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I’m going to use this quote against you very often, Wire.


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Can’t play the game anymore, is this due to that Dropbox thing everyone’s talking about?


Dropbox thing?

Darn character limit.


Some people on the forum kept saying that Dropbox was doing something with HTML and that they were going to move there games and stuff.


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed [spoiler] In Sonya’s section, do we get to find out the backstory on why and how she and April joined the cult? The more I think about it, the more curious I get.

Also, I’m pretty sure it was said somewhere that Sonya joined first. So did she really try to recruit April even though there was a chance she wouldn’t survive the recruitment process? (I mean, of course April’s crazy smart and hyper-competent, but she’s eleven and as a sister I’d think you’d worry.)

And speaking of sisters…what does all this mean for poor Grace? If her older sibling joins the cult, will she be getting a big surprise come next summer? :imp:



Sorry If I was too blunt in the competition even if you were not in the bad side of my list. But as judge I had to be 100% sincere and never reduce. That. If I think x (not the case just a example) it is a piece of rotten fish over a golden poo I will tell you to the face. Total sincerity in competition. However. I am trying weak my feedback. For no competituon to made it mainstream and normal… And get my beta tester title. But no avail i am too grumpy to be a beta tester extraordinair :crying_cat_face:


That’s the type of tester I’d want for a game if I made one.

How is the author suppose to fix their story if you’re sugarcoating everything?

Most people would assume I’m being an asshole when I voice my suggestions…

I may be funny on the forum, but when an author is depending on me to tell them if something is wrong, or there’s something I don’t like, brutal honesty is the only way I know how.


I’m tapped down with work right now. I’m going to be, for a few days.

But~ if the story is down, I’m going to finish Sonya’s section before posting it up again. Could be a week or so. Sorry this is as is, but hopefully new content will help make it up to y’all.

@buggygirl11 Good question. But, no, not really. For that you’ll need to go down Sonya’s route. April’s is of course a different perspective. There might be fun surprises, though. :slight_smile:

@poison_mara I’ll poke fun at your bluntness until the day I die, but it motivates me. It took us talking it out afterwards for me to ‘get it’, though. Now, I think, don’t scale back your critique next year- I need to be able to measure myself accurately.

@Wire_Ryse Imagine having April judge your game. That’s Mara level critiquing. XD (and probably one of the oddest compliments I’ve ever given)


So humble.

Such a dedicated worker.

Such a tease.

… no wonder he is getting fangirls like Mara and Eiwynn … just picture that.


So a bit late to the game here, but I figured I’d pop back in to give my two cents. First, a question: are we talking about NPCs being given different ethnicities or just the ability to choose your MCs ethnicity?

In the first case, what are the actual demographics of the university the MC is attending anyway? An overwhelmingly white student body means an overwhelmingly white cast is totally plausible. So far, the only ‘on-screen’ characters not directly connected to the school are April & Jack (though she could be a prodigy attending early & he an alumnus, it’s not mentioned). On the other hand, I don’t have a problem reading other races into several of the characters already. Josh, Mike, Sam J, & June already could be, even Jack, April, & Sonya - maybe it’s because I live in an area that is majority Hispanic, but I wasn’t considering them all to be white to begin with.

When it comes to your MC, I’d say the more customization, the better. I guess a disclaimer that any choices you make will affect other characters’ opinions of you would be helpful, but I don’t know if it would prevent what you’re worried about. If having McCready seemingly ‘target’ the MC is a problem, you could add fuel to Jack/McCready feud by making Jack Hispanic or something of that nature. I don’t know if that change in dynamic would be spoil anything down the line, but it’s a thought.


And I finally finished Ashley’s writeup! :grinning:

Headcannon Appearance:

Personality: Ashley was like the walking stereotype of the fiery redhead. Some people would say she had a nasty temper, but Ashley was really just passionate: passionate about her opinions and passionate about her love interests (which were many-no gender excluded!). This usually attracted a lot of attention, but after being alone and ignored for much of her childhood, Ashley wanted a little attention. However, unlike some girls, Ashley never used her attractiveness to mooch off of her dates; even letting her date pay for dinner made her feel indebted to them, a feeling which she disliked intensely. Nope, Ashley had never needed many things to be happy, and what she did need-well, she was an independent woman who could earn them herself.

Stats: Lust-77%, Gluttony-66%, Charity-51%, Diligence-66%, Wrath-59%, Kindness-67%, Humility-57%

Psychopathy Checklist: 17
Ashley was shocked at first that her score was so high, but then she realized that it probably just has to do with her being a relatively promiscuous extrovert. Well, that, and having a bit of a temper that always got her in trouble.

Q: I never get tongue tied.
-True (+1% Diligence)
Q: In important ways, I’m superior to most people.
-False (+1% Humility)
Q: I’m prone to boredom.
-True (+1% Sloth/-2% Gran/+2% Sanity)
Q: I lie to make things go smoother.
-Who would lie? (+2% Kindness/+1% Jack, -1% Sean)
Q: I cheat people out of things.
-False (+2% Charity/+2% McCready)
Q: I rarely feel guilty.
-All the time, really. (+2% Humility, +1% Kindness/-1% Sanity)
Q: I am an emotional person.
-True (+1% Wrath/+1% McCready)
Q: I rarely connect emotionally with others.
-False (-1% Wrath/-1% McCready)
Q: I often get others to pay for things for me.
-False (+1% Charity/-2% Jack, -1% McCready)
Q: I am impatient.
-True (No Effect)
Q: I am promiscuous.
-True (+1% Lust, +1% Gluttony/+2% Gran, -1% April, -1% Sean)
Q: I was a problem child.
-True (+1% Wrath, +1% Pride, +1% Greed, +1% Envy/+1% April, -1% Sonya)
Q: I have difficulty staying committed to long-term goals.
-False (+1% Diligence)
Q: I am impulsive.
-True (+1% Gluttony/+1% Gran, -1% Sean)
Q: I frequently perform sloppy work.
-False (+1% Diligence/+1% Gran)
Q: I try to evade responsibility.
-If that were the case, you wouldn’t be going to college. (+2% Diligence/+1% Gran)
Q: My romantic relationships usually fall apart quickly.
-True (+2% Envy/+2% Sean, -2% Jack)
Q: I committed some crimes as a juvenile.
-True (+2% Greed/+1% Jack, -1% McCready)
Q: I have committed many types of crimes.
-True (+2% Wrath/+2% McCready)
Q: I am neither shy nor self-conscious, I speak with authority.
-False (+1% Humility)
Q: I am exceptional.
-False (+1% Humility)
Q: I need to take risks in order to feel alive.
-True (No Effect)
Q: I am basically an honest person.
-True (+1% Kindness/+1% Jack)
Q: I feel bad when I trick people.
-True (+1% Kindness/+1% Jack, -1% Sean)
Q: If someone deserves it, I don’t feel too bad.
-True (+2% Envy, +1% Wrath/+2% Sean, +1% McCready, -2% Jack)
Q: I think strong emotions are for the weak.
-False (+1% Wrath, +1% Humility, +1% Kindness)
Q: If people get offended, that’s their problem.
-True (-2% McCready)
Q: I have always taken care of myself.
-True (+2% Greed, +1% Pride/+2% April, +1% Jack, -2% McCready, -2% Sonya)
Q: I never act hastily.
-False (+1% Diligence, +1% Forgiveness/+1% McCready)
Q: I think sex should not be taken lightly.
-False (-1% April)
Q: I was often in trouble at school.
-True (+1% Wrath/+1% McCready)
Q: I lack direction in my life.
-You’ve got a plan. (+2% Diligence/+1% Gran)
Q: I never give in to temptation.
-False (+1% Gluttony, +1% Greed/+1% Jack, +1% Gran, -1% McCready)
Q: I always keep my word.
-True (+1% Kindness, +1% Pride/+1% Jack, +1% April, -1% Sonya, -2% Sean)
Q: My problems are mostly the fault of others.
-True (+1% Envy, +1% Pride/+1% April, +1% Sean, -1% Sonya, -1% Jack)
Q: I don’t like to commit in relationships.
-True (No Effect)
Q: I was a bully in high school.
-True it is. (+2% Wrath/+2% McCready, +1% April)
Q: I am not, or would not, be proud of getting away with any crimes.
-False (+1% Humility/-1% April)

CJ’s Life Lesson: “You ain’t gonna make it in the world if you all by yourself.”
It was hard to remember CJ, but Ashley did have fuzzy memories of him taking her to the park when she was very little…she always did like to be outside. She went exploring, and he played basketball. When she was about 5 years old on the way back from one of these trips, CJ gave her this lesson, the one she’d always lived by since. Ashley thought he must be talking about friends, and that year, the year she started kindergarten, Ashley did anything and everything she could to make them. Back then, “everything” was mostly just acting ridiculously silly and making people laugh.

But after they moved to Decatur when she was nine, sometimes “everything” involved bullying girls that weren’t part of her circle of friends. As a teenager, Ashley was sure CJ was talking about finding a guy so you’re not alone. She certainly lived by that lesson in high school (before she met Mike, that is); rarely spending a single weekend night alone, and giving them whatever they wanted physically so they wouldn’t leave her like everyone else seemed to.

Really Ashley just wanted love, and acceptance, and a sense of belonging…and all the other amazing things she hadn’t got at home since CJ’s murder. Some people would say she “went too far” to get it…but usually those were the people that already had it.

Favorite Music (Hard Rock): When she was a little girl, Ashley was dancing around to Britney Spears like everyone else…but all that changed when her mom left and she started fighting with her dad over everything, stupid things, just to release the anger she felt at the world. These fights usually ended with her running to her room and slamming the door with her dad still yelling from outside. Ashley needed something to drown him out…she picked hard rock because it was loud, and it could do the job with ease. But more and more she liked it, and was able to get just a little bit of the anger out by singing along to an angry song rather than screaming at her dad.

The Infamous Ex-Boyfriend (Mike): Ashley met Mike at this crazy party her junior year of high school. Both were drunk, and both were on the dance floor…soon they were grinding against each other, and soon they made their way to a spare bedroom. The sex was great, too great to remember to stop and do anything else…such as get a condom. That morning, she was screaming at him and he was screaming at her, both blaming the other for being so STUPID. Mike threw a book at her. Ashley, having grown up with a military father with bi-polar disorder, was no shrinking violet who would cower in fear at something like that…and responded in kind by throwing her glass. Shocked back to sanity, Mike complimented her on her brass…then he kissed her again and they fell back into bed a second time.

She was pregnant. Of course she was. Life had never given her a break before. Why would it start now? But when Ashley went down to the abortion clinic, Mike went WITH her and held her hand. Ashley had never been exclusive with anybody before, just had a lot of casual flings, but that day when Mike asked her, it seemed like exactly what she needed…a little security, safety, stability.

…which is exactly what she DIDN’T get. Their relationship was like a roller-coaster but far less predictable…one second they were trying to rip each other’s eyes out, the next they were ripping each other’s clothes off. But whenever Ashley was on the front stoop crying with more bruises on her arms or a bloody lip, about to end it, Mike came and made her cry out with pleasure.

She should have dumped him, she knew that. But ever since her brother died and her mother left, she hadn’t felt loved by ANYONE…anyone at all since she was 9 years old. And Mike said he loved her…said it after every fight; “You’re so stupid but I’ll always love you.” How could she leave someone who loved her, no matter what they did, and go back to NOTHING? So no matter how many times she threatened to leave, she could never actually follow through.

Mike left her in the end, though. Ashley went to college at MSU and Mike got a job at the auto shop, and the first weekend she was away at school he texted her that he met someone else. After two years. Ashley didn’t know whether to feel more furious or heartbroken or relieved. But she was obviously processing WAY too many emotions to continue while faking a smile and sipping a beer at the frat party she was at, so she went outside for a minute to clear her head. And that’s when she saw Sonya, the hottest girl she’d ever seen outside of movies and porn, walking over and asking if she was okay. And the rest was history.

Sonya (82%; Genuine Feelings): Ashley had been eye-humping Sonya all semester; she was THE most gorgeous girl Ashley had ever seen in real life, and probably ever would. So when Sonya had asked her to join her on a family vacation, let’s just say her reason for saying yes wasn’t just about a desire to go camping (although camping would be fun too). Though her first attempt to talk to her was foiled by freaking particle theory (she tried to understand it, but God, it made her brain hurt), the second chance a few minutes later made up for it…teasing Sonya and laughing until her stomach hurt topped off with putting an arm around her perfectly tanned shoulders. So during their second conversation, when Sonya asked what she saw when she looked at her, Ashley told her the truth…she saw a devastatingly beautiful woman. What more could Sonya want than that? But then she started talking about some mumbo-jumbo about being different people, and Ashley said that she’d been listening to April for too long.

  • At Camp: Ashley didn’t get to bunk with Sonya since she had to stay with April, so that sucked. She was sure tonight would be the moment! But she did at least have fun making sexy poses for Sonya on the beach. And then Sonya came over to her lodge…it was literally the best sex Ashley had ever had, and she’d had quite a lot, with guys and girls. Their connection seemed purely physical (though the physical was pretty epic)…but that didn’t mean she was gong to let Sonya die. So of course Ashley grabbed Sonya’s hand and tried to save her life when Jack went crazy. Though she couldn’t help but be a bit angry about being kidnapped and tied to a chair for her trouble…before getting totally distracted by Sonya’s kinkiness. That mental image was so hot it actually made her forget about her situation for a second.

Jack (69%; Would Call You His Friend): Ashley was totally into the bad boy rebel thing, so she just had to compliment Jack on his awesome tattoos. And when he said he liked her hair, she couldn’t help but feel flattered. So when he seemed to be sleeping for the first half of the ride, Ashley gave him the benefit of the doubt. But by the second, she was sure he was faking it.

  • At Camp: Jack seemed like a good option to bunk with. Ashley always did like a challenge. And he had whiskey! This vacation was going to be epic! And when she found out Jack could cook, she was thrilled. Because Ashley could eat! But it wasn’t until Jack told her about his love for gravel roads that she became REALLY interested, as in, more than sexually. It wasn’t just that he shared her love of jogging, it was how he explained it…the magic of walking under the stars…the way Ashley would have described it herself if she could even put it into words…they connected, emotionally, not just sexually, and that was something Ashley hadn’t done in God knows how long. It was a feeling that felt better than she could ever describe. So when she found out he was in love with Sonya, she was stunned…but not quite as stunned as when he tried to stab her with a knife! Yep, that definitely took the cake. Not stupid enough to try to fight against an MMA fighter, Ashley ran as fast as she could to the dock, then swam to McCready’s cabin easily…despite the fish-hook that Jack was trying to snag her with! (It did snag her hair…but Ashley was way too grateful to be alive to care.)

  • Interrogation: By the time they were alone again, Ashley was just too grateful to have the sock removed to still be angry about Jack trying to kill her. And then water and food after going hungry for what had to be over 24 hours…Ashley would have been nice to the Devil himself. But Jack wasn’t THAT bad, not really…he was only here because he was in love with Sonya. And after Mike…Ashley understood that, a little.

Of course, then she found out it was much more complicated than that. One second Jack was telling her about Switch and hitting rock bottom…and the next, somehow Ashley was telling him about how it was after CJ died, and when her mom abandoned her…things she’d never discussed with anyone, ever. And when he put his arms around her and said that he was glad she was alive…it was all she could do but hold it together and not cry.

And by the time Jack finished telling her about how these people are family and won’t ever abandon each other…for a second there, Ashley actually considered doing this. After her own family went to hell, she had been pretty much alone in the world. She tried to find someone like that, that would love her and protect her no matter what, and only ended up used and abused in more ways than she could count. But if this was what she had been looking for the whole time…could she really turn it down?

NO! She was not going to become a murdering death cultist! Ashley got her head back on straight and told Jack him and his cult could all go to hell…but somehow her objection sounded weak and halfhearted, even to herself.

April (26%; Wants to Help You Commit Suicide): Ashley didn’t know what to think of April when she first met her, considering she could barely understand anything she said. Between the fast-talking and the SAT words, Ashley was completely befuddled. But smarter than her or not, this kid was not going to get away with being a snotty little brat to poor David, whose joke was actually pretty funny! So like all a-holes in her life, Ashley called this one out and gave her a tongue-lashing. Of course, when it was done Ashley realized she had just told an eleven year old to go screw herself…AND said eleven year old was Sonya’s sister…but it felt good in the moment. Though April got her revenge by making a fool out of Ashley during the particle theory explanation…Ashley tried to understand, she really did, but it was just like…gibberish.

  • Interrogation: Ashley knew she was probably supposed to be asking questions about the workings of the cult…but honestly, what do you ask a crazed eleven year old cult member? Plus, she was kind of afraid of THOSE answers…so instead Ashley stayed on safe topics like complimenting April’s hair and asking about her favorite music.

And as for her answers, well, saying “No” to the escape question was obviously a lie. Of course she planned to escape, just as soon as she could! As for who she thought was going to betray the cult (Sean), that was 100% the truth. Ashley always had a sense about these things, and there was just something about him that felt…off, even if he hadn’t admitted that he didn’t believe everything he said. But when April asked her if she’d had sex with Sonya…she knew she had to lie again. She wasn’t an idiot, and that pencil looked menacing.

When April actually patted her on the head though, Ashley had to laugh and admit that the kid was kind of adorable, in a very disturbing way.

McCready (64%; Always Willing to Lend a Hand): McCready was huge…and just plain creepy! He looked like a freaking ax murderer from a horror movie! Ashley planned to avoid him as much as possible. But when she found out they shared a favorite song, she decided to give him a chance despite his appearance. And he seemed like a gentleman, insisting on paying for everyone despite Ashley’s protests. So after they got back in the van and Jack was STILL faking sleep, she decided to officially say hello. Ashley made sure to offer to chip in on the trip, especially after she heard this was supposed to be family-only…she didn’t want to seem like some deadbeat moocher, especially after she already let McCready pay for the fried chicken at lunch. But he seemed totally welcoming, even telling her to consider herself part of the family. Which felt really nice…ever since her mom walked out and she began fighting with her dad, Ashley almost felt unwelcome in her own family. It felt good to be wanted somewhere.

At Camp: Always the flirty type, and wanting to make Sonya and Jack a little bit jealous, after she’d just turned down Ashley’s offer to bunk together and Jack had ignored her throughout the whole van ride, Ashley decided to ask McCready if she could stay with him. Of course she knew it would never actually happen, but she DID find out he wanted her. Ashley suspected he would…half her high school teachers and at least a few of her male professors did, after all. And it was always nice to be liked.

  • Interrogation: Ashley had a sense that if there was ever a time to remember the manners her father taught her, now was that time. And she was right…“Yes, sir” and “No, sir” seemed to please McCready immensely. But Ashley had to admit that the military wasn’t for her…too much dirt, and too little outfit choice.

The first question was almost insultingly easy, but when McCready started saying something about a demon inside her, Ashley had to break the good manners rule and scream at him to just tell her WHAT THEY WANTED FROM HER! When he said she “had brass,” just like Mike did all those years ago, the Deja vu of the thing almost stopped her cold.

And Deja vu was the word of the day. McCready definitely had Bi-Polar Disorder, just like her dad did, only she suspected McCready might be worse. And that rambling speech about war with that haunted look in his eye…well, there was the flippant reason Ashley would never join the military, about the dirt and the fashion restrictions, and then there was the real reason. And the real reason was…she had seen that haunted look before, whenever her dad mentioned his time overseas. And she didn’t know what horrors would give a person that look…but Ashley was dead certain she never wanted to find out.

So it was hard not to feel sympathetic after that, insane cult member or not. And though Ashley hadn’t exactly been feeling particularly religious lately, she did remember enough from her pre-nine year old time at Sunday school to know that the side with the Lord on it always wins. And though she was a little out of practice at prayer, McCready didn’t seem to mind.

Sean (26%; You Will Die Very Soon): Ashley remembered Sean as the hottest student teacher, like EVER…and he certainly lived up to the memory! So when she asked if there were any snacks, it was really an excuse to talk to Sean (as she prayed that creepy Cready wouldn’t answer). And though some primadonas might complain about homemade jerky, to Ashley it was pure rapture!

At Camp: But her feelings quickly changed to flat-out terror when she found out Sean was part of a death cult that had abducted her and murdered her friends. When he tried to get close to her, Ashley wanted to kick and scream and do whatever she could to get him AWAY…but then she was captivated by his eyes. NO, it wasn’t because he was hot…okay, that was a part of it (serial killer or not, his eyes were gorgeous), but the other part was that for some reason she just COULDN’T do anything but stare into his eyes. It was the most intense and terrifying feeling, like, ever.

  • Interrogation: Ashley was so confused by Sean and by her own feelings about him that she didn’t know what to think about anything. But when he asked how she felt about this situation by one of the people that put her into it, she was sure it was some kind of a trick question. Was he just waiting for her to protest so he could kill her? And what he said and the vibes she felt were totally opposite. Like how Sean said there was no reason for her to come to any harm…but at the same time Ashley had the strong sense that he wanted to kill her. Her paranoia and fear caused her brain to mouth filter to just break, and when Sean said he could be her cousin, she blurted out the first thing that popped into her head…kissing cousins. And THEN…Sean kissed her, straight on the lips. It was a good kiss too, and Sean was totally gorgeous…and yet, Ashley STILL couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a trick and he actually wanted to harm her. So she couldn’t totally enjoy it. And yet she couldn’t totally reject a kiss from a hot guy either. So Ashley just stared, wide-eyed, not doing anything. Though when he tried to use some high-minded philosophy to justify murder, Ashley couldn’t help but snark “How much of that do you actually believe?” But when Sean actually smiled and agreed that he didn’t believe it…that just chilled her to the bone.

David: David was a little weird, with the glasses and the strange comments she never understood. But hey, he was cute, and cute trumped weird. Plus it was always fun to flirt with him until he turned red!

Sam J: Sam was pretty, upbeat, and usually up for fun; what was not to like? Still, Ashley wasn’t an idiot, and she could tell that her crush on Sam was one-sided. It was just her tone, one of resigned friendliness, like she was only hanging out with her to be nice. It was disappointing for sure, and a bit of a blow to her ego, but Ashley supposed she couldn’t be liked by everybody. And maybe Sam’s interest in the most nerdy role-playing game called D&D was a sign they wouldn’t make it as a couple.

Although…when Sam seemed to be fighting with David over her at the restaurant after she finished flirting with everyone, Ashley began to wonder if maybe she’d changed her mind about her…and couldn’t help her internal happy dance at the thought.

  • At Camp: Not that she would ever find out for sure, since Sam J was dead.

@buggygirl11 Your headcannon Ashley is a hotty Mchotterpants. XD Trying to give Sonya some competition, I see. :wink:

To note: Don’t take the PPT stat adjustments as adamant. Being fairmath, they adjust according to current score. However, you can be somewhat guided by what’s being affected (though in some cases, there’s no adjustment where there could be, because of fairmath). I’m also a bit confused about a few, and I’ll need to check to make sure a couple are input correctly.

You know, some parts of these write-ups make me belly-chuckle. Thank you so much for the great sense of humor and just plain fun perspective views. How to put this… I feel like you’re really playing the roles; really getting into them, making the most out of them that you can. That makes me feel very appreciated as an author, and I thank you very, very much.

:slight_smile: internal happy dance

@gamerphan Mostly, just your MC’s ethnicity. There will be some instances later in the game with a bit. The demographics for the college are approximately 2/15 non-white students. I think that I may offer a reader a chance to opt out on racial discrimination if they choose to play a character likely to be targetted.


I tried the link and it just kept giving me the option to import it using Verizon cloud…:sob::sob::sob:. All I want is to play one of my fav wip to get over my writers block!!


T_T I’m sorry. It’s going to be down for a little while. Work-work has me unable to make any progress on my story right now, and I want to finish the Sonya section before reinstating the link using dashingdon. I always finish up my work-work on the 10th each month.

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Np I’ll just sit in a corner. It’s totally worth the wait


She is a true typist, not a finger puncher like us.


@everyone Wow, the like button has been rediscovered (I think I got a single like for the first one :slight_frown:) …and practically broken! :grin: :joy: Thank you everybody!! It’s not like I do this for the likes (more out of an internal compulsion), but these things take forever to write, and it’s nice to know people are enjoying them. :sweat_smile: :relieved:

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Well, she has been called “naturally cute,” before. :smile: And since her chief sin IS Lust, so she really should look the part. :kissing_heart:

Speaking of sins…if Ashley does join, being Sloth just will not work with Diligence-66% and climbing. Her sins are Lust-77% (Sonya), Gluttony-66% (Gran), and Wrath-59% (McCready). The problem is…she kind of gets along/will almost certainly get along (in Gran’s case) with these people and doesn’t particularly want to send any of them to their graves. :cry: Oh, the drama…which made me think about a few things.

Does the MC get to choose which member to challenge or is it chosen based on their highest sin? Also, we know that the Wrath Challenge is a fist-fight…which makes sense, considering the sin. But your fighting abilities have nothing to do with, say, Lust or Gluttony…so will they have different challenges?

About the PPT…yeah, a couple of the stat adjustments seemed a little backward. :confused: But the info about FairMath totally explains why Ashley just couldn’t seem to raise her Lust stat much throughout the test…I guess it was just already so high that almost nothing was shocking enough to raise it. :smile:

I’m glad you enjoy the write-ups, and I’m very happy to have made you belly-chuckle.

I am! :grinning: Stereotypes (the dimwitted jock, the fiery redhead, etc.) are so much fun to transcend and deconstruct and make a character that is more and deeper than they appear. I hope the wardrobe choices in Choose Your Own Appearance provide more options to do this with!

@Wire_Ryse @Eiwynn is right, I did learn how to type with all 10 fingers in elementary school, and have used the technique every day of my life. :smile: (If I had to type these with only two fingers, I would just die of finger cramps!) Though I don’t write these all at once…not that my fingers would be incapable of doing so, but my brain needs a little time to come up with ideas.


In the realm of good news, I found some time to wriggle in some work on the story. So Sonya’s section is now down to only needing the normal opening for it. So it’s, at a guess, probably 3/4 done.

@buggygirl11 Your question- Challenges to roles can happen, though I’d like to keep the circumstances of these mostly under wraps for now except that it doesn’t necessarily mean killing the character. I’m actually curious how your character writeups will finish out their respective stories. I can certainly see several ways they could pan out.

Eheh. I’m a proper typist, too… although my writing speed is probably only around 40wpm. That’s the speed I tend to be comfortable writing at.