Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Pretty much yeah. Such a great game. That’s probably why I like this one so much too.


“Current monster” … you don’t mean Slenderman, do you? Pale humanoid, incredibly tall and long-limbed, little-to-no facial features, wears a suit, extends dark tendrils from his body, menaces children? He was invented by a Something Awful forum poster in 2009 for a contest where people Photoshopped normal photographs to make them paranormal.



Artemis: Chantal, just remember, I always get even.

Chantal: Then you need to stop betting on odds, darling.

Artemis: Why do you go out of your way to piss me off?

Chantal: You’re beautiful when you’re angry…of course you’re beautiful otherwise, but the only way I get the time of day from you is to make you mad.

Artemis: blushes


Yeah, I know who Slenderman is but I don’t think that the creator will add him because most of the monsters are from legendary mythology. The Slenderman is more of a creepypasta, an urban legend that has been spread around the internet. There are other creepypastas that you might have heard - Ben Drowned, Smile Dog, the Rake, the Midnight Man, etc.

Anyway, we yet have to find out what exactly happened to the student in that night.
I will not lie, I suspected the other races (vampire, demon, windigo) but I came to the conclusion that they aren’t guilty (I played the demon path and I know that Chantal hasn’t been in that house… “why” do you ask? One of the myths for succubus/incubus says that they often visit their victims at night. This is how the people in the past tried to explain the “Sleep Paralysis” phenomenon). And by the sound of the other comments, the other races are innocent too.


So uh, is the story still continue ?




I hope so too, I still need to finish my rodent elevator…

But I hope the maker is okay, I am kind of worried.


At this point I’ve probably replayed the game about 20 or so times LOL it’s so much fun and the writing is so good, along with it’s high replayability (cough, clearly). Tbh I think I’m addicted; my main ‘route’ though will always be a mischievous succubus dead set on getting to Hunter. I’ll probably make some fanart soon at this point! & post it here, ofc.

I really hope this continues, looks like the last time @Sashira was seen is just over a month ago (June 11th). I really hope she’s okay too! :((


This stuff takes time, folks. I imagine the writer has to balance school/work plus family/friends all while finding time to write such a big story like this. Kudos to writers on this site and elsewhere, seriously.


Lol ! Me too. Little Hunter is absolutely adorable and the succubus/incubus will always fit him.


In the locker room when you get the option for how confortable you are, why does the uncomfortable option say I’m trans? Even though I picked to be a normal female. Anyone else get this?


Yeah, I got that too


So was 2016 the last time the author updated this. :sweat:


I think it was last updated April 2nd of this year


I pointed this out a while back. I figure it didn’t check some variable, and that the author will get to fixing this when she returns to her work.


Like I said about 8 posts back, I made some quick fan art haha I used @Owlet’s work as a ref for what Wendy and Victoria are supposed to look like since it’s canon appearance (hope you don’t mind! it’s such good cover art <3). I tweaked some minor things though according to what I myself pictured them as; e.g. I gave Wendy slightly wavy hair, I also gave Victoria a bit of a baby face and grey-undertoned skin (you can barley see her fangs lol). Also, instead of drawing Chantal as the succubus, I used what I imagined my succubus looking like (I always pick the ‘blonde w green eyes and an aloof smile’ option, but I don’t have a solid name for her yet aah). Hope I did the characters justice, I always find it interesting to see what others picture the same characters looking like.

tbh I always imagined Taylor having dirty blonde hair and freckles for some reason, but @Sashira mentioned her being Latina with tan skin and dark hair/eyes so yeah


Nice! I can see now why my Goblin has a hard time picking between Victoria and Wendy now. :grin:


This has a really fun story line so far! I’m playing as a vampire, and am hoping to see a future romance between her (my character) and Caleb, the incubus.:wink:


The fact that this thread is still open and (kind of) active is baffling to me.


The author is a mod, it’s a conspiracy I say!