Monsters/mystical creatures that should totally exist


So for Christmas eve/ Christmas I had a monster movie/video game marathon (strange right) we’ll after like 10 I got to thinking it would be totally cool if some of these existed so go ahead and post the monsters that would be cool In real life


What about Gandalf :smiley: ?


Vampiers,Witchs,Fairs, and ummm hobbits


@Samuel_H_Young… Gandalf a monster?

@darkstar2101, I’d say Rancors… Yeah. That wouldn’t cause any problems.

@Vampierkid222, mmm… Hobbits… Tasty


I noticed you didn’t denounce vampierkid mentioning hobbits


I’m surprised no one mentioned dragons yet.


@doctor rancors would be way awesome I would tame one and ride it to work
What about tree ants and giant eagles and ranks and skags and spiderants and mr tundmus
@random you just did


I was going to mention dragons but I realized if dragons (my favorite) or monsters did exist. Most of us would be killed.


No negativity


Oh ok, dragon would be cool lol. Sorry for being negative.


Dementors from Harry potter, loch Ness monster, Yeti, big foot, sphinx, Cyclops, minator, dragons, and mummies.


Sewer crocodiles werepyres and creepers


You fools they all exist only noone knows about them


@P0RT3R that made me laugh for longer than it should have :slight_smile:

And for my contribution, Istari.


Wolfmen, liches and zombies.


Werewolves, dragons/wyverns, Endermen, Elves, fairies… Vampires, if they don’t sparkle… Valkyries… Pheonixes… Kitsune…


Jinn rocs



All the Mass Effect races ever.
Basically anything that could do necromancy. Necbromancers.
Ornstein, Seath and Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls. They are some of the most badass monsters ever. If there could be a whole race of elite giantdads (born with mountain dew and Zweihanders) that would also be great. But I bet no one here has played Dark Souls!


@Samuel_H_Young, yeah hobbits aren’t really monsters… But still, they can be very evil. It’s easier to think of them as monsters than Gandalf as a monster in my opinion.