Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! (Previously "TILAFG") [Updated May 12]



Oh alright! For the cheesy parts, really it was just a nitpick since I was way too used to cringing whenever I read something Taglish because of my experience with reading very cheesy Wattpad books, so it was not at all the fault of your writing it was just me having a hard time adjusting personally. Plus me just saying that I found it cheesy when everybody is singing means that I just personally am not always a fan of musical segments in any litterature, which is waaaaay too subjective of me so it is definitely just a nitpick and not at all a valid criticism in my opinion. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

As for the lag, it seems to be fine now, I guess it just tends to lag a lot whenever I quickly switch between the other menus which is probably the fault of my horrible data connection haha.


Heh, thanks anyway. I’ll try to make it so that the Taglish parts sound more natural.

I’m also going to rewrite the musical scene (I don’t even know how to write songs), but you can always skip the singing if you choose that option. There’ll be one in each chapter though. :stuck_out_tongue:

@E_RedMark Heehee. Thanks! :blush: Do you have any questions or suggestions?


just curious , are you gonna add ‘art’ to the story ?

And…if the fade to black…then white is needed? kinda hurt the eyes . I usually like to play on dark background , cose I find the white…a bit too much .


Yup! I’m definitely going to add pictures! Probably not on the next update though.

And no problem! I can disable it at the start and put an option in the main menu to enable it. I just didn’t want to add too many settings at the start.


you do know the rulez of Awww right ? we need DOODLES!!! :grin:


For those who don’t know, :camping: Camp NaNoWriMo has started! I’m participating unofficially since it’s going to be hard tracking my word count with all the code and editing, but I’m going to consider it a win when I finish the update.

Anyway, I’m going to expand the prologue a bit more before you start writing the story, to better establish your character’s motivation and relationship with the parents.

Here's a sneak peek of the new opening section:

Dear Diary,
It was a dark and stormy night.

I’m pretty sure my parents would disown me if they found out that I just wrote the most boring opening line ever.

If they haven’t done so already. It’s almost seven years since I last saw them.

Spoiler: This new opening will have a different context when you play on New Game+ :wink:


As a fellow Camper, I wish you good luck on your project!

I look forward to the update :smiley: Getting more hints about the parents is always nice. Are they also trapped in a plot hole, hm?


Good luck with yours too! :blush:

And nope, I’m not going to tell any more than that. For now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this was another WIP because of the changed name.


Oh, hello!

Progress has been slow lately, but I’m finally done with (apparently) the hard part. I freaking hate my inner editor.

I’m also reworking how the personality stats work.


The opposed stats pair has now been replaced with personality points. Instead of a single bar that tracks “opposing” personalities, you can now gain points for both of them, which both start at zero.

So, for example, you can have 10 Honesty, and 20 Manipulative. Gaining Honesty points won’t deduct your Manipulative score, so keeping a middle ground won’t be as punishing, and it is actually possible to be both now, which can give you more choices.

This means stats can be checked in two ways now. A single check will just check if you have enough points for a certain stat, while opposing checks will check both the stat and the opposing stat.

  • For singular checks, the code will check your Emotional points to determine if you’ll either just nod, smile, hug, or kiss someone.
  • Opposing checks are used if both are conflicting. So to determine whether you will cry or not, the code will check your Emotional points in relation to your Reserved points.
  • 30 Emotional vs. 10 Reserved means you are 75% Emotional, for example.
  • Having the Emotional Trait (which gives +20%) means you’ll have 36 Emotional in this case.

I think this will give the player more freedom to pick their choices without limiting to min-maxing, while also being easier for me to balance stats. I don’t have to know how much points you have for opposing checks, I just know that you have to be above or below a certain percentage to pass or fail a check. This also means I’m not limited to 100 points, like a regular stat bar.

So if you only picked Silly choices in the prologue, you’ll automatically be 100% Silly from the start, and not something like 65% Silly. That would be silly!

What do you guys think? :blush:

@BABYCRY Well, what do you think about the new title? Do you like it?


Just wanted to say that I noticed your project slightly before you changed name and I think new one is perfect, both funny and catchy.
Also, whole story and game mechanic seems very promising, so I wish you good luck and enough willpower to finish it. :+1:


I love the new title, it suits the story very well. Keep up the good work! :grinning: