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Its their lack of moral compass and acts they commited that makes them inredeemable

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@fairlyfairfighter Okay, I guess I misinterpreted what you said. My mistake. :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry for the lecture. :smile:

And you bring up a really interesting point with the whole Sean vs. Sonya thing…

Sean is an actual psychopath, has no conscience and is literally incapable of feeling guilt or remorse…stereotypically, you’d think he’d be out there torturing people to death for laughs and generally being a LOT worse than Sonya. But…unless there’s something we haven’t seen and he’s actually an utter bastard (because plot twists are constant in this game and you never know :sweat_smile:), Sean isn’t doing anything like that. Yeah, obviously he’s a serial killer, but he’s not doing the kind of gratuitous evil stuff that Sonya does. Because Sonya didn’t HAVE TO do what she did to Sean’s fiance, and she didn’t HAVE TO steal the MC’s ex. But she did anyway.

Sean…there’s absolutely nothing, legally or emotionally, stopping Sean from doing the same kind of thing. Nothing but him choosing not to. Especially when you’re surrounded by every temptation TO behave gratuitously evilly like that and by people who DO, not to mention ye olde psychopathic impulsiveness…that’s actually incredibly admirable. Go Sean’s Temperance virtue, I guess! :smile:

Hopefully he’s not going to make me embarrassed I ever admired him by next update. :laughing: (Because Sonya seemed like the sweetest person in Chapter 1…and then…:scream:)


State of the game, 2/27/18

Chapter 3 rolls slowly, but roll at least it does. I probably have a couple of solid pushes to get this side portion finished, and blend it back in to the main route from certain choices.

Perhaps the thing that’s been most on my mind, though, is a matter of trying to figure out how to change around the desciption for some of the MCs a bit. This one’s a weird one- various characters in the story draw various amounts of inspiration from people I know or knew, and most are reliably safe, but a couple of cases make me want to err more on the side of caution. Other than the article’s overuse of the word ‘chilling’, it brings to light to me the notion that libel can be taken from third party perspective. Although I trust the CoG community as a whole, I find that I don’t actually trust certain individuals associated with these inspirational sources, and even though it’s a long shot anything would come of any of it, i want to change some descriptions to do this right. So this is a matter being added to the editing I want to do. The character quirks won’t change- just the descriptions, and possibly names, for a couple of them. I’m still figuring out how to personally tackle the matter without causing undue work for myself, but it’s liable to be a major undertaking for me, anyway.

I’ve still got a few more days to the month, so I’ll see what all I can get squeezed in by then. As most of you know, work-work takes up my writing time from the 1st to the 10th each month, during which I do very little if any writing, and sometimes it can throw me off for a bit afterwards, too. This upcoming month, I’ve got some major spring cleaning to do that actually takes priority over writing, but I’ll still try finding a balance for myself to not stall out and keep rolling forward. It’s like an Undertale ‘Get determined’ message flashing for me, y’know? XD

I’m sorry there’s not much more to report, having already spoken somewhat to the topic a few days back.


And I have another writeup! I know, I know-that shouldn’t be possible because I’ve done every MC. But this is an early birthday present to @K4therine, whose birthdays haven’t been as enjoyable as they should be in years past.

The character Katherine is based on her…and yes, she knows and approves of her portrayal-so it’s all kosher legally. :grin:

Happy Early Birthday!



Thank you!!! :grin:

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State of the game, 4/1/18

I’d like to offer this up to placate all y’all as best I can. Statement of fact: I have not (that I can remember) written a single word on Monsters this past month. It’s been a hectic month for me in certain ways. I have, however, maintained a level of creativity- just… on something else. Call it a secret project, at this point in time. And not the link above, though that I have as something I can show you to hopefully forgive me for going off-track as often as I do.

Things have, however, settled down for me, and I look optimistically to this month for my writing.


State of the game, 5/1&1/2/18

I’m a bit delayed on getting this out, aye. On the good side- I have written on Monsters this month. I’m currently working on the gas station section. The down side- aye, it’s still slow. I spent a lot of time recently playing Battletech rather than writing. Oh, man, I do love that game. But the gears are back in motion. Guess it’s a bit like an old steam train that takes a while to wind up to speed. I’ve been clearing time for myself to be able to write- something which had snuck up on me over the winter, where I had less and less unscheduled time in a given week. Now, I’m back at a comfortable level to write. Though my gamer habits did catch me up with Battletech.

There’s something else I’d like to bring up, and attempt to explain succinctly. For better or worse, I’ve taken inspiration in parts of the story from my own life, people and things, nightmares in some cases, and just thrown a whole bunch together with equal parts imagination. It probably should be noted that inpiration going into the story is different from what’s taken coming out from the story. Meaning to say, it’s a work of fiction, just, ‘plausibly realistic’ fiction. Further meaning, anything actually existing shouldn’t be judged by the content of the story. Places, people, in short - it’s probably unrealistic to tell which parts of story are real and which are made up when it comes to inspiration from reality. That said, well, I have drawn from reality in some cases. There is a real Chelsea. I’d like to note that she knows about this message, and the story, and I’ve gotten her permission to post about this. The real Chelsea has been through a lot, and is going through a rough spot presently- her dog, Roscoe, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Chelsea has set up a go fund me to help pay for Roscoe’s chemo treatments- if you can help, and would like to help… please do. If you can’t, or don’t have a way to, or would rather not, please don’t feel bothered or obligated. Here’s the link: And, likewise, a message from Chelsea regarding this: ‘Asking for financial support is an incredibly difficult plea. Any little bit helps. His first two vet bills for this (just in the last two weeks) have already been around $900 combined. That’s like, my entire monthly income. If you can’t spare any money, I totally understand. If you could share this, though, that helps too. Thank you!’

I realize this may be a surreal experience- in short though, please don’t mix the real Chelsea and story Chelsea up. They’re different even if there are similar points. It’s an actual humanitarian request, she’s a friend of mine, and I am helping with this too. Anyway, thank you.

The current portion of the story I’m writing branches out into various sections somewhat like the van-ride to the cabin does, with little branches on each. There will be a chance to pursue some of the possible choices available, but not all of them, and what happens could change depending on when you select the choice. Not going too far into spoiler-zone, just explaining the present work going on.


Oh wow, okay…this is strange and a bit awkward. :sweat_smile: I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this or not, Chelsea…but if you do…well, most importantly, I’m really sorry about what you’re going through with Roscoe. And I also just want to say that if you read the fanfic short-story I wrote about story-Chelsea, or any of my posts analyzing her…I hope that it didn’t offend you or hurt your feelings. And anything about story-Chelsea being a narcissist and a psychopath has nothing to do with the real you.

That being said, I do love story-Chelsea as a character, so thank you for being so cool and understanding about her existence. :grin: I hope that life improves for you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


@buggygirl11 - Chelsea wanted to reply to you. So I’m sending this along. (and I am claiming the genius part for her) Anyway, here it is:

To buggy: I can’t comment without making an account and I’m lazy. :sweat_smile:

Honestly, at first it was a bit… strange and awkward for me, too. But I realize that story-Chelsea is an embellished version of whatever parts of me that inspired Shawn (which I’m actually a bit flattered by), and as long as everyone who reads this knows I’m not ALL like her, it’s okay. (I’m not claiming the genius part :sweat_smile:. But I am vegetarian. Lol)

Thank you for your kind words, and I do appreciate that you thought to apologize for potentially unintentionally offending me with your write-ups. I’m not offended at all, you did a (very thoughtful and impressive) analysis of a fictional character I happen to share some real-life traits with. But it was very sweet of you to be mindful of the possibility.

Thanks to Shawn for sharing my response and enabling my laziness. :sweat_smile:


Oh, thank you. :grin: And I’m really glad you’re not offended.

And I never thought I’d have to tell the inspiration for story-Chelsea not to be so modest (:rofl:)…but if the 161 IQ is real, then it would be scientifically inaccurate to claim you’re NOT a genius. :grin:


I don’t know why but I think it would be hilarious if one of the promenade character’s was a psychopath who planned to kill Sonya and everyone else on the trip and a hilarious scene would be once the hunt begins and they are confronted they would say something similar to this " That’s not fair I was going to kill all of you " and then for what ever reason they would insult the person like a child " big dummy gummy bear "


Because I do things like this when I’m trying to de-stress after a day of working on grad school applications, and because I found a cool article describing evil versions of every MBTI personality type, I decided to figure out which personality type each cult member fit best, then see if they fit the evil version. And…they all kind of seemed to. :laughing: I even tried to do Gary and Gran from what we know about them.

April: INTJ (A)

“The destructive INTJ is cold, arrogant, and controlling. They are contemptuous and condescending to anyone who doesn’t value their same vision or sense of logic. They may even enjoy putting other people down, making sarcastic jabs, or otherwise belittling them. They consider themselves above others, more enlightened or intelligent than the rest of humanity. They believe their vision and forecast of the future is always right, and they stubbornly hold to their perception without opening their mind to other viewpoints. They are agitated and vindictive with anyone who critiques or gives another view that contradicts their own. Destructive INTJs may seclude themselves from the rest of the world because they are so disappointed in their fellow man. If they don’t do this, they may try to micro-manage and overly control the people in their own lives, forcing them to obey a strict set of commands. If they have a corrupt vision, they may be swift and terrifyingly effective at creating plans that are disastrous for the good of humanity.”

Gary: INFP (T)

“Destructive INFPs are self-absorbed, self-righteous, and waver between being passive and extremely judgmental. They enjoy living in their fantasies, but care little for the practical realities of daily life. They may neglect their loved ones and family members and instead prefer to live in a world of their own making, in essence abandoning everyone who holds them dear. They may retreat from the world and silently judge everyone they see.”

Gran: ESTP (A)

“Evil ESTPs seek thrills, opportunities, and pleasure at the expense of any and everyone who gets in their way. They are excellent manipulators, who take no issue with swindling, cheating, or lying to get what they want. They have no concern for the feelings and values of other people and stifle any moral considerations that enter their minds. Life is for taking advantage of, living to the fullest, and exploiting, even if it means leaving a trail of broken hearts and bullied souls in their wake. Unhealthy ESTPs get a thrill out of negative or positive attention, and may enjoy bullying or annoying other individuals simply for the rush it gives them. They can be reckless, dangerously impulsive, and hedonistic.”

Jack: ENFP (T)

“The destructive ENFP is manipulative, self-absorbed, and disloyal. They believe the world revolves around them and their interests and ideas. They only care about others in terms of how much they can get out of them. They jump from one idea or relationship to the next, flaking on plans and shirking responsibilities without a second thought. Inspiration and stimulation becomes everything to the unhealthy ENFP, and they will try to attain it by any means, even if it means deceit or immoral acts. They are so sure of their own visions that they lash out at anyone who opposes them or questions their abilities.”

McCready: ESTJ (A)

“Destructive ESTJs are dictatorial, aggressive, and controlling. They believe that they know what’s best for everyone, and that their way is the only way. They suppress their moral compass and disregard the feelings and values of other people in exchange for their own rigid views. They push forward to achieve their goals, but instead of taking time to reflect on their decisions, they steamroll over everyone in their path in order to accomplish tasks without considering alternate viewpoints or the moral implications of their actions. They may be loyal to a corrupt system or authority and suppress anyone who stands against that authority or questions it. They trust their own personal experience and disregard other people’s experience. They scoff at the emotions and values of others while they allow themselves to have their own temper tantrums and emotional overreactions.”

Sean: ENTJ (A)

“Destructive ENTJs have a clear vision for the future and will force everyone to follow their vision, caring little for other people’s perspectives and views. They use their quick wits and cold hard logic as a weapon to silence their opponents. They will consider themselves above emotions and subjective ‘feelings,’ but may become temperamental and wallow in self-pity when things don’t go their way. They consider the feelings and values of others stupid or silly and they are exceedingly proud of their logical ‘superiority’. They like to control other people, and enjoy using their intuitive perceptions as a way to play tricks on others. Domination is a game to them, and they are increasingly power hungry as they become more and more unhealthy.”

Sonya: ESFP (T)

“Destructive ESFPs seek attention and sensation at all costs. They are impulsive, vain, and self-absorbed. They dislike anything or anyone that might upstage them, and they will be passive-aggressive to anyone who they feel might steal their spotlight. Their subjective emotions rule their lives, and logical arguments or constructive criticism are dramatically shunned. One minute they will be madly in love, the next minute they will ditch their partners or cheat on them because they feel trapped. They jump from one exciting thrill to another without concern for the people they affect along the way.”


XD April is SO an INTJ. XD (I’m an INTJ/INTP cusp m’self)

They all feel relatively on point, though I’m not sure on Gran’s- it seems about… oh, 75% right. Still, surprisingly on point with these.


I realise this is super far off but a new game plus (after surviving the path of Dante) where from the outset we know their plans and can destroy then or something would be amazing.

I’d pay double if that was included, but I suppose it depends whether anyone else wants something like that too haha


Ughh, Just did a test and my result is exactly the same as Gary the ‘sloth.’
No wonder I get to be the new sloth. :man_cook:

@Boodini INFP isn’t a bad type or anything. :smile: The descriptions under each cult member are just what a morally questionable version of each type may be like. Non-darkside INFPs are ridiculously nice, creative, and good listeners. :slightly_smiling_face:

haha yah right, I was just being dramatic.
plus, I am indeed quite a lazy person. :ghost:

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How’s it coming?(20 characters)

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@lNoRegrets23l Shawn promises that this is going to be a highly productive month, writing wise.

Yay so its coming back :smile: