Monsters and Maddness (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my new game Monsters and Maddness.
The premise of this game is that you and a group of friends sit down and play a game of dnd( though it’ll be called monsters and maddness in this setting). The game’s story is still in very early development so the way the story presents itself might change as it get’s developed.

The first chapter is dedicated to character creation and introducing some of the other ‘players’, The next chapter/ session I plan to make is more story and choice driven.

Currently character creation is halfway done, it currently stops after class choice and goes into a test fight. Which is very broken right now but also displays way’s I can take the fighting:
The first way being all random rolls
and the second being an established fight, with only your rolls random.

I do plan to later make an option available where almost all ‘rolls’ will be based on variable checks instead of randomness but this won’t be included until later. I also plan to create preset characters.

Small Update
Scale, feather and fur color options were added to race creation.
Dragon born now has scale color choice instead of hair.
Careers are currently only three because they are going to be in depth and integrated into the campaign.
Fighting has been temporarily taken out as I work out the kinks.
Story continues to a small part of the next “Session” and Adrien is introduced.

On that note would people like to create the names for your characters past connections in their Career or would you rather that be preset?

To play the demo, go here:


so it’s a game where we roleplay as someone roleplaying ? pretty meta.


Looks cool so far. I died at the Harold she’s lesbian, but you know that already :joy:
There were some typos, for example you used “than” instead of “then”.
And there is an error in character creation after class choice, it doesn’t go to that test fight.


Overall looks good and I’m already into it so keep up the good work :ok_hand::ok_hand::muscle::muscle:

Thank you! Let me go figure out what went wrong; (Also fighting is so so broken right now T-T but i need to figure out before more story planning)

And yeah any typos you catch feel free to post. I don’t know why but I always have problems with than and then, no matter how many times I look up the difference >->

Yeah I figured it might be something cool to explore!


Can you tell me which class you picked, I want to make to double check it.

Rogue :v

awesome, thank you! I figured out the problem, wrote down the wrong variable

Ok works now. But the fight is messed up too. I took 2 option (planned attack+my rolls) and attacked orc with a scar and got this?


Okay, yeah found the problem and realized both paths are more broken than I realized than i remembered it’s probably because I effed with the code earlier today.
I think I’ll just disable this test fight and work on making a new one from scratch. Though I’ll probably end up adding more story stuff before testing out fighting again.

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You do that. Take your time man :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I spilled my coffee because of your username. I couldn’t stop laughing. Anyway, I’ll play this.

plays bard

sings his way to battle


loving this so far! keep up the good work C:

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Very cool premise…cant wait to read more! Also, have you misspelled Madness on purpose?


@Bathala Lol yeah that username started out as a joke and now I just use it everywhere XD

@Jender thank you! Also yes it’s misspelled on purpose! =D


I love DnD, so I bet I’m going to love this one! The characters seem nice and I almost fell off my chair while laughing at the “she’s lesbian” part.

I think I saw some grammar mistakes, but I’m not that good at English, so I prefer to stay quiet and don’t say anything stupid.

Still, I got kind of confused when Kassie changed their pronouns, as it was somewhat sudden. But I’m pretty sure it was because I’m dumb and didn’t notice it changed on purpose.

Also, I assume it’s too early and you didn’t even plan it, but I gotta ask: will there be ROs? :eyes: And what about new players joining the game?


I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!!

Yeah there’s definitely going to be a lot of grammar mistakes right now XD I’m not the best at catching them. If something doesn’t look right please don’t be afraid to point them out!

As for Kassie switching pronouns suddenly I’ll look into making that clearer. It didn’t occur to me that it might have been too fast so thank you for pointing that out!

Romances with the other players won’t be happening because many of them have established relationships. However romances for the players characters may be a thing but I’m still not sure yet.
There will be one new player, he’ll be taking Harold’s place and become a permanent member even when (or if not sure yet) Harold comes back.


Well, then I’ll try to find them again later! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t exactly “fast”, I just didn’t notice when it changed and when I saw a “she” I got confused and thought it was a mistake. But you don’t need to make it clearer, as I don’t even know how you could do that and it was my fault for not paying attention.

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Are there special weapons you could get somehow? Never played dnd so I don’t know if it’s possible but I thought it was a decent question…

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Was also pretty good, I’ll try to help with anything I can. Good luck!

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Reminds me of D&D

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