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Wait can I post things about my progress in the game cuz am doing super great


Long story short I’m howling at what feels like the top of my lungs because of this update. Voice hurts. Your fault.


This sucks! Keep dying! Stupid jerk old man keeps killing me. I want them all to die and you


I was convinced at the start the story was on the same path as Until Dawn. You know, college kids going on a trip and having to survive from serial killer or something but holy crap, you got me real good.
I gave sonya the benefit of the doubt and managed to raise her r/s high enough. Now that I know shes bat crazy idk what to feel :joy:

Another thing I like about this WIP is how you gave us a lot of save slots! Can’t wait for future updates.


Oh my poor MC.

Imagine your friend; the one who consoled you through a break up, the one you thought was the kindest, the one you promised to stay with when she showed you her vulnerable side, the one you fall in love with. [spoiler]Imagine that friend not really being a friend, she was the cause of the break up, the one who’s planning your murder since day one, the kindness was a lie and the feelings you thought were reciprocated weren’t real, you were just a good fck and now you need to forget it.

To top it off, you were surrounded by serial killers, your other friends are murdered just because, you are forced to join a cult and was forced to kill a man. [/spoiler]

Aaand my MC’s final sanity stat was 60+, i don’t know how she stayed sane through all that. :sweat_smile:

And I still don’t know if i want my MC to stay soft with Sonya or strangle her when the chance arises. She fucked up my MC emotionally :cry:


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed @everyone I kept on running into the most annoying glitches while trying to create a Tumblr, so I created a DeviantArt account (a website which I discovered thanks to Shawn :slight_smile:). I’ve posted Adam and Ashley’s updated writeups.

The new content is under “Initiation” and “Monster.” Oh, and I changed Ashley’s favorite music from hard rock to pop.



Though it wouldn’t allow me to post pictures of them. I’m probably doing it wrong, I’m still getting the hang of it.

So here are the updated images.



@StrayPuppy The higher your “Sanity” the more crazy you’re becoming (and the better you fit the Sloth role). It’s backwards that way. Look at the text explaining the 60+ “Sanity.” Does it look very healthy and sane to you? :laughing:


Hey, @Shawn_Patrick_Reed, I think I might’ve run into a slight continuity error when asking if Jack wanted to bunk with me? I didn’t get into a fight with Jack or any sort of argument so I’m a little confused why my MC is saying the following after shaking his hand:

“I don’t forgive things like that so easily,” you tell him as you shake hands, “but I do want to try to get along with you.”

Forgive what, exactly? :thinking: The line makes sense if you’d gotten into some kinda argument with Jack before, but it’s been smooth sailing with him for now as far as I can see. I think the closest thing I’ve done against him so far was choosing to get angry at McCready about being hella gay even though he was telling me it wasn’t worth it. :joy: Unless, like… we’re considering Jack raising his middle finger at Mike in greeting near the start of the game as the capital offense. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed I found these:

Feels like a word’s missing.

Isn’t it sedan?[/spoiler]

I really like where all this is going by the way :smiley:


Found this really early in the story as Sam.


Huh… So it’s been a very long time since I did a full proper playthrough, haha. Like… probably over a year if I’m being honest. :sweat_smile: A lot of this is pretty much new content for me, but I have to say:

Jack absolutely fascinates me. (Consider this a spoiler warning.)

There’s something about Jack’s character that really intrigues me. Of all the characters right now, he seems to be the most… multifaceted? Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure which sin Jack currently is. For a while, I thought he was none of them until McCready revealed the only one they were missing was Sloth. So… I have a hunch that Jack might currently be Greed or Envy. It’s hard to tell which one might be him and which one might be Sean. The thing that intrigues me is that, whichever of those two might be his role, it doesn’t seem to fit him as well as the mantle of Wrath did. It’s actually very similar to how I feel that the family is trying to force the mantle of Sloth on us. I mean… if it were to be based off of our stats, Sloth would be the last one my Mike would take after. I’m honestly wondering what exactly happens when someone replaces another. :thinking:

I mostly wonder this because something I noticed as I played the game (I kept checking my stats with like… every choice) is that Jack–the former ‘avatar’ of Wrath–seems to respond positively to acts of kindness and compassion. Don’t get me wrong, I noticed he also seemed to like impulsive and occasionally greedy actions, but it’s the fact that he seems to value kindness and honesty that threw me for a whirl. It definitely made him stand out among all the other characters, but… not gonna lie, that might be due to some bias clouding my vision. Jack is probably my favorite character for a number of reasons, but I’m really hoping he might be a romance option for Mike. His li’l note on the stats page gives me hope. Please, @Shawn_Patrick_Reed, don’t make me cry by revealing it to not be so. :cry: Jack actually seemed surprisingly sympathetic and supportive when McCready was being a raging homophobe.

Anyways, I really enjoyed playing as Mike. I usually prefer to make my own character, but I felt that there was enough flexibility in molding one of the existing characters for a fun role-playing experience. I can’t wait to see what’s next, haha. I actually snapped some screenshots of my stats page for… documentation, I suppose. I’m honestly surprised I managed to keep Mike’s sanity so low considering I had him kill Gary. Also, I just realized that killing Gary flipped the Sanity stat into Monster. Whoa. Anyways… truth be told, I’m very surprised that everyone seems to be so willing to welcome Mike into the family after that. My Mike wasn’t lying when he told April that he’d be the one to betray them, but everyone seems to have forgotten (or willingly chosen to overlook) that. April seems to be the only one sensibly keeping tabs on him. Well… I suppose McCready is too considering he took the hammer away.

I just have one doubt… Early in chapter 2(?), when Mike was bound to the chair, Sean said that Mike was “fighting too strongly”. Nothing really… came out of that in my playthrough? It kind of felt as though it jumped to Mike being ‘ready’ without my being aware of it. I don’t know if it’s just due to the fact they didn’t expect Mike to be willing to kill Gary that led them to believe he was ready or what. Now I’m wondering if it might be related to the Sanity stat turning into Monster… I suppose that might be indicative to Mike being ready. Huh.



Greed, Sean’s envy.[quote=“Lithophene, post:2293, topic:10492”]
Don’t get me wrong, I noticed he also seemed to like impulsive and occasionally greedy actions, but it’s the fact that he seems to value kindness and honesty that threw me for a whirl.

Well wrath is the sin that detracts from sociopathy. And I think he hates Sean anyway.


Have you tried doing this for other PC such as Josh, David, and Mike and other female protagonists? I really liked how you wrote about Adam and Sonya, and I’d love to read other stories of the haracters in the game.


@Gregory_Pena They are coming, they are coming. Patience, mortal! :tired_face: These take TIME to write. But yes, I will eventually have writeups on every character in the game. I actually already did Mike and David’s writeups. Mike was done like a week ago, you should find his if you scroll up to just before the forum got shut down. David was done just before the long hiatus.

They ARE NOT UPDATED yet, though. I’m working on updating them and posting them on the DeviantArt. I’m going as fast as I can. I have finals now. :slight_smile:


I understand. I’m not trying to pressure you. I just wanted to know if you had more since I liked reading Adam’s so much. Keep up the good work and good luck on your finals; I can relate since I start AP exams Monday.


@Gregory_Pena It’s fine, I know you did it out of love. :sweat_smile: And it makes me really really happy to know you enjoy them so much. :joy: The new stuff in particular was pretty difficult to write, and I’m glad people appreciate them. And I’m sorry if I snapped at you a little there. :blush:

Oh, and good luck on your AP exams.


Dear everyone.

I’ll be taking a lot of time today to work on editing, with a best attempt not to become swamped. All the new comments are wonderful to read, thank you, each and every one of you. I’ll try keeping track of my editing progress here, though I expect to move at a plodding pace with it. For a little while, stay patient with me y’all- I want to get around to a bunch of the messages that have been coming in here, I just don’t know when I’ll get to them.

Fixing things in the story that need edited is pretty high on my priorities- I’ll point out through messages here the things I get fixed, but fixes won’t show up until the next time I update, which will be after I get done editing. If more things get noticed, just go ahead and add 'em in on the list.


You should make a list of edits and show their status: todo, in-process, or done. This way people can check the status and check the schedule to see if the error they found is reported.


I have to concur with @Eiwynn I tend to hold up on posting anything to prevent adding extra work for you (in a very busy thread) and reading through a plethora of post to make sure that I am not presenting something that has already be brought forth before tends to be more time consuming than hunting for bugs/contniuity errors themselves.

By the by, keep up the great work ^_^.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed When asked your religion, it’s actually “Protestant” not “Prodestant.”

[spoiler] Also…it just hit me like a painfully obvious ton of bricks why April is so paranoid she wanted to kill an MC who didn’t kill Gary on the spot, even if she likes them. At least in the case of people like Calliope and June, who are not in the trunk…in a few hours, they’re going to arrive at a hotel. A very public hotel, which could provide a GOLDEN opportunity for escape if one was so inclined.

So I guess I can understand the fear and mistrust. I’d probably be freaking out too in her position. [/spoiler]


@Ylva The bugs you’ve pointed out have been fixed.

@pimenita The first one you pointed out was that a word was indeed missing- under if statements with improper capitalization. The second … you’re right. But I was confused because doing a google image search with ‘cedan’ totally works, and shows cars that look closer to what I was imagining. Still, I’m changing it- sedan is proper.

I got off to a late start because I caught up on precious, precious sleep. I’ll be gone again tomorrow- but will work on editing through the night.