Monster of a thousand faces (WIP)(Update: 4th Jun 2020)

I’ve been working on… something?.. Yea, something, which has in all honesty gone nowhere, and I don’t believe it it will be going any where, at least in the sense that it doesn’t really have a story endpoint. Least not a solidly established one.

Personally the goal for this tiny WIP is to simply make an unnecessarily complicated piece of, I repeat, something.

If I needed to give a summary to what is planned or already in there it would be something like:

  • Choose your gender, primary and secondary characteristics. Female, male or both.

  • Choose your feeding method. Be it minds, bodies or blood.

  • Choose your Creature category/class. Pseudo-Demonic(Ones and actual demon), Rare and Mythical or Hybrids(there’s some animal in there somewhere)

  • Be kind or cruel for selfish and selfless reasons, simply for the sake of it or for some plot or another.

  • Be the boogeyman, a local folk tale, or the heroes obstacle.

  • Plotted, random and species related encounters as well as one central story related to the three cities(subject to change)

Some thing to take note of before you play.

This is a learning experience and I will happily sink with this burning ship.

I have no goal to manage maturity or offensiveness, and I have no goal to write mature or offensive content. Tell me if something can be phrased better and so on and so forth. I’d say it’s about +13 plus at best now, maybe +18 at worst. Depends on your opinion

Spelling, spelling, spelling. English is in the end only my second language. Not that I’m really any better at my first. Even if it’s simply notes I’ve left in there, I would like to improve my grammar.

General thoughts please? I’m insecure so I would like to be shot down now or bounce off of your opinions as to what can be better.

Will there be consistency and complexity in writing? No, except for continuity, thats stuff is important. I’ll write what works, improve what doesn’t and cut down what ever’s too flamboyant at my and possibly your judgement. This isn’t due to just laziness. I’m just terrible with foresight and planning. And writing, don’t forget I’m shitty at writing.

Currently you can:
-choose one of nine races and their sex and genders.(Pluming and appearance)

What’s next
There’s is still a vestigial presence of the roaming mechanic. That will be the focus after a minimal stat screen is made with a glossary of player and existing creatures(to simplify continuity).

And now at your mercy:

char_creator update 1
  • Some content warnings

  • Edited gender and sex selection scene and implemented option to switch hermaphrodite and hermaphroditic with intersex

  • Two new rougly implemented species: The vampiric harpies and the predominantly female gorgons.

Character creation rough draft complete(4th June 2020)

What’s new:

  • Final 7 races implemented(Roughly)
  • Customization of characters as well as an option to opt for defaults.
  • Second page of descriptions for each species that’s more focused on appearance or theme.
  • Character creator text skipper.
  • Options to redo character creation after gender/sex, species and customization(unless you opted out)

This brings things from about 600-ish words up to 2726 words excluding code and 3506 words with code for those who want to know. I doubt it matters yet what the average play through count is.


There is not much to comment about, but the character creation itself is intriguing. Good luck with this WiP!


SPOILER **proceed at your own risk **

did I just got Rick rolled?


Woah! Now I LOVE this idea. It’s almost like a spiritual successor to Devour in a way. Anyway I’m sure this will be just incredible!


i’m not usually one to leave comments like this but… that opening line is not insulting, it’s just condescending. i was really into the concept from your post so to just be immediately smacked with… uh, not gonna paraphrase, i think the text speaks for itself. you already make it clear in your post that you can be male, female or both, why the tacky joke about non-binary gender…? and this isn’t about offensiveness, to be clear; i’m plenty into offensive humor when it’s, um, not dismissive

i would have been fine with the options alone if the text preceding it had been anything else. honestly couldn’t bring myself to engage with it even though i went in excited. you so had me at “choose your feeding method”! i don’t need to play as nb to enjoy a game, but why would i want to if the game kicks me right in the doll parts right from the jump for no reason :weary:


Agree with all of this. I’d strongly reconsider phrasing, while intentional or not it reads as offensive. Also, hermaphroditic is not a gender.


Will change it when I get the next two species out, hopefully with a more “disinterested as a whole” rather than condescending vibe to it. I’ll have to make that part a bit more short and generic if it’s still a bit too disheartening afterwards.

Character gender and sex in this demo

So far the char_creator refers to gender as your appearance, wether it being masculine, feminine or androgynous, what you have between your legs being called your sex and called the genital variable in the script, the options there being male, female and hermaphroditic. Which tranlates to sexually being male, female and a hermaphrodite which is how you’ll be refered to afterwards.

Taking the above into account, is hermaphroditic still not the proper term or should I just change it to intersex, even though that would be a bit more broad in terms?

Now that you mention it, that concept(with alot of nerfing) could fit into the pseudo-demon/flesh category. Just don’t expect an I am legion power.


As far as I know, hermaphrodite is considered to be outdated and offensive. Intersex means pretty much the exact same thing as hermaphrodite nowadays so it’s not really a more broad term, both in terms of identity and biology. If you’re referring to an individual’s sex as in what they have between their legs intersex is still a better word to use if the person was born with both sets of genitalia.


images (1)
I’ll add in an option to switch them at the start


Seems like a lot of options! If you find that you’re really enjoying writing one particular option, it might be a good idea to focus on that and do a story involving one specific type of monster that you could explore in depth! :slight_smile:

Take it from someone who has suffered from ballooning scope.

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About that, lore wise I wan’t to make them all unique, as well as give unique situations for each, but you’ll soon notice that skill wise they’re basicly just combat oriented, intellectually oriented and personality oriented respectfully, lovingly refered as the Brutes, the Experienced and the Faces. (obligatory A-team reference complete)

That story I vaguely mentioned might exist some time in the future will likely only minimally touch on what the player character is, as your always a monster to humans and the like, the theme being that your the creature featured in the myth and not the hero who may or may not end up in a pot of stew. (Aka a simple power fantasy.)

The planned random and species specific scenes will be hard though, as the goal there would be to be more personally tailored or reactive.

But I do like all of them, variety tends to be my favorite, and I do plan on trying to give them justice, though I have no delusions of not needing to cut out some of them. Possibly. Future me problems.

By theby, for some reason I was really excited, more than I should be anyway, to see that you commented on this topic, and is why I extend my 10min witing break to 20 cause I’m a dirty procrastinator wanting talk about it more than write it, not gonna lie.

Well back into to the fray, I guess.

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char_creator update 1

  • Some content warnings

  • Edited gender and sex selection scene and implemented option to switch hermaphrodite and hermaphroditic with intersex

  • Two new rougly implemented species: The vampiric harpies and the predominantly feminine gorgons.

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I’m really excited for this one, can’t wait to play as an actual monster!

(Wouldn’t it be better to change it to intersex altogether? As far as I know those two are not the same but correct me if I’m wrong.)

Off-topic, but as someone who also has English as a second language I’m impressed by yours. I could learn a thing or two from you.


So although there’s not much here, the premise is rather interesting and I can’t wait to see how it progresses. Also love the current available races


Loving It about the premises its interesting and can’t wait to see new progresses

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I would very much like some feedback on the new content and possible improvements.

There’s also a lot going with the appearance customization, so please notify me if you get a option or lack a option you thought should or shouldn’t be there.

Sounds awsome I’ll try it out

Quick patch to fix some wrong goto’s deployed and fixed some spacings.

The tone comes off as antagonistic and sets me in a mood of realism in this high-fantasy genre. I, for one, love it! It has its own narrative to tell, and you could easily build tension with it.

I have high hopes in your WiP. It has a lot of potential especially when you stir it in the darker side of the mythological world. Hope to see more content on your next update!

Minor Deats:

Wendigo Loop : Flesh + Myth

When selecting Flesh as cravings and Myth as category, it brings me to a short description, then returns to the previous menu again.

Mimic Loop : Flesh + Demon

Similar case with the Wendigo loop. When selecting Flesh and Demon, it returns to the same menu.

Voso Loop : Blood + Demon

Similar loop.

Alp : Custom Character Segment

I got a wee bit confused on this one. Was it asking for my skin complexion, or hair?

Typo #1


Typo #2


Typo #3

Typo #4


Oops, beat me by a second there!

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Hit the nail it right on the head. This is also very heartening to read.

Looking forward to your verdict

It’s one of those public bonfire arguments, people will just keep throwing wood on, so lets leave it at the fact the people can choose and move on.

Also any one ever made the mistake of using ‘and’ instead of ‘or’ in *if not? Just me? O well. Point is that has been fixed.