Monsters(WIP)- updated 04/27/17 -Link is updated

Uh, I got the info from a best friend. :sweat_smile:

Must not have been implemented in the last version updated. There’s so much that’s been worked on sinse then and it’s been so long, I tend to lose track. After the next update, you won’t be able to, fair warning.

@LivingSilver Ah, a bit of the game ‘telephone’ going on, then? :stuck_out_tongue: Sonya’s story will be revealed in game eventually. If MC does stuff right for it.

Bit of a P.S. I’m working on writing again tonight. Won’t know until later how much I get done.


Under Christian you misspelled Protestant.

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I feel like some of my sanity chipped off while playing this game, lovely ~ sips tea oh and I fuckin hate Sonya and want to amputate all her limbs while making sure she’s still alive and pluck out one of her eyeballs and have her watch while I roast it on my stove then finally continuously stab her with a fork until it hits a vital organ or she bleeds to death




Thought I’d update you all on what’s going on. Tonight I’m working with the slightly tedious process of making sure my spill-on transitions are smooth. My mind has been buzzing a lot the past few days and has only managed a little writing- because it’s calmer tonight I’m hoping to get a good amount of work in. Doubtful that this work is going to be the word-content type. It’s more like proofreading and editing of a certain type- a bit like soldering together loose ends to base parts so the flow is smooth. Time to plug in my music list of choice and have-at. : )


Overall, I really like the game although I think it would be a good idea to change one thing. In my opinion, the MC is too calm when talking with the Sins. MC should be a little more terrified (?) o angry when talking individually with each other, I got the impression that they are two friends talking about mundane things. But the plot is interesting and I’m looking for futures updates.
Also, great news about your recuperation. I hope you get better and better.


A little late to the party, but welcome back Shawn! Glad to hear you’re feeling up to returning.

I can sympathize with everyone I’ve met so far, though some are harder than others (cough-McCready-cough).

And a Matt Mercer quote? It seems like all my fave HG authors are turning out to be Critters, and I have to say I’m loving it.


@gamerphan You crawled out of the wallworks just for me? X) Thank you very much. And yes- I do suppose I’m a genuine critter (let’s hope not the 80’s bite-through-your-foot-kind :wink: ). I got a chance to meet Matt Key ever so briefly at Gen-Con last year, when I got myself a Mighty Nein shirt. :slight_smile: Bad year, wonderful moment. I keep up with campaign 2 weekly on youtube. Ah, and, ehrherm, anyone else that doesn’t know about Critical Role; thank me later, go start watching campaign 2 from the beginning on youtube. It’s wonderful.

So, I’ve been out of commission about half this past week with a headcold. Finally feeling back to sorts mostly. Have the feeling the cough might be a bit stubborn to kick though. In any case, that is to say I lost most of this week’s writing time. I’m on the task again today, though- trying to go the long haul today. It feels really genuinely strange that I haven’t played any Steam games all month. I guess quite a bit of anime and netflix binging makes up for that though. :J

The part I’m working on in the story right now is …I’m not even quite sure how to describe it exactly. Because it’s multiple parts and some of them are finished and some aren’t, and I’m just kindof henpecking at any unfinished bits I find every time I open it up to work on it anew. So it’s like trail mix of some kind, where are these good bits I enjoy writing and have a big impact in my feels, with stuff that just feels tedious and ‘why can’t this be done already’. On an upside- as I’m writing there’s new fuel in it, stuff I feel inspired to. On the downside, I’m still having trouble getting into long writing sessions- and I can’t tell if it’s because of me or the writing I’m working on presently. I guess today I’m going to try to force it, so wish me the best of luck, or just- shrug threaten to make me lose the game if I don’t or something. XD I guess-- I mean to say I’m battling myself some days, to write- and y’all help lend me strength. And at the same time, it’s not so bad- I -can- write, and that’s far far better than I had been. Anyway, I’ll try to report on today’s progress. Presently, working on filling out unfinished branching in a certain section of this part of the chapter. If I finish that, I’ll move on to trying to knock out the Sonya sections of this portion of the chapter, hoping they’ll write quick. If this section has unequal portioning, might just have to say so be it. I’m experiencing some great moments writing it, but I also just want it to be done and it’s so not. XS Anyway- onwards. Fight on!


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed I did, sir, and while I have no less love for the toothy variety, I would do so only from a very great distance. :wink: :laughing:

I have not been able to attend GenCon as of yet, though my gaming group is trying to coordinate a trip for next year. Congratulations on the meeting, one of the reasons I enjoy the show so much is how genuinely friendly everyone involved with it seems to be. I’m significantly behind on campaign 2, had family stuff crop up that resulted in my living without internet for the last several months. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Aaaaand back to the topic at hand - illnesses & other delays happen. I doubt any of us will hold it against you, we’re just glad you’re feeling up to writing again. You know the system that’s going to work best for you, but if the henpecking is slowing you down too much maybe you could save it for a time you’re highly motivated, set specific times or time limits to do just that aspect, etc. :laughing: I will happily take the “wish you best of luck” path. :+1: :metal:


@gamerphan I’m going to give you several fair warnings about Gen-con. The first is that, on top of the price for a badge (which is ~$120 for the weekend), there is an additional cost for tickets after you are inside, which are required for various events. Which are a dollar apiece. This means that, on top of food, board, and travel expense, as well as potentially parking (or walking a good distance), the base price expectancy is waaay up there. On top of this, the main draw of the convention is the massive, and I mean MAAASSSSIIIIVE dealer’s room. You’re going to buy stuff. You just are. Don’t fight it. XD So putting this out there, I’d say if you arrive with anything less than $500, you’d have a disappointing time. Gen-con, personal opinion, is the kind of thing worth experiencing once in a lifetime… but not something I’d want to do each year. The second tip is that you’re going to NEED to plan out your event schedule from online information BEFORE going to the convention. That means, essentially, making your own schedule of the panels and events you want to see- what they are, when they are, and where they are. Because you’re simply not going to be able to at the convention. There are -thousands- of panels. Everyone I went with was a first timer and had no clue about this. Many of them will also cost tickets. Yeah. It’s practically racketeering. I personally treated the convention like a big Magic:TG tournament and spent a lot of time winning drafts. XD (I won three boxes worth from 120 tickets, that was good for me) But really experiencing everything Gen-con can offer would mean planning it out before the convention even begins.

You’ve got some good stuff to catch up on.

~ I know. But I’m still hard on myself for being a broken writer for a year. I’m not convinced I shouldn’t be… but at least I’m able to take what’s in me and put it into my writing. And I’m thankful for that.


Open question for everyone- does anyone know how to properly script in making a conditional based on an achievement?

Essentially, I’d like to set an *if based on whether a certain achievement has been achieved or not, and I’m not sure how to script this.

If you (any forum reader here) don’t know, ignore the post- if you have an idea, run it by me. Thanks!

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Oh, I know the pitfalls. I sent my DM & his wife last year as their wedding gift, so I did my research. They did bring me back a Margaret Weis autographed copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight, which was sweeeeet! M:TG was one geek hobby I actively avoided, it struck me as a money sinkhole, though I do enjoy the game.

We have a tendency to be harder on ourselves than others, I think. Can be good for motivation, less good when it leads to beating yourself up. Enjoy your week & your work, Shawn!

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Good day dear readers!

I’m running manic today. My brain decided to kick the happy switch on for a while. I have no idea where it was yesterday- but I’ll give my poor brain a break and be thankful; it’s been trying really hard lately and, better late than never. : )

So okay, concise thoughts. I recently organized some of my youtube songlists into MP3s ready to be burned to CD so that I can listen to them in my car, because I don’t have a way to listen to youtube in my car. Consequently I’m overdosing on really upbeat, make-me-want-to-dance songs and for a change have too -much- energy. To me this is still a good thing though.

So one of the reasons I wanted to burn some CDs is that I’ll be taking a short roadtrip to NanDesuKan in Colorado for the last weekend in August, and meet up with some friends I haven’t seen in ages. Now I’m actually going to posit an open invitation to anyone that actually plans to be at NanDesuKan and wants to meet up with me, let me know. I’d happily accept that!

On a separate point of note- normally I get no writing done during the first ten days each month, because I cram work-work into that time. Hard to write when I feel the looming press of ‘but then I could just be working instead’. Somehow, my manic mood has had me complete tomorrow’s work allotment today, already. helpless shrug It can be a bit difficult to carry a writing vibe through this time each month, because work-work is just plain necessary, and squeezing in writing is, well, difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could this month? We’ll see.

Oh, also something that has me weirdly excited by way of wanting to write, is that while I was working on organizing music earlier today on youtube, I found an indie singer/songwriter that’s a dead headcannon ringer for Sonya. Hair 100% what I imagine, face gothy Sonya without freckles. Different voice (north Brittish), but I do kinda like her songs. Anyway, that weird space of not wanting to influence other headcannons, with wanting to share what I’m seeing… I guess I could compromise with a ‘you can follow up on this if you want but don’t have to if you don’t want to’- Heather Baron-Gracie, singer of Pale Waves. I’d be going off the accoustic set imagery. Your choice to look or not. Headcannon compromise reached. Also, if anyone knows what -that- particular hairstyle is called, I will use that directly to describe Sonya’s- if there’s a name for describing it.

Anywhoo- I’ve a day in front of me, and story on my mind- I’ll either slow myself down enough to write a while or just keep going with work-work. Y’all are the best fans ever. group hugs I’mma do my best to support your fandom. :wink:


Dear readers,

I got through work-work one day early this month, having started one day early. Yesterday my mind was a mess, today I’m a lot more settled. So the best thing I can do is treat the day as a gift to myself for writing. I’ve got D&D later today, but here’s hoping I can get good work done before that.

I’ve begun the very beginnings of the Sonya section(s) for this part of the story- which compared to the other sections here I expect to be rather short. I do need to write them individually, but even put together I figure they’ll be shorter than some of the longer sections are. But as I write organically, we’ll see. There’s other stuff still unfinished, but I’m going to feel better right now knowing and seeing myself making tangible progress.


There Is Also Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Sonya section 1 (of 3) in this part, finished. Only 2,266 words, but I knew it would be a short section. Feels really really good though.

@SomeGreekGuy To check, is this a point for religious representation in the story? In a scholarly sense I know nothing about it or the distinctions regarding it. I wouldn’t mind a crash course education if you feel thus inclined, but in a personal sense religions don’t interest me enough to motivate me in a deep dive regarding them.


Short Words
Originated in The Holy Land, Roman Empire

  1. We Dont Believe In Hell Only Heaven.
    2.We Dont Evangelise
    3.Anyone Can Go To Heaven
  2. Self Righteouness Is Spirit pride
    5.We Are Gloomy. Like We Are “Lord Forgive us For I Have Sinned” Pretty much

Alrighty. That’s sections 2 and 3 for Sonya in this part of the story, finished. Huuu-zah. Without a doubt the shortest sections for this part of the story, though. Still, I feel grateful for narrowing down what I have left, even by a little.

@SomeGreekGuy respect nod Very concise. I could add it in, just not sure when right now.


Popping in to remind everyone that I’ll be going to Nan Desu Kan this weekend- heading out Thursday. Anyone else here planning on being at the convention? If so speak up now or forever hold your peace. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to meet if anyone will be there.