Monsters and Maddness (WIP)



This looks really cool! :smiley: I’ll do a more detailed playthrough when I’m free!

I choked on my water laughing at the naming part. Xiao means ‘Little’ (小) in Chinese, or ‘Crazy’ in Hokkien, depending on the intonation. Then my brain misread ‘Guotin’ as ‘Guotie’ which means ‘Fried Dumpling’ (锅贴).

So now I can’t unhear the fact that my character can possibly be called ‘Little Fried Dumpling’ or ‘Crazy Fried Dumpling’ :joy:

just me laughing? … … okay.


@Zetttic There will be special weapons and items! First I’ve got to figure out the fighting system though before I can start developing them. But they will definitely be there!

@Illusiveacorn54 That’s good! Right now it’s heavily (Literally XD) based on DND but some things might change or simplify (or knowing me become incredibly complicated) as I work on it.

@Cheion I’m glad you’re liking it!! I may have to add a new option to last names :grinning:


I have been waiting for a game like this everyday after reading my first COG game


No barbarian berserker class? Shame.


That might be added later. I’ve got to figure out a fighting system that will work first.
Though, I may end up having too simplify the classes. If that happens I’ll expand on making more detailed background/careers that can add certain benefits to gameplay.


As someone who partakes in the dnd’s I will also partake in this wip


Make this make this now I want this I needed this I will support this I will lead crusades in the name of this Wip


Alright small Update:

Scale, feather and fur color options were added to race creation.
Dragon born now has scale color choice instead of hair.
Careers are currently only three because they are going to be in depth and integrated into the campaign.
Fighting has been temporarily taken out as I work out the kinks.
Story continues to a small part of the next “Session” and Adrien is introduced.

On that note would people like to create the names for your characters past connections in their Career or would you rather that be preset?


Wuts a Dragonborn?


A humanoid dragon I guess? With or without wings? Something like that.

EDIT: I just want to play as a human bard. I shall sing my way out of every single fight


Like those mermaid things? What are they called again…?


It’s a dungeons and dragons race and yeah it’s basically a humanoid dragon XD

Edit: ffff one sec let me find a picture

I think the mermaid things your thinking of might be Tritons?


I think it’s a rusalka.


I thought rusalka were just water people, interesting.


If you Google dragon born you’ll find a lot better images
But here’s one I drew for a friend.


Okay Wow, that looks cool. I wonder what a dragonborn bard would look like


Never heard of a rusalka before but it does give me some ideas for variables to add for race creation.:thinking:


Rusalka is from Slavic mythology I think



They are dead people who are taken over by rage…they can sing and cast illusions They are dead sirens :confused:


Also, how do you people draw like that D: