Monster Maker (WiP) [updated 4/20/19]

Ok I am new on this forum but 1.I love it. and 2.I love it. It is a fun little twist to the monster hunter trope that I love soo much, and you have two unlikely partners which I love in all the different aspects so far. Keep up the good work I’ll be watching.

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I had a lovely time playing through your demo. Keep up the great work! :heart:

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I know it’s Tuesday and not Monday and I’m sorry! I keep telling myself that things will settle down sooner rather than later but that hasn’t proven true yet. But I am still working!

Firstly, thank you guys so much!! It’s such a HUGE relief and so encouraging to get on here and see your nice messages! They lift huge weights off of me; I didn’t expect that putting up the demo and receiving support would cause this kind of anxiety but I’m just so worried about disappointing you all! So it means a lot to me to see all the nice things you’re saying!! :sob::heart:

As far as customization goes, I am trying very hard to walk that line between “create a fun experience for people who want to visualize their character” and “not interrupting the narrative for physical descriptors that will literally never come up.” It’s… tricky, trying to figure out what’s most important and helpful for visualization without breaking the story to say “so what’s your hair/eye/skin color,etc” but I’m playing around with it a lot. If things end up feeling weird, it’s all open to change and I think this is one of the parts I’ll be most relying on feedback for. If there are parts you’ve found in the first three chapters that stand out as weird to you, please feel free and encouraged to bring them and tell me your thoughts on them! My process right now is writing the story and then going back through and lacing those things in as well as I can, but I realize that might be a weird way to go about it. The truth is that I just hadn’t planned for CC; it had slipped right past me when I was doing the main outline of the whole game.

As for romance, I’m trying to keep things as organic as I can but there will be a sort of “lock in” option toward the end just for the sake of coding. I don’t want to discount actions or conversations that happen before you make that choice and I’m planning carefully for that, but I’m also trying to give you enough time and development that things don’t feel weird and rushed.

Thank you all again!!! So much!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_closed_eyes:


Pfft, it’s all your own fault for making this awesome thing. So there, I said it. :grin:


This is really good.

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Friday update:
This week’s plans:

  • get to ~ 75% on chapter 4 :heavy_check_mark:
  • bulk in chapter 5 outline :heavy_check_mark:

Honestly, I got closer to 70% than 75% but scope creep is getting me again, so it’s not that I didn’t write as much as I wanted but that it ended up amounting to a longer chapter than I anticipated. Scope creep in terms of story doesn’t really bother me though. I’m not worried about reaching the finish line so much as I am about when I’ll reach it, but the main takeaway is that I finally got as much done as I wanted and that’s a huge relief. The encouragement I’ve gotten from you guys is definitely a huge part of that!

This week, I’d like to get the bulk of the remainder of chapter 4 done. I don’t think I’ll finish it, but I think I can get close. So I’m hoping it’ll be done within two weeks and then I’ll take a week to proof before uploading. That’s my optimistic plan.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Thanks for the update and congrats on the progress! Take your time. Slower updates done well are better than faster ones done sloppily. We’ll still be here.

PS: Castien’s spot as my number one RO is in danger now that I’m aware of the werewolf option.

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This story is well written. Really keep it up. I’m curious about how the story is going to continue because the development of every name character is well handled. Can’t wait for updates.

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got say oc going have hard time on this case

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Hey guys! Sorry the forum didn’t get an update yesterday; I’m on the road again so I posted a quick one to tumblr, but the forum acts weird when I try to use it on my phone.

As ever, thank you all for the encouragement!! It really, genuinely helps! :heart::sob:

This week’s official update:
Still on the road but not currently on the road.

This week I wanted to get as close to finished on chapter 4 as I could and I’m happy with the progress. Numerically speaking, I really only hopped from about 70% to about 80% but once again, things just are getting longer as I write them, which I don’t think is a bad thing.

I hope it doesn’t disappoint or upset anyone, but I will be taking this week “off.” There’s a lot going on, but mostly I just need some time away from this chapter. There seems to be a theme with me where the end is the trickiest part and this time is no exception, so I’m giving myself some time away from it and then I’ll come back next week with fresher eyes. It’s always worked before, so even though I don’t love the idea of stepping back from it, I think it’s for the best. And it’s just one week; I promise this isn’t one of those “they said one week and we haven’t heard from them in 6 months” kind of things. I’m coming right back! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you guys have a great week and a good holiday!! And thank you again for the support!!!


Thank you for your hard working :pray:t2::pray:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: take your time and try to relax and enjoy your week, you really deserve a nice break :muscle:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts:
great week to you too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Interesting premise! Really liking what you have done here!
One thing that annoyed me was one of Katsura’s line, “Your job is to find out if he’s guilty. If he isn’t, you have to prove it. And if he is, you have to bring him in.”
It’s innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent! The way she phrased that sentence was irritating, lol.


That may very well be intentional. The laws could be different in this universe or it might simply be that proving his innocence (if he is innocent) would be what’s best for everyone. An evil werewolf is bad publicity for the supernatural world.


True. In some countries you are guilty until proven innocent.

I’m looking at you Japan.


Hey guys! Happy Friday!

So I had my week off (great!) and this past week, I’ve been working on the rest of chapter four! It still needs a lot of polish and after taking a week away from it, of course I came back with fresher eyes and found a ton of stuff I need to do to it. I know it’s just an alpha demo and I don’t like repaying your encouragement by making you wait so long but I want it to be as good and polished as it can be for the time. Not perfect, but still as good as possible for Optimal Enjoyment lol

So that’s what I’ll be doing this week. Don’t hold me to it, and obviously I’ll have a better idea the closer I get, but I’m feeling like I’ll have this chapter done and uploaded by the beginning of the last week of June. That’s my goal right now anyway.

@Arian Thanks for bringing that up! You’re absolutely right! But in this case, @SamCornick got it in one: preternatural creatures aren’t given the same rights and privileges as humans. If there was any actual evidence against him (right now, it’s all strong suspicion), then he’d be locked up already (or dead). I’ll elaborate a bit on that in the story too.

Have a great weekend and thank you all, as ever, for being so great!!


good for you man hope life doing good for you

is person kill oc family and takes oc arm , leg or eye is one we are coming after

Guys! I am so sorry I didn’t post an update last Friday!

Some Intense Nonsense went down late last week and it really messed me up; by the time my head was back on straight and I even remembered that I forgot, it was this Thursday. But seriously: I’m very sorry! You guys have been so encouraging and I don’t want to make anyone worry that I’m going radio silent or giving up on the project.

BUT: the actual update is that I’ve still been having a tricky time finishing up the chapter and I think–I already hate this–that it’s because of some stuff in the middle. So I’m gonna try fixing the middle. I know. I know. :sweat: I kind of want to dig a hole but I’m not sure if I want to throw in the draft or me lol

Here’s to hoping for improvement moving forward with it! I’m planning on getting to a few asks I have in my inbox tomorrow afternoon.

As ever, thank you all for your patience and support!!! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

@Takashi_Shin No, BUT you can talk about them with others and learn what happened to them after the incident.


hope thing get better for you

So this week has basically been a game of cutting out enough of the writing I’ve already done to make me very sad and a raging internal debate between buying a new keyboard or just waiting and getting a new computer since I know I’m going to need one soonish anyway. The downside to either argument is that I have no money so that’s making the decision both harder and easier lol

As for this week, I’m going to be re-writing my outline and hopefully also starting the re-write. Not gonna lie, it blows to be doing it again, but I know I’ll be happier with the end result so I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s worth it.

I hope y’all have a great weekend! Thank you for sticking around!! <3 <3

@Takashi_Shin Thanks for your thoughts!! It did work out in the end, thankfully, and has been a HUGE weight lifted off me.