figure out how to get a higher April relationship without upping pride and ruining the friendship with everyone…

Out of everyone… I love Jack and April, the former due to the fact that he seems like he’s geniunely nice to me, which made me sadder that my relationship with him is lower. His story though… Holy shit… Sonya is a homewrecker, like… Jesus!

As for April… To be honest, It makes me feel weird that i want to romance her. Though from my character’s story, i feel like there’s some twisted similarity to how his dad and mom were… Though clearly my character is more messed up than the dad. Either way, yeah i like her.

The Questionaire did weird things though, some area got automatically answered which… I assume had to do with my stats.

I noticed a bug where Brian somehow transformed into Gary…

Either way, i should replay this soon, maybe see if things are different… I should change characters but I like David the most.