Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



[If the species name for goblin change]
Goblin here kinds reminds me about the Hexenbiest (female counterpart) & Zauberbiest (male counterpart), they’re witch-like creature that somewhat resembles a goblin.

Highly intelligent, ugly in true form, knows magic(which is hard to kill I think). I don’t know much about mediator but if there is grey area in here, cunning(charm) is somewhat similar skill.

About mechanical gifted…um popular career choice? Hahaha yeah I can’t link that


For anyone interested, here is one of my favorite songs about werewolves, Least of My Kind. Not what one would call a happy song, but it is a victory in defeat sort of song… It is by a group called Three Weird Sisters:


This is my favorite werewolf song:

Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers…


Werewolf songs?


Oh come on guys


This game is really addictive, especially because of its replayability. I have a hard time determining which species is my favourite and that says A LOT considering I almost always have a determined favourite. The two top runners right now are vampire and succubus/incubus. Vampire because it fits my favourite MC (the one I always have in mind while playing) best, succubus/incubus because affection! Love! Sexy times! I might just consider shipping my vampire MC with Caleb to get the best of both worlds. Or my succubus with Victoria.

Miss Kurosawa is a cutie pie, by the way. And I wonder who the supposed monster among the teachers is.


Personally, I prefer rock songs, so my werewolf song is none other than:

PS: Never saw the music video before I posted it right now. Looks… weird as Hell. I’ll stick to lyric versions


The gym teacher is a werewolf. It’s stated in there somewhere.


In terms of where it’s stated, it’s in the Monster Codex.


Or is you play as a werewolf, your own character will say it


If I’m not mistaken, everyone from the known monsters (from the ones that we can choose from, Sandy, etc.) knows that the gym teacher is a werewolf. However, Sandy does say that there is another monster in the school if you play as a demon. Although I don’t remember if it was stated to be a teacher tho, I do however suspect that it’s a new monster in the town and they will be connected to the disappeared student in a way.

A bit off-topic. I’m not an OverWatch player but the second I saw the name “Genji” in the name choices for the Demon path, that immediately remined me of Genji Shimada from OverWatch. Let’s just say that I recreated Demon!Genji with red hair for laughs and giggles. Geez, this sounds like a bad fanfic now that I think about it. Good job regardless, Creator.

Anyway, I remember hearing about a current monster that kidnaps children/people at night. Was it the trolls? I don’t remember the name but I remember that the parents used to scare the children by using that particular monster.


There’s two that I know if that associated with kidnapping/scaring children:

You’d be right in saying about Trolls; it’s said that they generally enjoy causing grief and reaking havoc at night (because apparently they are scared of sunlight as it turns them to stone, at least according to some accounts). Anyway, they are allegedly known for kidnapping sleeping babies from their cribs and replacing them with the troll’s own offspring.

And then there’s the Bogeyman tales. Parents scare their children by saying the Bogeyman will get them if there are naughty. In some illustrations he(?) is depicted as appearing somewhat troll-like. With like, warts and boils and such.

But yeah, there’s probably loads of cryptid/mythological/creatures of legend associated with children. I suspect it’s a popular topic-especially for scaring your kids :sweat_smile:


Wasn’t the Bogeyman a ghost type of monster that is supposed to haunt families only when they are aware of his existence tho? Or am I wrong?


Can we have a rundown of what is added in new updates?


What update? (20 characters)


There is a few other monsters that I can think of as well.

Of course, the dream does mention a coming darkness…what if it was literal? A real creature of shadows.

At least it isn’t a valravn (though that could be an interesting monster to track in a different game).

The bogeyman actually varies a lot across countries/cultures. Sometimes it is a physical being, other times a spirit, sometimes in between (like shadows given form). Sometimes it can only be seen by children, or everyone can see it. Sometimes those aware of it are the only ones hurt, other cultures have it as a free actor.


Although it’s to be expected considering how long such tales have been told and manipulated, I find it super interesting how the descriptions and beliefs of these beings vary from culture to culture. How something you’ve maybe grown up hearing about or believing in, can have been told drastically differently in another country; and someone of the same age on the other side of the world will know the same tales but have their own experiences and understanding of them.

Edit: Ar the risk of deviating from the thread topic, take dragon for example:
As you most likely already know, Western dragons are so much different to their Eastern counterparts, not only appearance but in symbolism too.

In Western mythology dragons have wings and four limbs and were bad omens often associated with destruction and evil. Tales were spun of these these beasts being hunted down and slayed-often to save a princess or a kingdom-by a brave man who, in doing so, becomes a hero.

On the other hand, in Eastern culture these magnificent creatures were often serpentine and regal, with descriptions varying from no legs to maybe even more than four. They were revered and seen as symbols of protection, strength and (at the very least in China) as paragons of imperial power.
I’m sure the idea of killing one would have completely different connotations compared to their Western counterparts.

ANYway, I’m hardly an expert, so I’m most likely not entirely right. But yeah…it’s just super interesting :sweat_smile:


Wow that is totally true I never thought of that


Reminds me a lot of The Wolf Among Us. Glamours are key factors in the plotline basically. Actually the whole lore of the game reminds me of this story as well.


Yeah, just replace fairy tale creatures with literal monsters, and this is a pretty similar premise to the Fables comics.