Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



I’m really enjoying this game! I’ve noticed two minor things.

  1. In Day 1 playing as a Wendigo, The family that runs the mortuary I work at are referred to as The Andersons but in Day 2, they’re called the Mortons.

The second thing is that the ghoul entry for the Monster Codex has the text of the werewolf entry in it as well.

Thanks again for the wonderful WIP!!


I really enjoy being a sort of lazy werewolf jock who just wants to be Alpha of his pack and make Artemis fear him. This demo never gets old.


Just something going through my mind. It’s probably more on the bad side than good side for humor.

Hunter: snorts So, is doggie style your favorite position?
Carl: Doggie is the word a child uses. Why are you letting children watch such things?
Hunter: sputters
Carl: Besides, I much prefer wolf style. When I’m done, you will be howling to the moon in pleasure…"


It’s because they are intelligent, they are hard to beat because of their inventions I think.


Consider the following; Kitsune


So is this a forgotten project or is the author still working on this ??


I’m pretty sure the author hasn’t abandoned this project.

It’s just that life is a bitch and can distract you from certain things.


OK that is reassuring because I really enjoyed the demo


I’m sure there’ll be an update eventualy.

In the mean time, why not check out other great WIP’s on this forum?


Also just a quick question do the other monsters know about you being a Monster


Yes. Most humans, on the other hand, don’t know with a few exceptions (Artemis/Hunter, Taylor)


Not really one of my better attempts, but I can’t get the bad pun out of my head.

Carl: Benny, what’s the problem?
Benny: grumbles The chemistry teacher told me I had to have a partner for the science fair.
Carl: You should ask Chantal for help.
Benny: Really? Why?
Carl: Who better than a succubus to help with a demon-stration?


That must be record time for deleting a pun…


I thought it was to dumb to leave up. Just been a little hot here.


Come now, don’t demon-etise yourself like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congratulations! You’ve levelled up your relationship with Jaxx!

+3 respect!
+5 friendship!
+10 profound disappointment!


Does it come with a achievement? :innocent: just asking…


’Jaxx of all trades!' achievement unlocked! :thinking:

Should I see myself out after saying that this game is one monster of a game? :grimacing:


It is a howling good time…


A were might say, ‘yowlo’? :neutral_face:

Aaaanyway, never had more fun being a monster than in this game, having tried all of them by now. :grin: Always a treat when there is an update, to be sure. :hugs: